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Teens Exam Fear: How to Deal with Teens during Exams?

Students experience a variety of tests or exams quite frequently, sometimes scheduled so close-knitted that it becomes tough for them to revise appropriately. However,...

Sexual Harassment Definition – How to Deal with Sexual Harassment at Work?

Trigger Warning for Article: This article about sexual harassment contains statistics, information and conversation about sexual violence. This can be not comforting for some...

How To Style Blazers Casually? 10 Cool Blazers For Women!

As women entrepreneurs and working women, you have to always look out for your style. You also have to keep up with the trends...

30 Waiting Quotes to Motivate What to Hold onto and What to Let Go!

They say, "The worst part in life is waiting, but the best part is having something or someone to wait for." Waiting has been...

Best 8 Healthy Spicy Snacks to Curb Mid-Day Cravings to Try this Winter!

Boost immunity, prolong your lifespan, fight inflammations and diseases with healthy spicy snacks? Yes, it's possible. See how in this article.

Positive Parenting Tips for a Happier Teenager – A Teenager’s Perspective

Teenagers are termed (quite unfairly, in my opinion) as the most disturbed and erratic of the three age group segregation.

The Best Family Photo Outfits You Can Get This Year!

We all love to look back at the beautiful memories of our childhood and youth. The time we spend together with our family becomes...

Yoga for Curing and Preventing Hypertension Problem

There are many conditions like heart defects, some birth control pills and other medicines, side effects, painkiller side effects, etc., that can cause a...


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