How To Apply Cream Foundation Like A Professional

apply cream foundation

Without foundation, makeup is incomplete. There are different types of foundation available on the market, like liquid, powdered, creamy, tinted oil foundation, stick foundation, and many more. The foundation is used to conceal blemishes and dark spots, giving the face flawless, even coverage. In general, if you have dry or mature skin and want a foundation that gives your skin a flawless look without making it greasy, then a cream foundation is an excellent choice because of its hydrating properties, which give your skin a soft, smooth texture.

A cream-based foundation provides moderate to heavy coverage, conceals fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and blemishes, and corrects uneven skin tone. Its moisturizing formula makes it non-messy and ideal for traveling.

What Is a Cream Foundation? Which One Is Better: Liquid or Cream Foundation?

Cream or Liquid Foundation

The cream foundation has a smooth texture and the highest level of coverage; it covers all types of blemishes, uneven tones, and wrinkles and gives skin a radiant glow and a luminous finish. Choose foundation according to your skin tone since it comes in a variety of shades. In general, creamy foundations can easily be built up with a beauty blender or makeup brush. A small amount of creamy foundation gives more coverage than a powder foundation. It’s ideal for dry skin because of its hydrating properties, and some formulas come with extra skincare benefits like sunscreen and moisturizer.

Cream foundation is more emollient and thicker than liquid foundation. In addition, it provides medium to full coverage and is quickly buildable. On the other hand, the liquid foundation is thinner. It offers sheer to medium coverage and is more suitable for oily and combination skin as it’s lighter than cream foundation. It’s also less likely to clog pores.

How To Apply Cream Foundation

The foundation is one of the key makeup products, and makeup without it can feel incomplete. If you want a smooth and flawless appearance, a cream foundation offers better coverage than a liquid or powder foundation. By following these tips, you can apply cream foundation without creases or a cakey appearance.

1. Cleanse And Moisturize

Cleanse And Moisturize

First and foremost, it’s critical to properly cleanse and moisturize your skin before applying makeup. Cleansing removes dirt, oil, and contaminants from your skin, creating a clean base for your foundation. After cleansing, moisturize your skin to hydrate and soothe it, ensuring your foundation or concealer application lasts longer and looks flawless. Generally, makeup professionals recommend waiting 2-3 minutes between applying moisturizer and primer so that the moisturizer can fully absorb. This will help you achieve a smoother foundation application.

2. Apply Primer

apply primer - cream foundation

A primer serves as the base for your makeup, creating a smooth and even complexion when paired with foundation. It can blur pores, smooth fine lines, correct discoloration, and set makeup for a long-lasting, flawless look. To use primer effectively, apply a small amount after moisturizing.

3. Apply Cream Foundation

applying cream foundation

To apply a cream foundation, start by putting small dots on your cheeks, chin, and neck. You can use a kabuki brush or a wet beauty blender for blending. Dab or pat the product onto your skin and blend it thoroughly, adding layer after layer until you achieve your desired coverage.

Another way to apply a cream foundation is with a brush. For a sheer and glowing finish, apply the foundation with a makeup brush in a circular motion. Blend it onto your cheekbones, forehead, and face center.

4. Apply Loose Powder

Apply Loose Powder

To finish your makeup, apply a translucent loose-setting powder after cream foundation. Don’t skip this step, as the powder has a pigmented formula that sets your makeup and gives your face a dewy look.


Cream foundation is an excellent choice for traveling because it is less messy, and compact, and provides varying levels of coverage depending on the application technique. To achieve a luminous finish and flawless coverage, it’s always recommended to cleanse and moisturize your skin before applying a cream foundation.

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