Foods Bad for Digestion – Healthy Gut is All you Want!

Foods Bad for Digestion

Do you know about the foods- bad for your digestion? Our body is a composition of multiple systems to keep your body functioning in harmony. Surprisingly, digestion is the queen of all bodily systems. Even a slight glitch can make you cranky all day. Also, you would upset your nutrient consumption, sugar, and cholesterol levels if your digestive system faces any mishap. So, one has to take care of digestive health and stay on the select-and-skip method while eating food items. It so happens that some nurturing food items may not be an inviting guest for your stomach. That is why be sure about what you eat. 

Foods Bad for Digestion

So here is the list of food items that you may have missed are the foods bad for digestion.

1. Coffee Affects Your Digestion

Coffee Affects Your Digestion

You may have often heard people around you, saying, “I cannot live without coffee.” The reason is none other than caffeine. It is a diuretic element that suppresses sleep. However, over-caffeine dosage may lead to the inflammation of the gut. It makes your body lose water and causes bowel irritation. For some people, it may cause diarrhea too.

Also, never consume coffee on an empty stomach. It would make your digestive system acidic. Also, it is one of the foods to avoid stomach problems. Still, you need to consume it for energy and refreshment. However, let us tell you an alternative- Fruits. They are juicy and light, adding to your stomach. Check out the best time to consume them.

2. Fried Food – Avoid Greasy Food 

Fried Food - Foods Bad for Digestion

Who does not like fried food, especially potato finger fries? From kids to us, everybody is their admirer. However, have you ever thought it could cause immense trouble to your stomach? These oil-dipped edibles can cause inflammation in your gut, stomach, and intestine. As a result, you may get bowel irritation. Get ready for constipation as they lack fiber. They are heinous sticks of fats that take much effort to digest.

Another sinister perk of fried foods comes in Perflouralkyl (PFAS) packages. This chemical acts as a villain for the digestive process. 

3. Is Cooked Broccoli Easy to Digest?

Cooked Broccoli

Raw broccoli adds the best level of flavor to our salads. However, it is a menace in the cooked form. However, when cooked with oil and spices, these small chunks would not cause much havoc in your stomach. It is one of the cruciferous vegetables that act hard on your digestion because of the sugar content and high fiber, making them hard to digest. It causes thyroid issues and upsetting bowel movements.

You may burp or fart repeatedly to get rid of digestive gas. We suggest, trying green tea or adding garlic in recipes where broccoli is the main ingredient. The same goes for cauliflowers and cabbage. And they are the foods to avoid when you have a digestive issue.

4. Artificial Sugar – Artificial Sweeteners: Good or Bad!

Artificial Sugar - Foods Bad for Digestion

Our gut contains both good and bad bacteria, good bacteria help in digestion and boost our immune system. An experiment on mice confirmed that artificial sugar causes an imbalance of these good bacteria. Depletion of beneficial bacteria can cause dysbiosis in the body, raising the chance of inflammatory bowel ailment, celiac disease, and other digestive tract issues.

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5. Alcohol Affects Digestive Health

Alcohol Affects Digestive Health

No one can deny that alcohol is bad for health! Alcohol kills bacteria, both harmful and beneficial bacteria in the gut. Apart from ruining your liver, it plays the most prominent role in rupturing your stomach lining. 

An acidic stomach is unable to perform its digestive functions properly. Also, it can cause anti-peristaltic movements and become the cause of vomiting and dizziness. Eventually, it makes you fall victim to Gastritis. 

6. Rice Can Cause Bloating or Clog your Intestine

Rice Can Cause Bloating - Foods Bad for Digestion

Wise men used to mark rice as food for bad digestion. These small white grains are primary sources of carbs and starch. It becomes an issue for digestive health because the husk, bran, and germ are removed during the process. That is why they make your stomach bloated. Also, they are one of the reasons why you constipate and feel lethargic all the time.

7. Going Gluten-Free Lessens Strain on your Gut

Gluten-Free Lessens Strain on your Gut

Frankly, Gluten does not add any nutritional value to the food. It is just a binding force for the food ingredients, making the foods bad for digestion. For a less immune person, it may cause celiac disease- inflammation of the small intestine. So, it is better to enjoy gluten-free food.

8. Citric Food-Too Much Fiber 

Citric Food - Foods Bad for Digestion

Foods that are rich in fiber can cause an upset stomach. Any diet that has too much fiber content can cause bloating, constipation, and gas. So, do check on eating excessive fiber. Also, citric foods are high in fiber and are acidic, further irritating the stomach lining, and causing digestive health problems. To relieve an upset stomach, increase fluid intake but avoid carbonated beverages because they are also acidic. So, when you have an upset stomach, avoid acidic foods. Go easy on citrus foods if your gut is not in the right shape.

9. Chemical Preservatives Greatly Affect Digestion

Chemical Preservatives

The next on the list of foods bad for digestion is preservative-containing food items. It is the norm to keep food safe, and we use preservatives. However, these are not safe for our digestive tract. Most of them are the undigested part that goes directly into the rectum. 

However, when mixed with other waste products, they cause itching and bowel thickening. Also, some preservatives contain nitrosamine compounds that the body cannot endure. They become the motif for gut infections and digestive tract infections. That is why try organic fruits and vegetables such as Amla- the boon of the heavens.

10. Nuts Can Mess Up Your Digestion Too

Nuts Can Mess Up Your Digestion - Foods Bad for Digestion

Nuts like hazelnuts, walnuts, and especially peanuts (although peanuts are legumes), have the enriching goodness of good fat and protein. Also, they are a healthy source of fiber.

Unfortunately, 50% of consumers’ stomachs find it difficult to crack it down. Such people may face gas, constipation, and bloating as a result.
According to dietitians, they act as a fortifying strength in the journey of weight loss. However, do you know that peanuts are also a source of phosphoric acid? It is necessary for the make-up of the body but in small quantities only. If taken in excess amounts, it can put a cork upon other nutrients’ assimilation. Also, some nuts are better when they get soaked and consumed.

Also, for many people, peanuts are the prime cause of allergies that can negatively affect the digestive system too. Therefore, if you are on a medication, consult your physician before consuming too many nuts.

The foods mentioned above are foods bad for digestion, especially when you have any digestive issues. We can’t deny the fact that some of the foods mentioned above have many nutritional traits, so you should monitor your health while consuming them or adding them to your diet chart. Do try out food that improves the digestive system to stay active all the time.

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