Healthy Hair: How to Maintain Daily Hair Care Routine?

healthy hair

Healthy hair is a dream for all women; personally, my hair is as precious as my diamond wedding ring. Like diamonds are our best friend, hair is our intimate friend, as it represents our personality. I am sure you are going to vouch for this with me hairstyles have the power to change your entire appearance. The right haircut or hairstyle can make you beautiful and smart. And for any stylish haircut or hairstyle; first, we need healthy hair so that we can flaunt ourselves with pride. 🙂

Today, in this article, I am going to share some healthy hair tips for different types of hair.

Tips for Healthy Hair Care

food for healthy hair

1. Curly Hair Care

healthy curly hair

Curly hair really can be many problem for many women because it tends to get frizzy from time to time. Being a woman, I am sure you try and use numerous methods to get rid of this messy situation and try the various hair care products. But one has to be very careful about the quality of the product you are using because instead of doing good to your hair, it can worsen your hair texture. Use only the right product, don’t run after hordes of advertisements, and apply all types of hair treatments that strike on your way.

 Tips for Managing Curly Hair

  •  Apply quality hair serum and then use a wide-toothed comb for detangling hair, especially when it is wet.
  •  Straightening can be an excellent option for your hair to look good. But beware, all straightening products contain very harsh chemicals, they may keep your hair straight for some days, but at the same time, it may damage your hair as well. However, if you feel like doing it, then you can use a steam straightening device with a very low-temperature setting. But before doing any harsh application on your hair, it is advisable to ask for professional help.
  • Apply moisturizers as it is a prevalent problem with many curly hairstyles. Use appropriate shampoos for the curly hair that will help keep the moisture intact. It would be best if you also do a deep conditioner once or twice a month. You can go to your favorite salon for spa treatment once a month.
  • Avoid using hair dryers. Letting the hair dry on its own will prevent your hair from frizzing. Also, avoid rubbing or brushing it harshly with a towel. Pat dry with a towel if necessary.
  • Always use famous branded hair care products.
  •  Curly hair can also be colored to give it a sophisticated look. You can also use highlights, especially on the curls that fall around the face.
  • And the last but not the least is a good healthy diet. And especially for healthy hair, you need a fair amount of protein, so make sure you are taking the appropriate amount of protein intake.

2. Greasy Hair/ Oily Hair Care Tips 

Oily Hair Care Tips for healthy hair

Do you know that greasy or oily hair is not due to the oily scalp, but it’s the opposite? Yes, dry scalp is the main reason for the oily hair. Therefore, to take care of the greasy hair is a must, and your prime focus should be your scalp.

Tips to Get Rid of Oily Hair

  • Do not wash your hair daily. Washing stimulates the sebaceous glands, which, as a result, will secrete more oil onto the hair.
  • Always use a mild pH-balanced shampoo. While washing your hair do not rub the scalp vigorously. Apply conditioner only to the mid and the ends of hair not at the roots.
  • A balanced or healthy diet is crucial; make sure to avoid fatty foods. Drink plenty of water.
  • Rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water preferably so that there should not be any soap residue remains on the scalp or hair because that will make your hair worse.
  • Hot oil treatment on the scalp is an excellent therapy to get rid of greasy hair. Afterward, rinse the oily hair thoroughly.
  • A vinegar rinse is advisable for those whose hair is extremely oily. Mix in a 1:4 ratio that is one part of vinegar to 4 parts of water. But do not apply on the scalp, it’s for washing your hair.
  • Do not brush your hair frequently, because brushing on oily hair causes the scalp to produce more oil.

3. How to Take Care of Thick Hair

healthy hair care tips for thick hair

Thick or coarse hair refers to the thickness of the hair strand and is characterized by a large volume of hair with more versatility as compared to thin hair.

Here are a Few Tips for Thick Hair Care

  • Blunt cuts must be avoided, as it will make your hair look bushier.
  • Try a layered cut. And if your hair is thick as well as curly, then cuts that emphasize your curls are suggested.
  • Thick hair is also vulnerable to dryness of the scalp. Therefore, one should avoid hair products containing alcohol, for example, hair sprays and gels.
  • Avoid curling iron as much as possible. Apply mild shampoo to provide more softness.
  • If you want to color your thick hair, apply high or low lights rather than going for one color. Choose the lighter color; it makes hair look thinner while dark hair color makes it denser.

4. Tips for Thin Hair Care

thin hair care to get healthy hair

There are many reasons for the thinning of hair. It may be due to some prolonged illness, medication, or by using some harsh chemicals or it may be inherited.

Some Tips for Caring, Managing and Protecting Thin Hair Type

  • The easiest way is a good hair cut that will disguise your hair volume. Also, take care of the hair cut suits your face as well.
  • There are many shampoos available in the market for hair creating volume to your hair. Washing your hair with these shampoos will give your hair feel of thickness.
  • A poor diet is yet another reason for falling or thinning of hair. So take care that your food contains all the required vitamins, proteins and minerals that are necessary for healthy and shiny hair growth. Vitamin B is said to be very good for the healthy development of your hair.
  •  You can make your hair look thicker and voluminous by applying hair color. However, it is advisable that you use semi-permanent color because permanent hair color contains some harsh chemical that will damage your hair. If you want to color your hair you can go for highlights which can be a good option too; it will give depth to your hair.
  • Make sure to trim the hair from time to time to look healthy. Ask your hairstylist to cut and shape your hair to look thicker.
  • Minimize the use of high heat blow-dryers or flat irons. They are a big-big reason behind your damaged and thin hair.

Haircuts to Match with Your Face

Haircare is no doubt necessary, but a good haircut is equally important, you must know about the basics if haircut. Knowing what haircuts suits you well can do the job easier.

Short hair itself creates a few problems in one way or the other. The most important thing which you have to take into consideration is to match the hair cut with the shape of your face.

Well, there are main seven basic facial shapes that are oval, round, square, diamond, rectangle, triangular, and heart. It is also true that not every hair cuts looks good in all face cuts.

Here are a Few Tips for a Hair Cut that will Look Good on your Face

1. Heart-Shaped Faces

healthy hair for Heart-Shaped Faces

Women with heart-shaped face have wide or broad foreheads and smaller chins. They will look best in a layered bob which has a lot of volume in it. Other than this, asymmetrical cuts also go well with this facial cut.

2. Oval-Shaped Faces

Oval-Shaped Faces

Oval shaped women have high foreheads with narrow and round chins. This is best-balanced face cut that goes well with any hair cuts.

3. Diamond-Shaped Faces

Diamond-Shaped Faces

This shape is characterized by a narrow forehead with wider cheeks and a small and pointy chin. The hair cut which gives a bit more fullness on the crown of the head looks good as it will balance out the wider cheeks.

4. Rectangular-Shaped Faces

Rectangular-Shaped Faces

Rectangular face women generally have long and high foreheads and well-defined chins and jaws. For this type of face structure; shoulder-length or chin-length hair cut would be best. This will not show attention along the length of your face and will have various softening effects as well.

5. Round Shaped Faces

Round Shaped Faces

This face shaped women have broad foreheads with full jaws. Most of the styles will look good on it, but it will be best if there is fullness shown above the ears. Well, asymmetrical cuts do well too.

6. Square Shaped Faces  

Square Shaped Faces  

These face-shaped women are characterized by the “lantern” type jaw and wider foreheads. They need a graduated cut with more volume on the crown.

7. Triangular Shaped Faces

Triangular Shaped Faces

These women are widest at jaw and narrow at the temple. They can accommodate almost all styles but should avoid more volume at the top or on the crown of the head.

Well, now I must stop, this was my point of view, as fashion and style have no limit. One can try various ways to look stylish. But taking care of your hair is a must, you must not ignore it or play with it. Always go with the correct shampoo and conditioners, and don’t keep on trying whatever everyone suggests to you or comes your way. Know your hair type so that you can treat and pamper it. Using quality shampoos and conditioners and time-to-time oiling as per your hair type can help you take care of your hair to turn it into healthy hair. Your diet is equally important, so take care of yourself.

Also, do share your views, and ideas with us so that we can get to know something new.

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