15 Christmas Gifts Ideas for Children, Men and Women!

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is a holiday people look forward to all year round, be it children, men or women. Be it spending time with your family, eating the most delicious meals, decorating the Christmas tree or even attending the midnight mass, Christmas celebrates the spirit of togetherness as everyone joins in, to celebrate the birth of the Christ child. While all of these Christmas traditions are all super fun, perhaps one that most people look forward to is exchanging presents. It’s one of our favorite ways to show just how important people are in our lives. And Christmas without any gift is quite unimaginable; it’s quite a daunting task to work on Christmas gift ideas. That’s why in this article, I have come up with some unconventional yet trendy and helpful Christmas gift ideas for your near dear ones. Furthermore, to simplify the gift selections, I have categorised the list to make the Christmas shopping list easier.

Christmas Gifts for Children – A List of 5 Gift Ideas for Children

2020, has been an utter bore, especially for children. It’s not fun being cooped up inside the house for almost all of the year, and they sure have reason to complain. Too many fun holidays went diluted because of the pandemic; Halloween 2020 got cancelled officially. Thanksgiving was no fun without all our family with us, and birthdays have only been the bare minimum. It’s scary to think that might happen to Christmas or you will miss your Santa wishlist. Fear not, for we’re here to save the one aspect of Christmas that every child looks forward to. — ‘Gifts’

1. Robots or Artificially Intelligent Companions


Technology has come a long way. Now, in 2020, you can find fun and interactive robots to help your child grow. They make educational activities a hundred times more exciting. Though this Christmas gift may be on the pricier side, think of it as an investment. AI is the future, and it’s waiting for you to embrace it. One prime example of these educational robots is the Artie 3000, a friendly little bot that teaches your child coding. 

2. Fitbit Activity Tracker for Kids

Fitbit Activity Tracker for Kids


What is a better way there to lose all of those extra quarantine pounds? Children all around the world have lost out on much of the physical exercise they need to be healthy. To give your child, a Fitbit is to lead them a step closer to fitness. Especially now, in the chillier seasons, when it’s almost impossible to drag your child away from their screens. The Fitbit Ace 2 for kids will help you set activity goals for your kiddo, familiarize them with telling time, and even track their sleep quality which you can review via a handy app, right on your smartphone.

3. Harry Potter Talking Sorting Hat

Talking Sorting Hat

Another win for technology! For most Potterheads, Hogwarts has been a dream that will never come true. Up until now, we have had to satisfy ourselves with computerized quizzes to know which Hogwarts house we would be in if the coolest school in all of England actually existed. But now, Barnes and Nobles have come up with the most exciting gift of them all! This Christmas gift for kids is the real deal. What’s more, it really talks! This sorting hat once belonged to Godric Gryffindor to sort students at Hogwarts, but now, it’s under your Christmas tree! 

4. Maddie Rae’s Slime Making Glue

Slime Making Glue

Slime has taken over this generation. Almost all kids are now obsessed with adding different ingredients to make their own sticky mess, even though they tend to get it wrong more often than not. 12-year-old Maddie Rae was one of these kids. Only, now she holds the Guinness World Record after creating a 13,820-pound slime. She came up with this formula to help all children make the perfect batch of slime. We promise you, this one’s something all kids wish for. 

5. Musical instruments

Musical instruments

Musical instruments take a ton of practice and are loads of fun to learn. What’s more, with technology advancing so rapidly, finding classes has become easier than ever. There are so many different instruments to choose from, be it the classic acoustic guitar to a starter keyboard. Or maybe you can go ethnic and choose the tabla or even a flute. Giving your child a musical instrument is not just another Christmas gift, but you’re practically giving them a talent they will cherish all of their life. 

Christmas Gift Ideas for Women – 5 Sorted, Unique Gift Selections for Women

Gift shopping is tough. Regardless of whether you’re looking for presents for a sibling, a longtime spouse, or even a co-worker, the act of picking out the right gift is often overwhelming. What do they need? Do they not already own it? Or what’s their favorite color? Are they allergic to anything? Do they like to read? What’s their favorite scent? Numerous questions that you may not know the answer to, but the time’s running out and Christmas is closer than ever. It’s time to hit the shops now! 

1. Pajamas are Always in


Pajamas are always a great gift, but people rarely buy them for themselves. They choose to forgo comfort and save those few bucks, opting to sleep in just their plain old tracks and a t-shirt instead. But you’re not only gifting them the softest and the best pair of pajamas they’re sure to love. You’re giving them the realization that self-care is important. After all, women may be all-capable, but they’re only human. They deserve a good night’s sleep too! 

2. The Revlon Hair Dryer Brush

Hair Dryer Brush

Though the name may be a mouthful and take way too much time to say, this product does the exact opposite. That is, it cuts your time to get ready in half. As women, we love multitasking and what’s better than styling and drying your hair at the same time! Cash in the saved time for a few extra hours of sleep. Or maybe, if you’re feeling extra motivated for this next year, try squeezing in a quick yoga session before you rush out to face the day. Speaking of yoga, this next gift should be right up your alley. 

3. Yoga Mat with Extra Cushioning

Yoga Mat - Christmas Gift Ideas

The pandemic has pushed people to start working out at home rather than at a gym or a fitness studio. But with yoga, you need little to no equipment at all! All you really need is a good yoga mat and tons of motivation. It’s as easy as that to start your journey towards fitness. Yoga mats are perfect for stretching, ab workouts, virtual fitness classes, and of course, yoga. It’s a welcome jazz up from the tattered yoga mats you’ve been using at the gym. Not to mention, having your own is much more hygienic too! 

4. Throw Blankets

Blankets - Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s getting colder day by day, and we want nothing more than to crawl up under a fluffy throw blanket with a steaming cup of hot chocolate as we browse through another Christmas episode of FRIENDS. Doubling as home decor and personal comfort, throw blankets are an excellent present for someone you know enjoys their downtime. It’s perfect for all around the year because there’s nothing more comforting than a fluffy throw blanket wrapped around you, especially when you’re overwhelmed with work or maybe going through a particularly rough patch. 

5. Custom Gifts

Custom Gifts - Christmas Gift Ideas

If it’s one thing women love more than sappy romantic comedies, it’s sappier personalized gifts. To them, the memories the gifts hold supersedes the monetary value. Which means you’re in luck. The best gift you could give your mother, spouse or your sibling in a personalized photo album. Full of memories you never want to forget, a trip down memory lane, especially on Christmas is welcome any day. Whether it’s pictures of a newborn, snapshots of grandkids, or photos from college for a recent graduate, this is a sweet and sentimental gift they will truly appreciate.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men – 5 Stylish Gifts Pick for Men

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for all of the men in your life isn’t easy. You never know what they want or if they even need another pair of cufflinks. Before deciding on yet another boring Christmas present (read: ties), think about the various other options you have and what a guy would really love to get. Be it your husband, grandfather, brother or a close friend; these gifts are something all men love. 

1. Echo dot from Amazon

Echo dot from Amazon

Alexa has become one of the most popular AI assistants. The Echo series from Amazon has made this computer program a household staple. For a man that loves to work, but is way too lousy with deadlines, the Amazon Echo Dot is an affordable assistant that’ll be there for all your needs. Whether it’s saving appointments, doubling as a voice-controlled speaker or even just search the web for your most random questions, Alexa can do it all and more. 

2. 100 Movies Scratch off Poster

Movies Scratch off Poster

Know a movie buff that takes way too long to decide on the perfect film night watch? This one’s perfect for them. Even the biggest movie buffs will find a few flicks on this list that they haven’t watched yet. But they can also make a game out of it: Before they fire up Netflix, they can pick a square to reveal their nightly watch until they scratch off all 100 options.

3. Beard Grooming Kits

Beard Grooming Kits - Christmas Gift Ideas

Ladies, just like your hair need the utmost care and pampering, his beard needs the extra nourishment too. Beard grooming kits come complete with the best of razors, shaving foams, aftershave lotions, beard oils and even beard wax. It’s an all-round care package for their beards and moustaches. It’ll keep all of that unkempt hair in a perfect place, leaving them looking sharper than ever. 

4. Tie/Belt Organizer

Tie/Belt Organizer - Christmas Gift Ideas

Having too many belts and ties are an unlucky outcome of being a man. Every birthday, Christmas and even anniversaries, the easiest gift to get a man is a belt or a tie. But getting something to organize all of them is definitely different. Gift him an organizer for his tie or belt collection, and you’re good to go. There are tons of options available on Amazon, and if nothing is to your liking, you can always DIY it. There are a lot of tutorials accessible on YouTube or Pinterest.

5. Cooking Classes with Gordan Ramsay 

Cooking Classes

Yes, you read that right. Arguably one of the best chefs out there, Gordan Ramsay is known for his ultimate talent in the kitchen. Gift the men of your house a Masterclass pass where they will be learning from the very best. What’s more, you can enjoy the fruits of their labor and let them take over your precious kitchen from time to time, while you get to relax for a day. It’s like the Christmas gift is for both of you. 

Remember, though giving and getting gifts is super exciting, the true spirit of Christmas lies in the intimate moments you spend with your family. After all, as they say, the family is the greatest gift of them all. And it couldn’t be any more real than on Christmas Day. But still, gifts act as a cherry on the top, and I hope the above shared Christmas gift ideas will help you to sort out your dilemma over gift selections.

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