Were You in an Abusive Relationship? It’s the Time to Overcome It!

abusive relationship

Life is not easy on everyone, and if you were in an abusive relationship, it’s quite tough to overcome the horrifying experience of your past abusive relationship. However, choosing the right methods can help you to overcome it. Abusive relationship can start with verbal, which can go to extreme lengths like physical violence. Though it’s tough to make a comeback from an abusive relationship, you need to do this for your betterment. It will help if you learn how to trust people from scratch. 

Some Tips to Recover from an Abusive Relationship!

1. Your Freedom Defines You!

freedom - abusive relationship

Though it’s challenging to recover from its long-lasting consequences, what you need to realize, is your freedom. Feel it from your heart that you have got back your freedom from this prison-like life. Try to feel strong to step into a new beginning. If you need time, take it – whatever time you need to make a comeback. Be proud of yourself and realize that you dared to end this abusive relationship and move on. 

2. Counselors are the Best for Your Queries on an Abusive Relationship

talk to counselors

Firstly, you need a counselor who can help you to get rid of those abusive emotions. Interacting with good friends can also help you; however, your friend needs to be fair enough to judge you. However, seeking professional advice is the correct and best way because your counselors’ views would be unbiased. Their job is to help and listen to their client; also, they follow the protocol of maintaining the privacy of their client.

3. Your Self-Respect is Only Yours… Protect it!

protect self respect - abusive relationship

Show patience with yourself. That abusive relationship has ruined your self-image as well as self-respect, and it needs some time to be rebuilt. It’s not a magical thing; everything will not happen overnight. You need to give time for all these to set. Remember one thing – this is your life and your self-respect is yours, and for that, you must take a stand. Don’t let anyone snatch your freedom and abuse your self-esteem.

4. Support groups can do Wonders in case of an Abusive Relationship

supports group

Going out and joining a support group is very important. People from the support group are on the same page as you are dealing with their issues, or like you. They can understand your situation more relatively than others, and stay with you, console you, guide you, and help you if needed. Never be alone or in an isolation mode, as seclusion is never going to be a solution to your problems. So, make friends with these groups and exchange your views. You will find yourself encircled with kind, loving people.

5. Take a Break – Don’t Involve with Anyone – Take Time and Crosscheck!

take a break - abusive relationship

After getting out of an abusive relationship, don’t get involved in any other relationship for some time. Take some time to recover completely. Finding your strength will help you to act better in your next relationship. So, a little gap will be a much better option instead of getting involved in another relationship.

6. Rebound with Your Soul and Regain Your Confidence Again! 

rebound and gain confidence

Sometimes an abusive relationship forces you to lose yourself. To recover from such a condition, you need to discover yourself again. The soul-healing process is very important to overcome such a relationship. Look out for some honest people, who were there before your relationship started. Though the prior relationship has ruined your confidence; however, you need to rebuild that confidence again. Consider yourself a beautiful woman who deserves a healthy, peaceful, loving relationship.

7. Make New Friends – Rediscover the Best in You!

make new friends - abusive relationship

Indeed, your friends and family are always there for you, and they will do their level best to help you overcome this abusive relationship, but sometimes making new friends also helps. Being friends with new people gives a fresh outlook to your life; you both try to know about each other, further helping. They can help you to realize your freedom from such an abusive relationship. And, who knows? – Maybe this new friend of yours can help to find the best in you, to rediscover you further helping you to be a strong person. 

8. Don’t Stifle Your Feelings Instead Talk About an Abusive Relationship

share with friend

Instead of suppressing such things on your own, you need to talk about such incidents. You can discuss this with your close friends or even with professionals. In your trying to suppress it, you can push yourself to extreme depression. So, overpower such conditions with your positive attitude. And if you don’t want to discuss such experiences in person, then pen and paper could be your best option. Search for a journal or magazine where people accept such stories and express your feelings through the pen. It will help you to feel light and recover. You can start a personal blog or write for another blog as a guest writer under a pen name. This will help you in two ways, one you can re-open yourself and share your stories with others and help them to cope if they are going through such pain.

An abusive relationship is absurd and evil in a relationship; it’s hard to bear or overcome such an atrocious experience. No one has the right to kill another’s self-esteem, soul, or confidence. Don’t be so weak that your partner can overpower you and your emotions. You have all right to move on if your partner is abusing you emotionally or physically. I have tried to put down some tips to overcome an abusive relationship. If you have more suggestions, please email us or share your views in the comment box.

Stay safe and fight back!

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