Ananya Surana

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Ananya Surana - 16, Published Writer, loves to exceed word limits for school essays. Prefers a cup of coffee and a good book over anything else. Owns thirty pairs of cat socks. She still waits for her Hogwarts letter.

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So insightful! Loved reading the article! Well done!

Deep, dark and true to the core. Writing on such a fundamental topic is not often easy and this post has done it very well. Kudos to the writer.

The Topic is so sensitive!!! It has been penned down in such a simple and lucid manner!!! Kudos!!

Excellent,thought ful and nicely worded

The article makes us realise how important our family is. The article was written very explicitly and diligently. Keep up the good work!!

Wow!! How many of us actually have given this magical word “Family” a thought, even in the rarest of our thoughts? At least I haven’t. Thanks Ananya for making me give it a thought now. I am surprised that a person of your age have been able to pen it down so beautifully. Keep it up.

Cant imagine getting through these tough times without F.A.M.I.L .Y….beautifully written….. keep up the good work

I loved it

Family is everything but, the meaning of family is changing, sibling bonds are deteriorating, people are after property and assets, which is somewhat depressing. I wish everyone understand the value of family and know that life is short and all we take is our good karma in the afterlife, everything is left behind. BTW, good writeup

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