10 Vitamin-A Rich Foods – You Mustn’t Miss These!

10 Vitamin-A-Rich Foods - You Mustn't Miss These!

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, staying well and eating healthy have always been the biggest concerns for most people. Although there is no specific diet to help you attain better health, you can manage the milligrams of minerals, nutrients, and vitamins in your daily intake of food to help you get better. And because we want to eat healthy to enhance our immune system, we will talk about Vitamin-A-rich foods in this article.

Why Do We Need to Consume Vitamin-A-Rich Foods?

Vitamin-A-Rich Foods

Vitamin A (Anti-Inflammatory Vitamin) is an essential micronutrient that our body is unable to produce itself. Therefore, we ought to obtain a certain amount of it in our diet. Retinol comes from animal sources and Provitamin A from green, yellow plants. Vit A is not only crucial for growth, development, immunity, healthy epithelium, and mucus integrity but also vital for better vision.

You don’t need to be confused about the choice of hundreds of foods with Vitamin A. Here is a summarized list of some ordinary foods that are the best Vitamin A sources.

10 Super Beneficial Vitamin-A-Rich Foods

1. Beef Liver with Butter

Vitamin-A-Rich Foods - Beef Liver

Out of the two types of Vitamin A, Preformed Vitamin A or Retinol is best supplied through animal sources. Beef liver seasoned with pepper and cooked in butter makes it the richest among the most effective Vitamin A sources. One serving can provide 6421mcg of Vit A or 713% of your Daily Value (referred to as DV from here on).

2. Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Make it a habit to start your day with a healthy breakfast that includes eggs. Eggs not only are the best source of protein but also have sufficient minerals and vitamins to kick-start your day with great energy. One large egg can supply 74mcg of Vit A or 8% of DV.

3. Cream Cheese

Vitamin-A-Rich Foods - Cream Cheese

Dairy is always the lifesaver among Vitamin-A-rich foods when it comes to providing nutrients. Especially, fortified milk can alone fulfil most of your daily vitamin requirements. Therefore, nutritionists advise including dairy in your daily diet. Only one tablespoon of cream cheese packs 45mcg of Vit A and 5% of DV.

4. Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato

The easiest snack for the evening might be to simply boil some sweet potatoes and enjoy while they are smoking hot. The natural sweetness in them makes them a complete dish without the need of seasoning them. A single sweet potato has an impressive amount of 1836mcg of Vit A and 204% of DV.

5. Spinach

Vitamin-A-Rich Foods - Spinach

Whether cooked, blanched or blend into a smoothie, spinach is an excellent source of both fibers and vitamins. You can incorporate it in any salad to make a filling Vitamin A vegetarian dish. Therefore, it is referred to as a nutrient powerhouse. A cup of raw spinach can provide 141mcg of Vit A and 16% of DV.

6. Cooked Carrots

Cooked Carrots

Among the orange foods, carrots are the best Vitamin-A-rich vegetables as they provide more beta-carotene and Provitamin A. This is the same reason why they are considered good for eyesight. One medium carrot (cooked) can provide 392mcg of Vit A or 44% of DV.

7. Mango

Vitamin-A-Rich Foods - Mango

Mango is a delicious summer fruit that is rich in dietary fibers and minerals. Having a rejuvenating flavor makes it one of the best foods with Vitamin A. You can have it in a tropical fruit salad or make mango salsa as well. An average mango contains 121mcg of Vit A and provides 20% of DV.

8. Cantaloupe


Fruits are refreshing to me when I eat them in breakfast as salsa. You can make a smoothie also, but the best way to have Vitamin A fruits is without any added sweeteners. Cantaloupe is also an antioxidant-rich food. A large wedge of this summer melon can provide 172mcg of Vit A and 19% of DV.

9. Red Grapefruit

Vitamin-A-Rich Foods - Red Grapefruit

Red grapefruit is actually ten times more efficient in providing Vitamin A to our body than does white grapefruit. People use its extract as medicine as well, because it is rich in Vitamin A and C, fiber, folate, and minerals. A medium-sized grapefruit supplies 143mcg of Vit A and 16% of DV.

10. Papaya


Christopher Columbus didn’t call papaya “The Fruit of Angels” without reason. This juicy and Vitamin-A-rich fruit is the definition of healthy filling food. The antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in it make it a reliable source of daily nutrients. Even small papaya can be sufficient to provide 74mcg of Vit A and 8% of DV.

Why Are Vitamin-A-Rich Foods Important for Our Body?

Every nutrient that our body uptakes have a certain function to perform. While we need a balanced diet for a healthy body, Vitamin A alone can provide many benefits.

1. Vision & Eye Health

Vitamin-A-Rich Foods - Eye Health

Vitamin A is vital to maintain normal vision. Consume Vitamin A foods for the eyes because its deficiency can lead to visual impairment over time. This is because a type of Vit A called retinol combines with opsin protein to give us color vision and the ability to see in dim lights.

2. Immune System

Immune System

The major impact of Vitamin A occurs on the immune system. While a daily requirement of Vit A protects the body from infections and illness, its deficiency can lead to dysfunctional B- and T-cells. The significant consequence of this malnutrition is inflammatory disorders.

3. Gene Transcription & Protein Formation

Vitamin-A-Rich Foods - Protein Formation

All healthy bodies carry out the process of gene transcription for the formation of proteins. And the process requires Vitamin A as an essential component. Thus, protein synthesis and cell growth are greatly dependent on the sufficient supply of Vitamin A to our cells.

4. Skin Health

Skin Health

Sufficient dietary intake of Vitamin A benefits the dermal layer of our skin. In fact, Vit A is being used in medications to treat dermatological skin conditions. This reduces the size of sebaceous glands and makes skin better by preventing bacteria from clogging pores.

5. Fertility & Fetal Development

Vitamin-A-Rich Foods - Fetal Development

Vitamin A is involved in every cell’s growth, so it is vital for gamete formation. It is an integral part of cell growth and fetal tissue development and also critical to placenta formation to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Maintaining your health shouldn’t be a stressful procedure because it is not an exam but a wellness process. In fact, healthy eating is never entirely a complicated process. You should include those nutrient-packed, Vitamin-A-rich foods and exclude unhealthy fats from your diet as a first step. Enjoy your life while staying safe and healthy!

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