How To Discover Your Child’s Talent || 10 Tips To Discover, Nurture And Encourage Your Children!

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All children are born with natural abilities and talents. Some are born singers or dancers; some are naturally more athletic, more skilled in math, or more artistically inclined than others. What we don’t often consider is the fact that talent is built, not born. Besides, when it comes to our children, we continue to explore their natural abilities and encourage them to espouse those skills, whether they want to or not. Consequences could be challenging; chances could be that it can backfire and discourage our little ones from finding their true passion, so finding your child’s talent is the first job.

Discover And Nurture Your Child’s Talent

If you are trying to learn how to discover and nurture your child’s talent, the secret lies in giving free will to your children. Give your kids their space allow them to find their interests and look for those activities that excite them like no other. In this way, kids learn the determination and perseverance they need to become exactly what they want to be. So let’s dig a little deeper at ten practical ways to unleash your child’s talents. 

Ways To Unleash Your Child’s Talent

Parents play a crucial role in shaping and polishing their child’s talents, skills, or abilities. And for that, children’s talents must be noticed and nurtured carefully. As parents, you need to help them promote their abilities starting at a very early age. Let’s read some essential points that parents should follow to discover talents in their children.

1. Observe Your Children Minutely

Observe Your Children Minutely - discover-your-childs-talent

Observe your children minutely and try to find out what your little ones like to do, such as drawing, painting, reading storybooks, and then help them to develop those skills. Start it at an early age. Let your children participate in various learning activities and programs conducted in the neighborhood. You can even enroll them in different preschool programs of their interests. Do not force them to join or learn anything that they don’t like at all. Let them be creative on their own but watch them what they are doing. 

2. Act Once You Are 100% Sure

Act Once You Are 100% Sure

When you find your child’s favorite hobby, don’t rush; take baby steps and act accordingly. For example, suppose your child loves reading; go slow, first gift her various storybooks or books on creativity on different occasions. This way she will enjoy reading books as a hobby and alongside she will gain knowledge. Further, when you are 100 percent sure that this is what she likes the most, you can visit a nearby library along with your child and, if required, take a membership. This will help children find various books and DVDs of interest, and they will start to excel.

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3. Internet Can Be Helpful

Internet Can Be Helpful - discover-your-childs-talent

If your child loves to browse educational sites, play computer games, or watch YouTube most of the time. Don’t panic that your child is addicted to YouTube, or inclined towards computer games. Instead, grab this as an opportunity, trust me the internet can help too— it can play a vital role in developing your child’s talent. Make them understand the pros and cons of the internet, talk to them, and assure them that under your guidance, children can find the best information on the topics of their interests. Watch them as you don’t want your children to browse sites that you don’t feel appropriate for them. As internet safety is important, it is better to keep the computer in the common area. You can also apply parental control but do keep a tab on their screen time. Trust your child but never be over-confident that your child can never browse anything inappropriate. 

4. Talk With Your Kids

Talk With Your Kids

A conversation is necessary between your children and you. You can also initiate a conversation by sharing what you have been thinking rather than asking them. Focus on your child’s thoughts. Ask your kids what they want to be, and what their dreams are. If they desire to become a doctor, encourage them to pursue study and practice in that area. Give your child a separate space for studies and other creativity. Let them know the importance of academic success in life. 

5. Some Kids Are Good At Games/Sports

Some Kids Are Good At Games/Sports

If your kids are fond of games, make sure to play with them routinely. It makes them feel special. Play may include indoor and outdoor or can be pretty simple, such as throwing a ball, playing soccer, making mud pies, or even walking in the nearby park. Also, let them play with the puzzles and blocks. This will help to unleash their interest area, and further, you can take the lead to enroll them in training if they wish to.

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6. Let Them Open Up To You

Let kids Open Up To You - discover-your-childs-talent

Encourage your children to ask questions. Sometimes parents feel irritated by their questions. But remember, our answers will encourage them to keep asking questions, which will ultimately help them keep learning. As far as possible, keep your answers short but explanatory and appropriate for each age group. When your children are friendly with you, it becomes quite easy to understand them.

7. Never Compare Your Child

never compare your child

Make sure not to compare your child with another child either for the positive or for negative traits. It is not a healthy attitude, and we must not compare our children or other children to them. Instead of competing with the other kids, try to find out what your child is passionate about. Once your child picks her favorite activity, don’t rush or pressure her to learn the skill immediately and push her to become the best in her circle. Support your child, but remember that comparing or ramming her hard can be discouraging. 

8. Don’t Be A Pushy Parent

pushy parent - discover-your-childs-talent

Some parents get so excited that they want their kids to grab everything in an instant and become the leader everywhere. And for this, they make mistakes like signing kids up for a host of diverse activities, from playing the piano to traveling to soccer league in the hope that something might ‘click’. You might have read on many parenting blogs or online magazines that sometimes kids have too many activities on their plate that they end up feeling pressured into managing a hush-rush schedule jammed with meets, competitions, recitals, and a lot more. Being a pushy parent can affect your child’s grades in school, or even worse, their health.

9. Support Your Child But In Limit

support your child

Parent’s support is crucial; give your child as much love and support as you can in building their talents. However, giving consent or permission does not mean that you accept everything and let them do whatever they want. After choosing an activity, your child may get frustrated and want to quit because she cannot learn the skill quickly. As a parent, you have to talk to and convince them that learning doesn’t happen overnight. It needs quite a good number of lesson hours and practice over the years to excel in certain activities. Supporting your child means that you care for them and understand them. 

10. Failure Is Okay!

failure is ok - discover-your-childs-talent

Never feel discouraged by their failures or force your child to learn the ‘N’ numbers of skills. Instead, try to reinforce and teach your child about long-term goals and rewards. Tell them, that we all make mistakes and learn from our mistakes and as humans, it is completely okay. Failure is vital for growth, and once your child grabs and comprehends this essential life lesson, s/he will realize that mistakes are an opportunity for taking strides ahead. In turn, your child will develop flexibility, toughness, and confidence while doing anything in life

Parents are responsible for nurturing their kids’ talents and learning by creating various opportunities to explore different activities. When your children participate in multiple activity programs, keep track of their behavior. Ask them about their thoughts and feelings about the activity program they have participated in or experienced, and this will help you explore and discover your child’s talent.

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