8 Different Types of Gyms And Fitness Centers for You to Choose From!

different types of gyms and fitness centers

While most of us make our New Year resolutions to become fit and healthy, we tend to cheat, slack off on our goals, and sit idle most of the time. The main reason is that we think of weightlifting gyms and quickly back out from our goals. It looks kind of impossible to us. Also, most of us have lots of other work to do. As there are many types of gyms, we get lost in choosing from different options. You don’t have to look for many different exercise machines to call a gym the best one. The most suitable gyms for beginners are the ones that have the simplest types of workout machines or gym weights.

Types of Gyms And Fitness Clubs to Consider!

Every gym has some good and bad points, but you have to consider some specific features to choose from the different types of gyms. It might be overwhelming, but you must do your research about the price, availability, training equipment, and types of gyms. Here is a concise list of different types of gyms for beginners.

1. Membership Gym

types of gyms

The whole point of membership gyms is to sign you up for 6-months or a year. These are your typical fitness gyms or 24-hour gums. If you are determined to use all the amenities that the membership provides, only then you can sign up for a membership. People often get overwhelmed and overexcited when they see the different types of workout machines for the first time. It is a good choice for people who have a strong will and motivation to stay fit. You will have access to a pool, cardio equipment, basketball court, and shower room. All in all, you are accountable for your choice.

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2. The 24-Hour Access Gym

fitness centers

Usually, when we sign up for a gym, we do not give much thought to the types of gyms. But if you are a person who does not have any specific schedule and can’t follow a traditional pattern for the gym, a 24-hour gym is for you. These gyms are always open and can accommodate any schedule. You can even spend some healthy time training at this gym if you have trouble sleeping at night. Most of the 24-hour gyms have endless gym facilities and types of workout machines to facilitate various exercise goals as well. Whether you want to build your body, lose some pounds of weight, or want to do a little cardio, you can find it here at any hour of the day.

3. CrossFit Gyms

CrossFit Gyms

CrossFit gyms are the advanced types of gyms that incorporate equipment and muscle movement into building various regimes. Even after one month of CrossFit exercise can tone your muscles and improve your figure. These types of gyms include different types of gym lifts like dumbbells, barbells, medicine balls, etc. Other equipment includes pull-up bars and rowing machines. You also have to make sure that the gym has at least a certified level-one trainer. Such gyms are best for those people who can spend their time and effort to stay fit and healthy because the intense workout is not a child’s play for anyone. You have to have a strong determination. It is a better option for someone who wants to build stamina, strength, and athleticism altogether.

4. Personal Training Gyms

Personal Training Gyms

The personal training gyms are not some large fitness centers. Usually, these are small studios where a few personal trainers help almost everyone develop a healthy workout routine. If you have someone to guide and monitor you, you will always perform better and strive more. In these gyms, you will find some weight machines, free gym weights, training gear, barbells, cardio equipment, etc. Moreover, you will have a trainer to guide you through all the steps for how and when to use the equipment. Such types of gyms and fitness centers are a little bit expensive. But they are best for people who want some extra push to get into the exercising habit and achieve the best results.

5. Women’s Gyms

Women Working Out

All women gyms are perfect for more conservative and cultural women who do not want to feel embarrassed and intimidated while exercising. Women can avoid being judged or ridiculed by men if they work out in their separate areas together with other women. Women feel more supported when they are in the company of women with similar concerns. Moreover, many programs and yoga are specialized for women targeting their belly fat and weight loss. Women feel each other and can encourage each other to get through the process of getting fit.

6. Group Fitness Gyms

Group Fitness Plans

Group fitness gyms are similar to boutique studios that offer yoga, Pilates, Bootcamp, barre, and many more activities. These activities and exercises are usually performed in groups, consisting of large classes often supervised by an instructor. You get the benefit of being in a motivating and competitive environment. You always have a sense of being a part of a healthy living community. Although these types of gyms can get expensive with unlimited packages, the benefit of exercising in a group overshadows a few disadvantages like expense, etc.

7. Powerlifting Specialty Gyms


Some gyms offer special exercise equipment, and we call them specialty gyms. These types of gyms include rock climbing, powerlifting, etc., for people who want to stay in shape differently. The powerlifting gym is not for someone who is trying to lose weight for the first time. If you want to become stronger, then you can join a powerlifting gym. These gyms have different types of workout machines and many different types of gym weights. The different types of lifts the gym include are; deadlifts, bench presses, and squats. It may also have equipment for bodybuilding at a reasonable expense.

8. Sports Clubs

types of gym Sports Clubs

There are a lot of gyms that incorporate specific sports into their offerings. People who want to get fit while playing their favorite sport can join this gym. They can be a little more expensive, but trust me, they are worth it. Sports, like; swimming, tennis, and racquetball, are most common. You can try joining the sports club near your home so that whenever you have some time, you can go there and benefit from the athletic offerings a sports club has. You have to choose the right one and be persistent in going there.

Can I Build A Gym In My Own House?

Kinds of Gym

Yes, you can! If you are a beginner, you don’t even need much equipment, to begin with. You can buy a yoga mat and start doing exercises like super crunches, pushups, Russian twists, leg-lowering drills, planks, and many more. Or you can start doing yoga for your weight loss. You can buy weights and train your muscles. Doing an at-home workout will also help you organize your life very well.

Final Verdict

Many people would only join a gym out of curiosity or look cool but would eventually lose interest. This happens most of the time. Being persistent is the only rule of the gym. You have to push yourself to perform better, feel better, and look better all the time. The types of gyms are very diverse, but when you start different at-home exercises, you will know what choice you should make.

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