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How To Do Chola Makeup? A Guide to Its Types and Ways to Wear Chola Style!

Is Chola Makeup only a trend? Or is it a cultural heritage? Or maybe it has more meaning than that! By the time you...

12 Father’s Day Gifts Your Dad Would Actually Love

In all candidness, fathers are great at giving gifts. It isn’t every day that we appreciate our dads, but on this father’s day we must put our heart and soul to turn it into one of the best day of their lives, with these awesome and fun it ideas that are sure to plaster a gargantuan smile on their faces.

25 Quotes on Real Life Heroes Out there – Father’s Day Quotes

Gifts give pleasure but father's day quotes can do wonders if you pen down or speak out loud and express your love and care...

What’s Your Favorite Mango Desserts – Mango Mousse Or Mango Mousse Cake?

Mango is known as the king of all fruits. So, you can guess its rich taste. However, instead of having it raw, you can...

10 Convincing Factors: Why Father-Child Bonding is Important!

Every dad, if he takes time out of his busy life to reflect upon his fatherhood, can learn ways to become an even better...

How to Fight Against Unrealistic Beauty Standards?

Okay, let's be completely honest with each other here. Have you ever questioned yourself how many hours do you spend mindlessly scrolling through Instagram and YouTube?...

Careers for women – Compatible with their Natural Skills

Thinking about the best job! What comes to your mind first? A lucrative pay check for sure! But talking about the best careers for women that’s not...

21 Different Types of Skirts for Women – Summer Skirts 2021

Hunting for the best types of skirts and selecting your best pick is quite a task. Skirts are one outfit that can give you...


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