How Does Way Of Speaking Helps To Change The Way People See You?

Way of Speaking

What immediately influences your opinion when you meet someone for the first time? More than your looks and how you dress, it is your way of speaking. Though what they see right away may be your outward appearance, their opinion is formed by your language, accent, and also tone that you use. So if you want to create a positive attitude in those who you will be meeting for the first time, it is better to make an effort to modulate your voice. Again, get to know the language that you will be communicating in, rather fluently and with a proper accent.  

Language Is A Powerful Tool

Language Is A Powerful Tool - Way of Speaking

Looks are something you are born with, and you can style and change them easily with the help of a personal stylist, or you can go to a salon for a makeover, but the language needs your effort. Your language and way of speaking are the most potent and valuable tools on your flank while trying to create a positive impression on others. The best part is that it is within your control to emphasize your speech and improve your language, making it a source of strength. However, the way you speak can be cultivated and made impressive. It ensures that the person will walk away with a good image of you. Observe yourself, and work accordingly. 

“Language is very powerful. Language does not just describe reality. Language creates the reality it describes.”

— Desmond Tutu 

Why Is Speaking Well So Important?

Why Is Speaking Well So Important?

Speaking enables us to express ourselves and communicate with others. What matters is how you speak. Can you talk in a way that can draw people’s attention to you? And if you do so, I must say you are a powerful speaker; if not, trust me, start working on your way of speaking. Speaking skills are truly reflected when you are in a group discussion. In a chaotic group talk where everyone is active in giving their opinion, sometimes it becomes so tough to speak your mind, and here in such a situation, many of us opt to stay quiet and listen to others. During such communication, excellent leadership skills draw all the crowd’s attention, and if you lack leadership qualities, it becomes tough to represent yourself in the way you want. So here, you can play your game with the way of speaking that can turn the table.

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1. Diction Is Influential

Way of Speaking

Being fluent in a language is not the ultimate in positively impacting an individual. One should also learn the correct enunciation of the words and not be a “Mrs. Malaprop” in society. Nothing is more embarrassing than using words with mixed-up pronunciation where the meaning could be quite different from the one you are trying to convey. Of course, this could sometimes be a slip of the tongue. However, there is nothing sinful in excusing the usage of the wrong words and filling in the right ones.  

The way you pronounce the words and the pitch of your voice also makes the person you are communicating with form an opinion in his mind of the kind of person you are. When we talk about the way of speaking or speaking skills, accent, diction, everything matters; many of you might disagree but trust me, where manner and etiquettes come, your opinion stands second. Still opinionated on articulation, then follow what George Ezra has said:

“I like to try and mix diction and experiences.”

2. Vocabulary – An Essential Communication Skill

Vocabulary - An Essential Communication Skill

When mixed with correct pronunciation, a good vocabulary can change the game. While brushing your speaking skills, ensure to work on your vocal dictionary. You can read books, watch movies, or just write a diary to improve your vocabulary. Engage yourself in all those things that contribute to enriching your vocabulary, as they are indeed essential communication skills.

3. Well-Modulated And Cultured Voice

Well-Modulated And Cultured Voice

A cultured and well-modulated voice is pleasing to the ear of the listener and will keep them interested in the flow of conversation instead of moving away from it. If the voice is too loud and jarring, it gives an impression of someone who is not from a cultured background. Again, it says that the individual cannot change his ways to that of good upbringing and polished habits. No matter what the roots of a person are, one can still change their outward behavior. Try to learn a few positive things by mixing with those who come from a more refined lifestyle. With such features, it is bound to create a negative impression in the eye of the observer.  

4. Speak Clear And Fluent

Speak Clear And Fluent - Way of Speaking

Speaking clearly and in a well-intonated voice, which the listener can understand and hear clearly, is extremely important. Be specific in your articulation; if you are unsure how to say a word, avoid using it until you master the correct inflexion. Avoiding its usage is better than saying it in the wrong manner and being an embarrassment to yourself and the listeners. Be confident when you are in a gathering because it encourages your way of speaking and lets you put yourself in a comfortable position to speak without flickering. 

5. Maintain An Encouraging Tone 

Maintain An Encouraging Tone

A significant giveaway as to how you are reacting and what your mood is like is the tone of your voice. Happy feelings show up directly in your voice tone. From that tone, the other person instantly knows what sort of a disposition you have, and they might misperceive you and how you feel about meeting with them. If your attitude is more conducive, you will definitely get a better response from the person you are meeting. However, if you are in a grumpy, disinterested mood, your tone will immediately convey your negative reaction to them, and they might also lose interest in further communicating with you. 

6. Avoid Giving Negative Messages

Avoid Giving Negative Messages

Positive feedback and an impressive way of speaking will get you more friends, acquaintances, and business links than negative and poor communication. If you want to point out something dismissive in someone about their way of carrying out things, try to be polite in your way of speaking.

Instead, I would say if they are not close enough to you, just ignore it, and if they are someone important and close to you, use a courteous tone. Let them know what would be a better way of doing things or how they could change their way of working to improve their business or their method of working. This will be taken in a much better manner by the listener. Try not to hurt the feelings of the people you are dealing with. If you are encouraging, they will reciprocate in the same supportive manner by having a positive point of view about you as well. 

7. A Happy Face

A Happy Face - Way of Speaking

Your facial expressions play a significant role in communication, similar to your tone. A happy smiling face can combat any conflict; this is not just an optimistic statement; it’s a reality. When you are with your friends or family, you can be yourself. You can talk to them as you want; in a nutshell, if you are sad, you can be real or natural to them. But you are someplace with many unfamiliar faces or a social gathering; you simply can’t show everyone your sad face or down tone. Here what matters the most is how much you are assertive in controlling your emotions so that others can’t even comprehend a bit of what’s happening around you. Remember, you must express your personality prominently with your speaking style or way of speaking.

One of the important life skills is speaking skill. How you express your emotions means a lot and creates the final impression about you, be it negative or positive, on others. So, the above-shared pointers are for those who want to stand out in the crowd and honestly believe in following the proper speaking technique, protocols, manners, etiquette, and whatever you want to say. Let me know your views and share more ways to improve the way of speaking. 

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