Are You A Foodie? Food Lovers Prefer To Count Memories, Not Calories!

Food Lovers

We often come across a lot of people who legitimately love food and are always ready to head to a restaurant or want to go to that side street that serves them their favorite fast food. But who is a foodie or probably who are these food lovers? Anyone who has an immense love for food and probably can eat anytime anywhere is a foodie or we can say a food lover. But still, there are people around us who don’t eat much, and hence my heart forces me to ask you, are you a real foodie or probably how foodie are you? I believe everyone loves homemade food; maybe we might rant about it initially, but when we move out of our houses, we realize the importance of homemade food and how delicious it is. 

Who Are Food Lovers? Are You A Foodie?

I strongly believe most food lovers are food lovers by birth and eventually develop or taste through the course of their journey when they explore and experience new food and taste. Food lovers are incredibly excited about what they eat and what they will be eating next, and hence I have also observed foodie people, or rather food lovers, are the jolliest humans on earth. And the fact remains the same that food lovers are the best people to hang out with since you will never end up getting bored with them at any stage of your life.

And on that account, I quote,

“Food is a symbol of love when words are inadequate to express.”

Below mentioned are 10 signs which will prove that you are a true foodie.

1. You Plan

meal plan - Food Lovers

If you are a food lover by heart you will relate to the fact that you plan your day in such a way that it fits around when you want to eat, since eating changes mood it transforms everything around us and hence a perfect meal can always help you adapt, explore and analyze things well before executing your final shot.

2. Food Breaks You

food breaks you

You can notice this frequently, that if you are a food lover, you spend all your money and all your savings on food. Others of your age might go to clubs, cafes, restaurants for shopping, and even on dates, but since your first and the only true love is food, you payout each penny on your genuine fondness.

3. Always on Your Mind

always on your mind - Food Lovers

Even though you plan your food, your priority is set for the day since your inclination and adoration is towards food; you always end up thinking only about food, even if you are meeting someone you are busy planning everything that you will be ordering once you meet them.

4. No Sharing 

no sharing

The fundamental principles of a food lover truly match with the character Joey from the all time famous sitcom FRIENDS. You don’t believe in sharing food and literally hate it when someone asks to taste your food or tries to touch it.

5. Dieting???

dieting - Food Lovers

You don’t understand the concept of dieting and strongly support you only live once, and therefore why should anyone restrict themselves to a diet that forces them not to eat food they love. Food lovers are made in a way that they do not discriminate between any food item and eat everything they love.

6. Hunger 24/7


Even if you plan to make a schedule of what to eat and when to eat, you end up eating all day since you don’t get the satisfaction that your stomach is full. Food lovers believe that you should grab each and every opportunity when you can eat and feel blessed about the taste and texture of the food.

7. Guide Updates  

guide updates - Food Lovers

Everyone loves to hang out with you since food lovers know the best restaurants, and you know almost every food hub with the best dish a particular restaurant has. You also distinguish restaurants by their famous dishes; for example, if any of your friends want to eat momos, you guide them to the best restaurant that serves the best delicious momos.

8. Social Profile Converses

social profile

If you are a real foodie, then your Instagram feed, Instagram highlights, Facebook story, and WhatsApp status speak out loud with pictures of restaurants, cafes, and an album of photos you end up clicking when the food actually arrives.

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9. Date A Foodie

date a foodie - Food Lovers

Everyone enjoys the company of a food lover. Dating a food lover is always lucky since food lovers are not boring; they are extraordinarily fun-loving and the best humans you can ever find on earth. Still, their partners have an added advantage since they will have a personal cook, a personal advisor and especially someone who will make them taste new food and impressive cuisines.

10. Often Love Cooking

love cooking

Time and again, it has been seen that people who love food are often people who also love cooking since you are very particular about the taste and texture of what you want to eat. And also, food lovers are very passionate about cooking and inviting their friends and family for dinner or lunch.

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Outcome: Food Is LIFE

For food lovers’ food is the only thing that brings a smile to their face; after a very tiring day, food is the only thing that releases their stress. Anyone who is a foodie gets excited about food and enjoys eating every bite, and seeing them can make anyone hungry.

Food lovers are probably the only humans who not only enjoy cooking food, and eating food but also know a lot of facts when it comes to small details about food. Food is probably the first thing they take an interest in and become the same happiest kid they were in middle school. What makes food lovers unique is their experimentation ability as they do not rely on any recipes when they are cooking. Still, they love to experiment with every item that is in their kitchen, cooking or rather eating food is therapeutic for them. And also, what makes their kitchen even more remarkable is the variety and diversity of food you can find in their kitchen, ranging from basic spices to different sauces. They have precisely bought everything depending upon their preferences.

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