How to Be Confident in Your Body?

How to be confident in your body

Finding body positive confidence or how to be confident in your body is not just a trending topic; it is the most important aspect in a woman’s life that she ignores most of the time due to endless responsibility as a multitasker. 

I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself.

— Emma Stone 

If only you could peer inside a woman’s mind, you’d either find her armed with fierce body confidence or perplexed as to why she doesn’t have it. Let’s just be honest here that life without confidence is an ill-advised attempt to succeed in life without the most important tool.

You can have all the obvious beauty and a Gucci bag on your shoulder, but if you don’t have confidence in your walk and talk, you’ll find yourself looking at those women who wear their confidence like it’s a brand you can’t afford. 

 As Paris Hilton so eloquently put it, 

No matter what a woman looks like, if she’s confident, she’s sexy.

— Paris Hilton

Be Confident in Yourself – 7 Ways to Instill Confidence!

Every woman must remember that being confident in how you look affects far more aspects of your life than you realize. According to a study published on how body confidence impacts everyday life, low confidence can have an impact on your love and social life, as well as your mental health. 

Being confident in your body is an art that, sadly, our education systems don’t teach us the very same. But thanks to the Internet, you can always find practical guidelines to overcome your lack of body confidence.

1. Get to the Bottom of the Problem 

get to the bottom - How to be confident in your body

You didn’t always feel uncomfortable in your own skin. A variety of factors contributed to your current insecurities and fears. Social media has conditioned everyone’s mind to believe that beauty is defined by a specific number, shape, and size, and anyone who isn’t in that size range is bound to be bullied and teased. A mental health survey about body image in adulthood discovered that not only childhood body shaming but also fat-talk in adulthood plays a significant role in influencing individuals’ mental health regarding their appearance. Don’t be the person anymore who is subjected to such bullying and has to accept it as if he deserves it. It’s high time to close all such doors.

2. Take Pride in Your Uniqueness as if it is Your Personalised Crown 

self love and confidence

Your definition of beauty shouldn’t be a carbon copy of what society defines as beautiful. The most significant change you can make is to redefine your own worth. You aren’t supposed to be treated secondary just because you don’t meet certain superficial societal standards. 

Why do we have to confine appearances to a single criterion in a society where people have diverse mentalities, personal choices, and individuality in everything? 

You are beautiful in your individuality. You don’t require validation from any social platform or from those around you. The day you begin to appreciate your uniqueness, you will feel so much better about yourself because you will be free from the burden of unrealistic beauty standards.

3. Invest Your Time and Effort in Personal Grooming 

personal grooming - How to be confident in your body

According to a study on the effect of personal grooming on self-perceived body image, applying a fragrance can change how we feel about ourselves. Dressing with an understanding of what flatters your features and which colors enhance your best assets can be a game-changer. 

If you have a larger body frame, you will find yourself looking stunning in designs with vertical prints than those with horizontal prints. All you need is a little research on how to dress according to your personal style.

A simple self-care routine includes getting unwanted hair trimmed as per need ensuring personal hygiene is maintained on a regular basis to keep a tidy appearance. These are the variable aspects of a person’s personality that can be improved with very minimal effort but are the first things that people notice when they meet you.

4. Nutrition Plays a Larger Role in Your Life Than You May Realise

nutrition plays an important role

Everyone has heard the well-known adage:

You are what you eat.

The right kind of nutrition can do wonders for one’s self-confidence and self-esteem. It is true in this case as well. According to research, foods such as Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, selenium, unrefined carbohydrates improve mental well being. The right amount and type of food consumption aid chemically and physically in achieving desirable mental and physical health results, which has a considerable impact on a person’s confidence and self-esteem.

5. Make Choices in Life Based on your Well-Being Rather Than Beauty 

well being - How to be confident in your body

Pay attention to your well being because it affects your overall quality of life, which in turn determines how you feel about yourself. Accepting yourself as you are doesn’t imply being okay with the unhealthy choices you make in life. Choose an apple over a piece of cake not because you want to change how someone looks at you but because you adore your future self. This shift of attitude will continue the positive life changes, leading you where you want to see yourself without succumbing to societal pressures for perfection and beauty.

6. Be Your Best Critic But Don’t Forget to be Your Best Friend

be your best friend

Lack of confidence in how we appear to the rest of the world is bred by our thoughts telling us how we aren’t good enough. Studies show that constant negative self-talk leads to low self-esteem and shatters your confidence in yourself.

Keep a check on how you talk to yourself and be on the lookout for any kind of negative energy that’s making you believe any less in yourself. Observe if your criticism is genuine or comes from the sources deluding themselves. Choose self-affirmation, and positive self talk every time you look yourself in the mirror. Be kind to yourself and hug yourself more often for being who you are.

7. Use Your Body Language to Demonstrate Your Confidence!

be confident

To others, your body is like a walking canvas having something on display all of the time. You can manipulate your posture, hand moments, and facial expressions, to appear confident not only to others but also to your own brain. It changes how you interact with others. A study published in the Times of India demonstrated how changing your body language affects your confidence level. Keeping your Chin up in the air, your shoulders square, back straight, and owning the space where you stand makes you the most confident person in a room. 

It’s the little things that give us away, so don’t fiddle with anything in your hand, on your way to discover how to be confident in your body. Don’t be afraid to look in the eyes of your audience and avoid repeatedly touching your neck or hair. Making changes like these in your body language makes you appear more confident in your body. Try these postures in front of the mirror to see what a difference they make!

As you begin your journey with a positive mindset, don’t forget that body confidence is not a journey to perfectionism but rather embracing the current you with wisdom and love. Just trust yourself and step up on the above discussed fundamental aspects of how to be confident in your body!

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