10 Amazing Tips for Skincare Regime for Women in Their 40s!

skincare regime for women in the 40s

Are you at the onset of your 40s? Women in their 40s go through many changes due to the beginning of hormonal changes. They might find aging kicking dramatically and suddenly in their life. Perimenopausal symptoms and estrogen loss lead to significant behavioural changes and hormonal skin aging. 

Skin aging means you will notice increased dryness, diminishing the thickness of your skin, fine lines, hyperpigmentation and less elasticity resulting in sagging. You may be a person having a low-key approach towards your skincare, but you can’t go on that same route in your 40s. Even you are lazy, ensure to integrate these three steps into your skincare: cleansing, moisturizing, and protection.

Healthy Skincare Routine for Women in Their 40s

We women love to age gracefully; even after crossing the late 30s and stepping into the 40s, we never lose our spirit to live and celebrate our lives. However, we need to be a little more conscious about our beauty routine and finding the age-appropriate look. Finding the perfect cosmetic and taking care of our health needs a little more doing in the 40s but trust me, it is all worth it. Let’s explore some essential skincare routines for women in their 40s to help them stay healthy and beautiful.

1. Cleanse Your Face Effectively 


It doesn’t matter whether you are applying makeup regularly or not; you need to put some effort religiously to clean your face thoroughly. Cleansing is important for every age group. Prefer using a creamy cleanser at this age, as it doesn’t take your natural moisture away. If you hit the bed with your makeup on, it can instigate irritation and create various other skin problems. Use a soothing, gentle cleanser to remove any debris collected overnight if you don’t want to deprive your skin of the natural oils. In a nutshell, try using a cream or milk formula for a complete yet gentle cleanse.

2. Exfoliate Two or Three Times a Week

exfoilate your skin - Women in Their 40s

When we age, our dead skin cells don’t shed quickly; that’s why our skin starts thickening, making our skin look dull and textured. But exfoliating two to three times a week can help maintain glowing skin. If not thrice, even once or twice a week exfoliation can help you get the products penetrated into your skin and help you minimize the pores. In various renowned salons, exfoliation is considered a secret to transforming skin in a very short period. It has the ability to repair your fine lines by keeping your skin hydrated.

3. Add Serums to Your Skincare Routine 

add serum to skin

In your 40s, the skin produces less sebum, leaving your skin exposed to pollution and other environmental attackers. Focus on an antioxidant serum; finding the perfect antioxidant serum might be difficult but not impossible. You need an antioxidant-rich radiance-boosting serum to fight free radicals. According to experts, we need to look for beauty products with vitamin C and vitamin E; you can use them with sunscreens or moisturizers. Ensure to add serums rich in collagen-boosting peptides and hydrating serums like hyaluronic acid as they help in building blocks of healthy skin. So, do add hyaluronic acid into your daily routine for an additional shot of hydration.

4. Moisturize your Skin Every Day

moisturizing skin

Moisturizer can help keep your skin hydrated and refreshed. Moisturizing your skin regularly is one of the perfect substitutes for keeping the skin hydrated. It will help in reducing the number of fine lines and wrinkles. Along with age, our oil manufacturing glands become less productive, making our skin dry as we grow old. So, make moisturizer your friend at all times. Moisturizer act as the sealant for all your precious serums to be locked in. Ensure to apply the best face cream for skin in your 40s. Also, make sure to use serums before your SPF to nourish, soft and de-stress the skin. 

5. Start Using an Eye Cream

eye cream - Women in Their 40s

According to the associate clinical professor of plastic surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, Dr Stafford Broumand, “Women in their 40s start noticing diminished tone around their eyes.” We need to remember that the area around our eyes consists of one of the thinnest layers of skin in our body, and hence we need to hydrate it well. As per experts, just like sunscreen, eye cream is equally essential whether it’s dark circles, puffiness, or even dryness; using an eye cream will surely benefit you.

6. Go for Sunscreen With a High SPF

sunscreen with high SPF

According to experts, if you want to include just one anti-ageing product into your skincare routine, it should be sunscreen. It’s never too late to start wearing daily SPF as protection from the sun’s rays to keep your skin safe from sun damage, especially in your 40’s. Make sure you are applying it well before being exposed to the sun. There is a repeat direction on the label of every sunscreen, which you need to follow strictly. Nevertheless, you can consult your doctors about the brand and the perfect SPF that you need.

7. Night Creams For Healthy Skin

night creams

Nighttime is the time when your skin is in regenerative mode, and that’s why you need to use night cream on a regular basis. Pick a night cream jam-packed with skin-nourishing nutrients that will help boost cell repair and the loss of a cell’s ability to split and grow. After removing your makeup, wash your face thoroughly and apply moisturizer or night cream before hitting the bed. This will help in keeping your skin hydrated during sleep so that you can wake up with soft, healthy-looking skin. 

8. Start Using Retinol

retinol - Women in Their 40s

According to dermatologists, the 20s is the best age to start using quality or prescription-strength retinol. Our skin needs time to build a tolerance to retinol; however, if you haven’t used it yet, try incorporating retinol in your nighttime skincare routine as 40s is definitely not too late to start.

If you are new to using retinol, play safe, don’t go for quick-fire use because it is so potent that it can cause redness or peeling of your skin. Studies have found that the constant use of retinol can improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in as little as 12 weeks. So start with a low percentage and use it once or twice a week. However, it is better to consult a dermatologist to know the precise way of using retinol.

9. Live Stress-Free and be Fit 

stress free

A stress-free life is significant for staying fit. However, it’s pretty challenging to stay stress-free in this modern age. Nevertheless, little walking or jogging in your nearby park can enhance your mood and help to keep you fit. This will allow you to enjoy nature and meet with other people too. Start following an exercise routine, go for walking or running and if this is not your cup of tea, try meditation or yoga. Yoga aids in weight loss, calorie management, and controlling stress and anxiety; by practicing yoga, you can calm yourself and control some bad habits like stress-eating.

10. Eat Healthily

eat healthy - Women in Their 40s

Along with these beauty products, you need to focus on your diet, which can help you get healthy skin. According to experts, consume foods high in probiotics, go for a balanced diet, drink water and juice to keep your skin hydrating, focus on lowering the consumption of sugary, processed and various other junk foods. Eating healthy is always advisable for everyone, doesn’t matter women in their 40s or 20s. As per experts, some foods that help your skin to look healthy and younger:

Kale: Great source of vitamin A, which is popular as a wrinkle remover.
Almond: Rich supplier of vitamin E and various healthy fats.
Blueberries: They can provide you with enough antioxidants without spending too much money.
Greek yoghurt: An excellent provider of protein as well as probiotics.

Above were some easy tips that all women in their 40s must adapt into their skincare routine. Ensure to be consistent with your skincare regime as nothing works if you are inconsistent and use the beauty products willy-nilly. Even if you use one of the best and most expensive, clinically proven skincare products, if you are not following a routine, it is going to be a waste of your time and money both. Visit your dermatologist to prescribe the best skincare routine and products for you. And for the safer side, try to make a habit of getting full-body exams by a board-certified dermatologist once a year.

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