Plus One At An Amish Wedding! Back In Time Love And Conflict Story

plus one at an amish wedding

The title tells you clearly that it is the tale of a romantic story, like a fairytale. If you’re reading a review of this TV movie, you must have been pulled in by the bait of Plus One at an Amish Wedding.

This sunny, Television rom-com is streaming free on Tubi or you can buy or rent it on Amazon. It is a typical Hallmark romance, and a mild story kind of a fish-out-of-water story that happened in an Amish country, Pennsylvania.

Plus One At An Amish Wedding: A Sweet Romance Story!

amish wedding

The movie is a refreshing love story between people covering their differences, and overcoming the hurdles due to their cultures. Enjoy reading the storyline and movie review.

IMDb Rating: 6.7/10


  • Galadriel Stineman
  • Kevin Joy
  • Pamela Daly
  • Mary McElree
  • Summer Mastain
  • Travis James
  • Mercedes Marcial

Directed by:

  • Richard L. Ramsey

Scripted by:

  • D.F.W. Buckingham
  • Miralee Ferrell
  • Kimberly Rose Johnson

Storyline – Movie Plot:

The movie “Plus One at an Amish Wedding” starts with a fresh-in-the-field New York doctor “Dr. April” who attends to her patients in an unhurried manner and loves to listen to them. This makes her quite unpopular with her “workaholic boss”. She falls for a considerate and handsome veterinarian, “Dr. Jesse” when her nephew’s dog gets injured and Dr. Jesse treats it. It is kind of a love-at-first-sight fairytale love story. They both get along well and Dr. April is about to be surprised by Dr. Jesse’s secret from his past.

April’s sister May counsels her “He could have been hiding worse” when April tells her that he is Amish.

April and Jesse plan on going on vacation, which gets delayed because they have to go to Pennsylvania, where Jesse’s brother is about to tie the knot and begin his married life in Amish traditions. Will the newly flourished romance between an English and an Amish survive the cultural differences and a trip to a place back in time?

There in Jesse’s hometown, April must hear and cope with the harsh opinions about Englishers and modern medicine. She comes to know from Jesse’s widowed mother about how Amish don’t put much stock in English medicines, even when she is facing medical issues.

Jesse’s younger sister, Rachel is quite a lively girl and she is curious about English culture and is fond of April and her job. Except for her, no one is ready to welcome April with a warm heart. She then finds out about how Jesse is still not shunned in his family even if he left and gone after his dreams, and broken rules, and moved to New York. His family loves him and expects him to return home soon. April is about to feel jealous when she finds out Jesse’s mother wishes him to get married to Naomi, a very Amish girl.

Naomi is a young widow. And as expected of a mean Amish girl, she told April some lies in a hurtful manner. Despite all the hateful responses, April sticks to that place and continues to be friendly, as she is.

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Spoiler! The Final Scene

The movie has a sweet ending. But after a little conflict between the two main leads. April, scared of the idea that she couldn’t fit into an Amish culture, goes back to New York. Jesse finds out his mother finds a soft spot for April and is willing to welcome her and her culture. He then goes after April to reassure her and persuades her to get back together. Even though the movie “Plus One at an Amish Wedding” doesn’t show much of the events, it all ends with a sweet romance.

Critical Review of The Movie

Critical Review of The Movie

The budget for the movie is quite modest and that is why there is no scene for barn raising. There is only a slight hint of Amish teen’s bend-the-rules kind of life as it is described as “Rumspringa” by Amish people. Although there is not much detail to explain the differences between Amish and Englishers, they are enough to give any first-time watcher an idea about the culture. It gives an idea of how the Amish people devout their lives to an unmechanized and “Luddite” lifestyle.

And sure enough, as the title says, it has got an Amish wedding. The movie is pretty promising because, despite the limited budget, the actors played their roles very well. The only downfall of the movie is that the screenwriters decided it was enough to mention the lifestyles and not show them. The conflicts were minimal. If anyone has watched any Hallmark-lite Amish movie like “Expecting Amish” or “Amish Grace” you could guess their lifestyle. “Plus One at an Amish Wedding” is similar as in like playing volleyball, or their passion for home-baked goods, and commuting through buggies.

Albeit the sweet romance story, the movie could have been a lot better if they knew how to use those differences to create a heart-warming end. To be honest, when I watched “Plus One at an Amish Wedding” I was expecting to see Jesse’s moment of glory but he is left in the background at the end like a typical Hallmark story. The end feels hasty as a little medical crisis can easily get April her moment to shine and everyone accepts her without further judgement. That’s all for the conflict here.

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you want to watch a light comedic romance story that doesn’t stress you out more, you can watch this movie “Plus One at an Amish Wedding.” These 86 minutes of story will move your heart and you can enjoy every moment. And more so if you are a first-time watcher of any Amish culture movie.

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