10 Partner Yoga Poses to Sky-High Your Relationship with Your Partner!

partner yoga poses

Are you among those who are seeking ways to take your relationship to the next and better level, both physically and mentally? Try partner yoga; believe me, it will bring incredibly positive and healthy effects in your relationship. Partner yoga is commonly known as couple yoga, and it leaves a remarkably long-lasting impact on people. Actually, it is a practice that helps you and your partner to improve mutual trust and confidence through well-balanced poses.

How Does Partner Yoga Work?

How Does Partner Yoga Work

You might think, what partner yoga actually does with your mind and body? Well, it’s among the categories of yoga exercises that help you achieve mental and physical peace through muscular exercises. It is different from regular yoga that you do alone. Partner yoga doubles the effects of normal yoga, as both partners practice and share common poses and postures, and it helps them increase their harmony and mutual understanding.

10 Easy and Best Partner Yoga Poses for Beginners

There are lots of partner yoga poses, and now the question arises which poses should we choose? Let’s look at these 10 easy and best partner yoga poses. Here we go.

1. Couple Breathing

Couple Breathing

Take a deep breath and get ready to match your breathing patterns with your partner. Couple breathing will truly work for you if you are facing breathing issues while doing partner yoga.

How to execute?

  1. Be seated, cross your legs and rest your back against your partner.
  2. Place your hands on your thighs and create feelings of connection with your partner.
  3. Inhale and exhale and feel the rhythm/synchronisation of your ribcage with your partner.
  4. Now practice the exercise of alternate breathing in a way that matches your inhale with the exhale of your partner (vice versa). Repeat it almost 2/3 times.


Repeatedly practising this exercise will let you create a breathing match with your partner.

2. Couple Mermaid Pose

Couple Mermaid Partner Yoga Poses

Being human, we all are different and possess different body strengths and capabilities. Yoga practices truly aid in improving physical and mental health. If you and your partner are trying to learn various yoga asanas, try the mermaid pose that will thrill you to take it as a challenge. This pose will help you increase the “teamwork” capacities in your relationship.

How to Execute?

  1. Sit on a mat facing your partner and begin with a pigeon pose with your left leg forward.
  2. Bend your back knee, lift your left leg back and hold your left foot with your left hand. 
  3. Simultaneously, extend your right leg back with the toes stretched out.
  4. Now, fold your right leg behind your back, and hold it with your right hand. 
  5. Let your right arm reach straight up, facing toward the ceiling. Curve your elbow, then lower your right hand behind your head.
  6. Get your hands to meet and press the back of your head into your right arm.
  7. Keep your chest pointing towards your partner.
  8. Release your foot and arms slowly and repeat the pose with the left knee forward.


It helps to strengthen the back, increase core strength, makes muscles flexible, opens and strengthens the shoulders and chest, stimulates the reproductive and digestive system.

3. Face Confront Pose

Face Confront couple yoga Pose

Eye contact is the base of a strong and healthy relationship so does the face confront. The face confront pose will play the role of magic in your relationship if you are looking to practice some best face confront based yoga poses. 

 How to execute?

  1. Sit in a face-to-face pose. 
  2.  Connect your inner thigh with your partner in a way that your kneecaps should touch the kneecaps of your partner.
  3. Make eye contact, match the eye blinks, and inhale/exhale with your partner.


This partner yoga pose will help you build the best connections and eye contact with your partner.

4. Twin Tree Posture

Twin Tree Posture

Chemistry matters in every relationship. If you and your partner are trying to figure out what should be the best yoga posture that can enhance mental and physical chemistry, try twin tree posture.

How to execute?

  1. In double tree or twin tree posture, stand in a hip-to-hip posture parallel to your partner. 
  2. Now, move your inner arms straight high to the sky and press your outer arm’s palm into one another in a way that the outer hand presses with your partner’s outer hand.


Double tree pose is the best practice to improve your balance. This posture will help you to divide your weight equally with your partner.

5. Shoulder Stretch in Standing Position

Shoulder Stretch in Standing Position

Work out! Just Work out! Simply Work out! It’s the call of times, especially if you want to stay happy and healthy, both mentally and physically. Add shoulder stretch standing position with your partner yoga practice and see its magic. 

How to execute?

  1. Stand in a face-to-face position with your partner while maintaining an arm’s length distance. 
  2. Stretch your arms in a forward position so that fingertips should be in-touch position.
  3. Now broaden your arms from over the head of your partner.
  4. Start folding forward on the exhale rhythm. 
  5. Make a 90-degree angle, move your face down and position your hands on the backside of your partner.


This pose is the best partner yoga exercise that will help you enhance your shoulders’ strength and improve your mutual flexibilities. 

6. Standing Partner Backbend

Standing Partner Backbend yoga poses

I am sure you all have heard about the survival of the fittest. Yes, it’s true, and we can see its effect on our surroundings. Physically and mentally fit people not only survive but also remain on the top. Yoga keeps you fit, and standing partner backbend will enhance your endurance. 

How to execute?

  1.  Stand in front of your partner.
  2. Lock yourself in your partner’s arm and let him/her lock in your arm in a way that your heads should face the sky.
  3. 3. Inhale and exhale deeply.


Standing partner backbend is best to improve your stretching abilities. You can be more flexible in your movements by repeating this partner yoga pose.

7. Couple Boat Pose

Couple Boat Pose

Boat Pose, also known as Navasana, is a yoga pose for core strength. Partner yoga works best for you and your partner when your energies match with one another. Couple boat pose helps relieve stress; it also makes you feel how you both can together, support and reinforce your relationship with trust and love. Boat pose can be rather tricky initially because you both have to learn to sit comfortably while balancing to keep your legs up in the air. 

How to execute?

  1. Firstly, you both sit facing each other with your knees bent and your hands clutching each other outside your hips.
  2. Now, keep your spine straight, then lift one leg in a way that your feet start touching your partner’s sole and simultaneously straighten the legs upward facing the sky to find the perfect balance.
  3. Finally, both of you do the same with your other leg, forming the view of the letter ‘A’ while seeing from the side angle.
  4. Stay in this exact pose for five breaths.
  5. It’s a balance pose, so you might find it difficult, so for that, you can start practising this pose with only one leg at a time until you both find the balance.


The boat pose help soothe the tightness in the hamstrings, strengthens the abdomen, hip flexors, and spine. It also aids to improve the lower back strength, tones the abdominal muscles, improve digestion; furthermore; it stimulates the kidneys, thyroid and prostate glands, and intestines.

8. Temple Pose

Temple partner yoga poses

The effect of the Temple pose is just like the worship. Worship gives you inner peace so does the temple pose. Relieve your soul with the temple pose and enhance your inner peace.

How to execute?

  1. Stand at a suitable distance from your partner in a face to face position.
  2. Inhale and widen your arms from above the heads.
  3. Bend forward softly by putting pressure on your hips and matching your hands with the hands of your partner.
  4. Move forward slowly and retain a position where your elbows, forearms and hands should rest against each other.


Temple pose is the best yoga pose if you want to perk up your shoulder and chest muscles.

9. Square Pose

Square Pose

If you are looking for a pose that can work best on the shape of your body, try squares pose. It not only improves flexibility but also strengthens your relationship with your partner by performing the most flexible shapes.

How to execute?

  1. In square pose, one is the base partner, and the other is the top partner.
  2. The base partner sits in a way with legs stretched on the ground and arms stretched in the air so that he/she can hold the legs of the top partner.
  3. The top partner will stand in an upside-down position with arms holding the legs of the base partner and legs in the opposite direction of the base partner (supported by arms of the base partner).


The square pose will help to get better workout stamina.

10. Wheel Pose

Wheel Pose

If you are fond of the gym and want to practice it as yoga, try wheel pose with your yoga partner. Although it is a bit tough for beginners, proper practice, workout and cooperation of your partner will make you an expert.

How to execute?

  1. Wheel pose is a gymnastic kind of pose.
  2. One partner lay on the stomach (cobra style) and reached the ankles of the other partner, and the top partner lay on the back with the target to reach the ankles of the base partner.


The wheel pose is the best partner yoga pose if you are looking for a flexible partner yoga pose to strengthen the muscles of your hips and shoulders.

Sitting and standing postures are highly recommended for beginners as compared to lift-up and flying postures.

Final Words

A peaceful soul and a healthy body are the dreams of every person. Yoga is the best solution if a fit body and inner peace is always your dream. Yoga always brings long-lasting effects on your soul and body, and partner yoga doubles the impact. Make partner yoga a routine if you want to inhale your inner peace and exhale all the worries from your life. 

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