Discipline Errors You Need to Stay Away from!

Discipline Errors You Need to Stay Away from!

As a parent making wrong judgments oftentimes become an unintentional part of your life. To get our kids disciplined, we mostly repeat these mistakes again and again. This we call discipline errors, which if repeated frequently can cause a huge misunderstanding and gap between you and your children gradually.

How Discipline Errors Can Impact Your Child?

Discipline Errors

We grown-up sometimes miss understanding the psychology of children and keep on giving lectures. The parent has to be clear-headed, sensible while talking to their children. To discipline them becomes one of the most challenging things to do when your children could be sitting on the top of a situation where they are frustrated and angry or embarrassed due to various unknown reasons. You must know that it is a tough balancing act. You should be aware of the discipline errors while you are giving them discipline lessons. The following point could help you to avoid making such disciple errors and follow a clear path.

1. Considering One Option for Everybody

Discipline Errors - One Option for Everybody

It depends on the individual; you will get various books in the market about kid’s discipline. However, these are generic scenarios, which does not apply to every kid. Some of them could be fast learners, yet many of them could need more repetition. You could find some of them very reactive to the noise, and some of them are not so reactive. Everything depends on their age and development according to their age—when toddlers prefer to cross their limits, teens prefer to have their own independent existence. You need to realize their position in life and put the correct approach according to their development. It will help you to avoid the mistakes which are actually a discipline error. 

2. Level of Punishments Must be Clear

Level of Punishments Must be Clear

Being a parent doesn’t give you the right to justify your every action as appropriate. If your child has done something wrong, which is a bit punishable, then the punishment you give them should be according to their faults. To avoid any discipline errors, you must know how to differentiate the level of punishment for any mistake your child has done. Don’t release your frustration on them as a punishment. Sometimes in sibling fights, the parent punishes both the children — this is no right way of judgement; being a parent, you must try to know the reason behind the conflict, as in such situation there can be three things:

  1. One can be innocent, and any punishment can cause hurt him, leaving him holding grudges against you and his siblings.
  2. If both are at the same level, then the penalty can be the same.
  3. If one has started the fight, and if you punish him only, both children will learn that their parents are fair and know who is right and wrong.

Instead of yelling at them, your approach needs to be serious and firm. If they do something wrong, allow them to face the consequences. 

3. Be Strict with Their Favorites

Discipline Errors - Be Strict

Sometimes it becomes quite challenging to stop them from doing something wrong. In such a situation, parents get confused about what should apply to their kids to prevent them from doing such things. It would help if you put up something that will discourage your child from wanting to do it again. Things like taking away their favorite game or toy, sending them back to their rooms, stop television time out, underground them etc., could help you to put them on the right path. These are some general ideas; it doesn’t mean that they could be applicable for every kid. So, you must know your child psychology first before implying any of these ideas.

4. Stop Being Irreconcilable

Stop Being Irreconcilable

When you say no to something, then you should stick to that. Otherwise, your child gets confused or don’t put that much importance on what you are saying. However, it’s not fair to say no to everything they are doing. So pick up your preferences. After choosing your preferences, you need to make them clear and try to stick with those rules in every possible circumstance. Don’t do anything that allows your children to realize that they could easily break that rule without any punishment.

5. Pointing Out Negative Things All the Time

Discipline Errors - Pointing Out Negative Things

Instead of taking and pointing all his negative approaches, you need to praise them for their good manners too. If it’s for only five minutes, try to notice and appreciate him. Instead of yelling, praises works fast. Try to realize their difficulties in following those rules and sort them out thoroughly. With some peaceful ways, try to bring the situation under control. When they nag you for a treat, explain to them that you really need their help to complete this shopping, and on your way back, you all are going to enjoy the treat. This type of attitude helps them to grow up as a happy individual.

By trying these possible points in your life, you will definitely notice the differences in your kids’ attitude. Discipline is essential in order to live a healthy life, but it needs to be error-free as much as possible. Your life with your children has to be free from discipline errors. Being a grown-up, you are responsible for making your family a happy family. Your negative approach towards your family or children can easily make your family a dysfunctional family, so you must take care of it at any cost.

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