15 Easy Fashion Tricks to Make You Look Slim and Tall!

Fashion Tricks

First off, if you think that your curvy body looks terrible, then Girl, you need to be confident and get rid of that insecurity first. I believe that we should accept and embrace our bodies with dignity. But if you want to achieve a thinner look without going to the gym, you sure can. Of course, nothing is wrong with trying to look slender and taller. There are many ways to look slimmer instantly without having to go through a dangerous diet plan or drastic plastic surgery. The following fashion tricks are some of the best-proven hacks for anyone to look thinner and taller than their actual size. So, if you are willing to be strategic, then get started with these simple and easy fashion tricks to look slim instantly.

15 Easy Fashion Tricks and Tips to Look Slender

1. Wear Black

Wear Black - Easy Fashion Tricks

The standard advice is the most truthful one: wear black. Without any doubt, black is by far the most flattering color, and it always camouflages any flaws that you might have. Consider anything in black as your friend because they say it takes ten pounds right off your body. Wearing black tricks the eye. What it does is that it reduces the intensity of shades that are apparent on your body otherwise. This offers an optical illusion, and it can instantly make you look thinner. Same with other darker shades like brown or midnight blue, etc.

2. Choose Patterns Wisely

Choose Patterns

One of the most accessible and easy fashion tricks while buying any outfit is anything with vertical lines or stripes on the sides, don’t think, just buy it. It will help create an illusion and tricks other people’s eyes into thinking that you are more slender and thinner. And it also makes you look a little more vertical, in other words, a little taller. A dress or even a pair of pants with stripes going down the sides is a gold mine. It makes others think that your figure stops at those edges. Be sure to avoid the intricate prints as they do the opposite.

3. Pointed Toe Heels

Pointed Toe Heels - Easy Fashion Tricks

Not all heels make you look thinner. But the strategy is that when you wear heels, your posture automatically changes, keeping your back and shoulders upright. For that purpose, pointed-toe heels are the best as they are very skinny and proportionate to your body. They will lengthen your legs as well, making you look thinner by comparison. However, the heels, which are round at the front and have a bulky sole, are a big no-no.

4. Keep Shoes and Legs in One Hue

Keep Shoes and Legs in One Hue

Coordinate the body tones with that of the shoes. This comes with the above fashion tricks and will best elongate your bottom half and not highlight your curves. The matching styles of shoes or heels and the leg, whether with some tights, jeans, or bare legs, can make the legs appear longer. In winter, you can wear black jeans and black shoes, while in summer, you can try the neutral pointed toe heels which match your skin tones.

5. Wear Bell Bottom and Flare Jeans

Flare Jeans

Whether you want to look a little taller or slimmer, these fit and flare jeans can serve it all. They are a magic trick and make you look like you are 5 inches taller and thinner. Similar to the dresses that have a bell shape and A-line skirts that are also quite popular prove to be elongating and very much figure-flattering. Although we have been in the skinny tight zone for quite some time now, these bell bottoms and flare jeans are making a comeback. So, go for it!

6. Wear Belts – Cinch It!

Wear Belts – Cinch It - Easy Fashion Tricks

By cinching, I mean accentuating your waist. An easy way to instantly look thinner is to draw attention to your waistline. The waistline is the horizontal line where the waist is narrowest, and this is actually the slimmest part of your body. When you wear something that is not much flattering and a bit loose, you can style it with belts that lie on the waistline, giving you a look of an hourglass figure. The shirts and skirts that swoops in, right at the waist will make you look less than your size, are a treasure.

7. V-Necklines – A Flair Fashion Trick

V-Necklines - Easy Fashion Tricks

Expose some skin up top with a V-neckline. The upside-down triangle creates a grand illusion and makes you look broad at shoulders, and makes your waist appear smaller. The focal point is drawn away from the midsection and tricks the eye to make your appearance of a more elongated, slimmer upper body. Keeping the dress modest, the skin showing between the shoulders, below the chin will appear more elegant to your proportions, especially when you have a thick waist and hips. So, buy those V-necks and don’t forget about them.

8. High Rise Jeans

High Rise Jeans - Easy Fashion Tricks

Among the easy fashion tricks, another way to dress slimmer is to wear high rise jeans. Even if you don’t have much belly fat, the low-rise jeans will make that more prominent. But, with the high-rise jeans, you can suck in all that fat and skin folds. It makes the overall look neat and smoother. If you wonder what a high-rise jean is, then you may want to have a jean that has a 9-inch inseam. Anywhere between 9-10 inches or midsection is high-rise jeans.

9. Jacket or Coat Over Jeans

Jacket or Coat Over Jeans - Easy Fashion Tricks

As winter is around the corner, you might want to look best in every style. The vast range of styling your winter outfits make this season especially enjoyable. The best way to hide all of those so-called imperfections will be a jacket or a coat. But don’t just become a polar bear wearing a colossal coat; wear one that has a belt to make your waist appear thinner. This too helps to create your appearance of an hourglass figure.

10. Stick With One Colour

Stick With One Colour

If you wear an outfit that has more patterns on it, it will make that part of your body more prominent, and it will appear more in size. Moreover, if you choose different colors, it will divert the attention to the upper and lower half separately. But this isn’t a problem when you wear one color from head to toe. What happens is that it will elongate your body as there is no breaking line, and this helps to make you look slim.

11. Shapewear Are Real Saviour

Shapewear - Easy Fashion Tricks

You can make yourself look much slimmer by wearing these underclothes called shapewear. These are also colloquially known as Spanx. These include shirts, shorts, or bodysuits made of elastic fibers. They work amazingly well to hide fat or creases in different parts of your body. Even though they are tight, they shouldn’t be uncomfortable because you got the wrong size if they do. You shouldn’t just buy any shapewear. Invest some money in purchasing shapewear of good brand, and you are good to wear it on special occasions for many times.

12. Use Jewelry Wisely

Choose The Jewelry Wisely

No wonder the sense of style doesn’t come easy to everyone. Be strategic with your jewelry. The long necklace or the pendant necklace has the power to add length to your short neck, just like the V-neckline. It’s an effortless and easy way to add length and that slimming effect on your body. The longer bibs and chandeliers draw attention to your face and not the middle. A stack of bangles or a sparkly bracelet will say, look at the wrist instead of the upper arm.

13. Tanning and Contouring

Tanning and Contouring

For chubby faces, contouring makes your face look narrower and can even hide a double chin. You only need to know how to use dark and light tones correctly. The key is to darken the areas you want to hide and lighten the parts you want to highlight. And, it would be best if you were careful with bright lipsticks as they highlight the chin and jawline. Tanned skin looks much slimmer because it gives dimensions to your body and hides those extra pounds. Suntan is a good way, but because certain radiations can harm your skin, it is best to use an alternative, such as a bronzer.

14. Put Your Hair Up

Put Your Hair Up - Easy Fashion Tricks

If you have long hair, the trick is to pull them back away from your face. It will make your entire face look slimmer and thinner. Whether in a high bun, a low bun, or a high ponytail, pulling your hair up will make your jawline become more prominent and draw eyes to the sides. Moreover, it can give you a cheaper version of a facelift. Open hair along your face adds those extra inches to your face and makes it chubbier. But if you have really chubby cheeks and your jawline is not quite visible, then you can just drop your hair to cover up some part of your face. Try out different styles on you and see for yourself which one looks better on you.

15. Keep an Upright Posture

Upright Posture

Standing up with good posture can make everyone look magnificent, and it also makes you look 10 pounds lighter. Slouching is such a bad habit that it not only can make you look shorter and fat, but it can cause health problems as well. Always hold your back upright and straight and your shoulders back. Believe me! It makes a substantial visual difference. Keeping the proper posture may feel uncomfortable for some time, but you will eventually feel good if you continue practicing this. And also, you can get rid of that constant back pain.

Although there is no reason why any of us have to look slimmer, everyone must own their bodies and love the way they look because every shape and size is beautiful. These are some mere suggestions and tips regarding styling so that if you are interested in trying them one day, you can adopt these to look a litter slimmer or a little taller. The above easy fashion tricks can really make a difference for you.

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