A Guide to Emotional Well-Being – Mental Health or Physical Health!

Emotional Well-Being

We are, in general, extremely cautious about our health. But we often forget that health includes both our physical or bodily aspects, as well as our mental capacities. While physical well-being can be directly observed, our emotional well-being is more innate. It is not easily observable and often goes ignored by the victim as well.

Emotional Well-Being is Arguably more Important than Physical Health

emotional well being

However, emotional well-being is arguably more important than physical health. This is because our mental health can have a direct or an indirect effect on the rest of our body and those around us. Taking care of our mental health and acknowledging turbulences in the head is not something we consciously choose to do. However, it is of utmost importance and should be checked again and again from time to time.

What is Emotional Well-Being?

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Emotional well-being refers to the management and acknowledgement of our emotions, both positive or negative, primary ones, or those of a more complex nature. It is of utmost importance to humans who want to lead productive and healthy lives. There are certain aspects of emotional well-being that are essential to understand.

  • Understanding the emotion/emotions
  • Management of said emotions
  • Encouragement of positive emotions
  • Control of negative emotions
  • Prevention of the emotions overwhelming the logical parts of the brain.

How to Achieve Emotional Well-Being?

As humans, it is guaranteed that we will have our share of negative emotions in our lives. External or internal factors can cause these. It is essential to cope with these stressors in their due time and not repress memories or bury emotions for the sake of convenience. We need to ensure that we can manage these negative emotions so that they do not prevent us from leading a good life.

Best Method to Achieve Emotional Well-Being

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A lot of research has been conducted to try and answer the question of emotional well-being and the best method to achieve it. The results, however, do not indicate one specific method, and instead, point towards multiple different ones. There are many other techniques that can help our minds gain control over the emotional parts of it. This ensures most of our decisions carried out under the influence of indecision and spontaneity will be more regulated. Logic will govern the brain rather than letting the emotions take over.

Some of the Best Ways to Achieve Mental Well-Being are:

1. Physical Exercise

Exercise, dance or any physical movement done facilitates the release of endorphins, which is a chemical that makes us feel good. It also acts as an essential stress buster. It stops the flow of a downward spiral and banishes negative emotions faster, thus eliminating a negative thought cycle. Exercise also encourages blood circulation in the body and increases the flow of oxygen to the muscles. It removes lethargy and unproductivity.

2. Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is also essential. It provides adequate nutrition to the body and maintains the health of the immune system. It is vital to take due care of the body to avoid mental stressors. A balanced diet is one of the most fundamental aspects of emotional well-being.

3. Emotional Control

Mindfulness in a deeper aspect of emotional well-being. Extending conscious control over the emotional parts of the brain is possible, but requires strict adherence to mindfulness. It is essential to stay connected with the present rather than ruminate over the past or worry about the future. This considerably helps in raising our emotional health to the optimum level. Some of the ways to manage stress are by:

  • Raising levels of motivation.
  • Engaging in meaningful activities and hobbies.
  • Connecting with optimistic people who help you develop.

4. Social Interactions

Often our mental health can have a substantial negative impact if our line of thought is directed inwards at most times. The easiest way to combat this is to build meaningful and deep relationships or bonds with people who provide us with emotional support and boost our morale. Another way to this is to engage and volunteer in prosocial acts. This helps us to develop our self-esteem, confidence levels, reduce depression and develop feelings of gratitude in our lives.

Benefits of Emotional Well-Being

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Individuals who are high on emotional well-being are well-adjusted individuals who have a smoother time dealing with the problems that life throws their way. These include:

  • Coping with Stress: they use healthier methods to deal with stressful events rather than displacement or repression.
  • Better Self Regulation: they are able to deal with emotions such as anxiety, anger, and fear without allowing the emotions to overpower them. They can label how they feel and accept these negative emotions as being a normal part of life.
  • Increases Productivity: they feel more energized because of positive feelings which help in the performance of various tasks one might usually put off. The ability to focus and think clearly is also enhanced in emotionally healthy people.
  • Increased Creativity: they are open to new experiences and are curious in life. They can think of different strategies to solve a problem when one fails.
  • Life Satisfaction: they can build longer-lasting relationships and have deep and personal connections. They also enjoy activities under the umbrella of social work, thus helping society and themselves at the same time. It provides purpose and meaning to their lives and enables them to live for a bigger purpose than just themselves.

Final Take on Emotional Well-Being

Emotional well-being is not someone one can achieve overnight. It requires constant effort and practice, just like most other things. Taking care of our mental health is just as important to our well-being as compared to our physical strength. Though considerably more difficult, it ultimately results in a better understanding of ourselves, our emotions, and the essence of life itself. At the baseline of it all, emotional well-being basically talks about what kind of an impact negative or positive emotions can have on our body and mind, and how one can maintain strong control over them. To do so, one must become more conscious of how you express your emotions and healthily deal with them.

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