Where Do Most Affairs Happen? 7 Types Of Affairs And Their Causes

7 types of affairs

You often fall out of love after an argument with your spouse. That doesn’t mean that you are no longer going to love him. If your marriage has come to a point where you find happiness with people other than your spouse, it means you are cheating. Affairs can be physical, non-physical, emotional, or psychological. But these 7 types of affairs are the most common of all. You will learn the truth about these types of affairs once you finish this article. Here are some of them, along with the consequences and causes that pave the path for these affairs.

7 Types Of Affairs That Can Lead To Divorce

No matter if your affair is physical or non-physical, cheating is cheating. You cannot justify it. Be it an emotional connection with someone, or a fictional one, they all are different forms of infidelity because it depends on how you think. Here’s how these 7 types of affairs can destroy your relationship in moments.

1. Romantic Love Affair

romantic love affair

This affair is purely due to love. When one of you in a relationship falls out of love and starts having affection for someone else, it is indeed a red flag. When you act upon these romantic feelings and have an extramarital affair outside your marriage or relationship, it destroys your current relationship. You might have found your true love in that romantic affair, but you will have to hurt the person you are currently in a relationship with.

2. Non-Physical Emotional Affair

Non-Physical Emotional Affair - 7 types of affairs

Instead of having a physically intimate connection, people fall for other people emotionally. Even if they are not glued to each other all the time, all they think about is the person with whom they have developed an emotional connection. This is called emotional infidelity. When you share your feelings, thoughts, personal happenings, and marriage situations, you are involved in a passionate affair which leads your marital relationship to unhappiness and divorce.

3. The Revenge Affair

Revenge Affair

This type of affair arises when one spouse is already cheating on the other. It is one of the 7 types of affairs that can destroy your marital relationship like a forest fire. It is a situation where people think they have the right to hurt their partner because they cheated on them first. Just as if you hurt me, I shall hurt you or, in simple words, tit for tat. If they want to hurt them even more, they will be involved in an emotional and physical relationship with their friend or coworker.

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4. The Lustful Sexual Affair

Lustful Sexual Affair - 7 types of affairs

This affair is all about physical pleasure. This is one of the 7 types of affairs that starts purely out of desire and intense emotions like rage, infatuation, and lust. It is different from a romantic affair in the sense that people do not get attached emotionally to this affair. You can call it quite similar to friends with benefits. But an affair is an infidelity, and when you are in a relationship, going for another partner for your needs is never justified, whatever your reason is.

5. The One-Nighter Affair

One-Nighter Affair

A one-nighter affair or one-night stand is different from sexual affairs. In this type of affair, people are attracted to each other sexually, and they have an affair thinking they will never meet again. So, it is a one-time thing. It usually happens when people are on a business trip out of a city or town, hoping never to meet each other again. The reason behind this type of cheating can be sexual dissatisfaction with your current partner or spouse.

6. The Digital Or Cyber Affair

Digital Or Cyber Affair - 7 types of affairs

Most people find other means for their entertainment when they feel out of love or bored. In the pursuit of their happiness, when they are in an unhappy marriage, they talk to people online. They get emotionally attached to them and think about how great it would be if they were in a relationship with that person. Although you are not involved physically, you are guilty of being in an affair behind your partner’s back.

7. The Purely Fictional Affair

Purely Fictional Affair

Just as people have celebrity crushes, some people imagine themselves getting into a relationship with their crush. It is an entirely non-physical affair, and people in these affairs get attracted to people who are not within their reach. It could be a movie star, a celebrity crush, or a public figure. Or you imagine a person who is exactly like your ideal type and get attracted to them or excited.

5 Possible Causes Leading To These 7 Types Of Affairs

The possible types of affairs can all be due to some similar reasons. Out of all the reasons, one is most common: feeling out of love or looking for love and emotional connection. All the other reasons ultimately conclude this one point. Here are five reasons why infidelity occurs.

1. Longing For An Emotional Connection

Longing For An Emotional Connection - 7 types of affairs

Everyone longs for a loving relationship that gives them the security, respect, and bonding they desire. People who lack empathy and respect in their marital relationship often fall in love emotionally with someone else. When their marriage is empty, and they can’t find the happy moments in their marriage, they seek them somewhere else.

2. Getting Revenge On Their Partner

Getting Revenge On Their Partner

Often when wives find their husbands cheating on them, they cannot control their rage. In that moment of anger, they also decide to cheat on him. The easiest way for them is to start an affair behind his back, just as he is doing. This is another reason for these 7 types of affairs.

3. Lack Of Love Leading To Infidelity

Lack Of Love Leading To Infidelity - 7 types of affairs

The primary and most common reason that leads to these 7 types of affairs is the lack of love. When people feel out of love, they do not want to see the other person, or they want to find an escape route. If they see someone else fulfilling their desires around love, they are going to get into an affair.

4. Searching For A Thrill In Romance

Searching For A Thrill In Romance

Some people are just bored, and for them, their relationship comes to an end. The excitement, the thrill, and that spark have been lost somewhere. Some people cannot reside in that unromantic and still life all the time. So, they find other ways to fill that gap in their relationship.

5. Wanting More Attention

Wanting More Attention - 7 types of affairs

Some women need reassurance from people that they are pretty and loveable. Or they want some attention! That’s why they go around seeking attention from men other than their partners. The reason is that he is not paying enough attention to his wife or girlfriend, which leads to divorce or breakups.

So, Can People Find Love In These Affairs?

Cheating and infidelity are purely selfish and narcissistic behavior. People find reasons for themselves to cheat and feel like they are the victims. That is why they don’t think they are doing anything wrong. These 7 types of affairs conclude all the other forms of infidelity in them. If you think you can find true love in affairs, that’s one thing you are delusional about in your life. The bottom line is that if people believe they have a right to hurt their partners, they emotionally damage people.

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