My Mom, My Hero – I Love My Superhero Mom!

Superhero Mom

Motherhood is an embodiment and a reflection of God’s mercy. A mother to most of us is the first-ever superhero we see in our lives. While the fictional characters might look marvelous, fighting crimes, superheroes are the mortals around us who help others. Our Mothers are the real superhero mom who protects, support, fight storms, and look after us without ever being fretful towards us. I guess it is only when we grow up a little, that we start to understand her struggles and see her as a Wonder Woman. But still, we cannot fully comprehend the years of struggle she faced in our upbringing.

For me, My Mother is My Inspiration, My Ideal, My Superhero!

Reasons Why My Superhero Mom Is My Inspiration!

Mom has always held my hand through thick and thin. She is my mentor, life coach, manager, and my only true friend. Over the years, I realized. I saw her as a superhero mom. And for me, she is the best person I am blessed with, in my life, in fact, life revolves around her.

1. Courageous Despite All Storms

Courageous mom

Her story! When she was just six years old, her life took a drastic turn, and her father passed away. The struggles and social injustice become way too much for any child to handle without a father around. Raising six kids on my grandfather’s pension was a challenging task for Grandma. Mom took a BA degree while supporting the household with her elder siblings. She married her cousin, but there were lots of differences between the local customs of the two. Struggled through dealing with toxic relationships around her over the years. Yet, I never once fought with those mean relatives. As she is a religious person, I saw her being calm. Even when she doesn’t like something, she would choose to stay quiet and calculative.

2. Magically Makes Everything Right

Superhero mom magically makes everything right

I often thought about how my mom managed a lot of tasks so perfectly, and I still think to this day. It is that she always has such high spirits to do things better for me and my siblings. We are four siblings, me being the eldest. The two young ones are still kids, fighting and bickering every day. Whenever something comes up, we all seek help from Mom as we know she can make anything right. Despite all the challenges faced in her life, she is the goofiest companion, and a fun person to be with. Her sense of humor amuses me and can chase away all the weariness and troubles of the day. It is wonderful to see how well my superhero mom has been organizing her life as a mother of four.

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3. Superhero Mom Knows Everything and Anything

she knows everything

It happens a lot when you break a glass or window by mistake or fail the test while mom spent hours teaching you. She somehow miraculously knows what you have done, even if she wasn’t at home. I was the child who could drop anything. Nothing breakable could be safe in my hands. She knew I would drop things and make a mess, yet still, she put trust in me every time so that I could learn to be confident. Mom is the only one who knows how to calm my anger and how to be my therapist when I’m depressed. She knows how to provide us with luxuries, and for that, she knows how to manage the budget perfectly.

4. Ultimate Protective Shield

mom Protective Shield

My father, although a very polite and nice man, has always been thrifty for some things, especially when it comes to education and transport. His side of the family has never been too supportive of the higher studies for girls. Like the Avengers, my superhero mom has always been our shield. She struggled so much just to have us study in well-recognized educational institutes. Supported me without any second question when I dreamt of becoming a doctor. That wasn’t possible, which threw me into despair for some time. The goal changed to me being a chemist, and she still supports me without any doubt. My siblings and I are all still studying. She has managed house chores while tutoring us throughout our early education until secondary school and is still doing it.

5. Epitome of Compassion and Sacrifice

Epitome of Compassion and Sacrifice

When you think of mothers, the first quality that comes to mind is their sacrifice. The sacrifice a mother makes for her child is immense and inexplicable. She is the living epitome of compassion, courage, and sacrifice only for her child. My mother is the same. She would give up her sleep just to put me to sleep when I was a kid. I wouldn’t sleep unless in my mother’s lap. She held me like this for many nights. Now that I grew up, the sacrifice took another form. Mom resists buying new things for herself, just so her children can have more. She would walk to the market so that transport money could be used for us. She is now a working mom from home and also tutoring. The routine has become more vigorous than before. She sleeps less she is always looking at the screen working. All of this sacrifice is for us, her children.

I have put my thoughts in words, but this is just a glimpse of how much I admire her. These are not mere words, but my feelings and appreciation for my superhero mom. She is not only my mother but my only friend whom I can trust blindly my best counselor, my best advisor, and my ultimate motivation. I can never repay your kindness, Mom! Love you from the core of my heart, Happy Mother’s Day!

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