The Marvelous Health Benefits of Amla (Indian Gooseberry)


Phyllanthus Emblica, better known as Indian Gooseberry or the Amla, is a superfood in itself. Packed with essential nutrients, this fruit is a vivid combination of sweet, sour, bitter, astringent, and pungent tastes. It grows on a small to medium-sized tree and appears spherical, light greenish-yellow, and quite smooth and hard. This fruit ripens in autumn and is harvested by hand and has several health benefits. Let’s dig in and know more about the health benefits of amla. 

Amla in the Ancient Indian Ayurveda

According to the ancient Indian medical science or the Ayurveda, the amla is considered to be very important. It is one of the main ingredients in two of the most used Ayurvedic preparations, Triphala and Chyavanprash. In fact, all the amla tree parts are used for some of the other medicinal use in the Ayurveda; however, the fruit remains of prime significance. 

Amla in Modern Research

Today, amla remains one of the major suggestions given by doctors to help with a variety of diseases, issues, and problems and promote well-being. According to an article by the International Journal Of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review And Research (IJPSR),

Amla is highly nutritious and is one of the richest sources of vitamin-C, amino acids and minerals. It contains several chemical constituents like tannins, alkaloids and phenols. Among all hydrolysable tannins, Emblicanin A and B; gallic acid, ellagic acid are reported to possess biological activity. Almost all parts possess medicinal properties, particularly fruit, which has been used in Ayurveda as a powerful Rasayana and in customary medicine in the treatment of diarrhea, jaundice, inflammation and several other ailments. 

Ten Reasons to Eat Amla Every Day

So here are ten reasons to eat amla every day.

1. Rich Source of Vitamin C

Health Benefits of Amla - Source of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins for our body. Many people suffer from this vitamin deficiency; deficiency of vitamin C can lead to numerous health conditions like scurvy, bleeding gums etc. 

Amla is one of the richest natural sources of Vitamin C. Therefore, adding this superfood to your balanced diet can surely boost your health in the longer term.

2. Good for Digestion

Health Benefits of Amla - Good for Digestion

Amla is effective to reduce inflammation of the digestive tract and reduce acidity. Regular consumption of amla along with a balanced diet helps in maintaining good metabolism, which in turn leads to well-being and one of the significant health benefits of amla.

3. Helps Improve Hair Health

Improves hair health

With numerous hair masks, shampoos, therapies, and salon treatments in use for healthy, and strong hair, amla can be an excellent addition to your diet to aid in improving the health of your hair naturally. Especially with the constant exposure to pollution, consuming amla regularly can help maintain healthier hair. 

4. Works Wonders for The Skin

Health Benefits of Amla - Clear Skin

Who does not want healthy and clear skin? Besides taking care of your skin externally, the consumption of amla ensures that your skin is taken care of internally. The cooling properties of amla hydrate your skin and keep it glowing.

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5. Healthier Eyes

Healthier eyes

The amla fruit is rich in Vitamin A, which aids you to improve your vision. Regular consumption of amla may help prevent conjunctivitis or other eye-related problems. Amla is known to strengthen the eye muscles, thus helps in maintaining strong eyesight for the long term. 

6. Boosts Immunity

Boost immunity - health benefits of amla

Amla provides essential nutrients to the body, thus boosting its immunity. Especially during the times of the COVID 19 pandemic, when the need for immunity is at an all-time high, this superfood is a must in your diet.

7. Treats Cold and Flu

Treats cough and flu

Amla can be used as an accompaniment to medicines and a good lifestyle to cure a mild cold and fever. Amla with honey can also help with a sore throat or even a cough. Eating this superfood regularly can help with keeping healthy for the long term.

8. Treats Mouth Ulcers

Health Benefits of Amla - Treats Mouth Ulcers

Do you suffer from those annoying mouth ulcers during the change of every season? Well then, amla can be a good addition to your diet. A rich source of vitamins, this small fruit packs with it a number of benefits for your oral health.

9. Can Make for a Substitute Nutritional Drink

Nutritional drink

Want to start your morning afresh but cannot find a substitute for tea or coffee? Try some amla juice. Whether you choose to mix it with honey, lemon, lime or sugar, this amla juice can be a fresh early morning drink.

10. It is Diverse

It is Diverse

The best part about amla is its diversity. Having so many different flavors, this fruit goes well with a lot many things. You can drink up as juice, or store it as a pickle to have with your meals, or dry it in the sun before eating. You can eat it raw, or you can boil it or powder it. As long as you consume it regularly, amla offers its benefits in many different forms. 

So, above were the health benefits of amla or can say ten reasons to enjoy this pungent – astringent fruit on a regular basis. However, it is important to remember that everyone’s body system is different, and different foods work differently for everyone. Therefore, it is extremely important to consult your doctor or physician before making any significant changes in your diet. Also, we want to remember that no one food item can serve as an absolute source of well being. Amla, paired with a balanced diet, can surely provide all the benefits mentioned above. With these precautions in mind, you can go ahead and enjoy your amla in any form you like to reap its benefits!

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