Do You Lack Self-Confidence – 20 Signs Someone Is Insecure!

Signs Someone Is Insecure!

Wondering what are the signs of insecurity? Insecurity is defined as a feeling of inadequacy, lack of self-confidence, and an inability to cope, accompanied by general uncertainty and anxiety about one’s goals, abilities, or relationships with others. Almost every one of us is acutely aware of our insecurities, but no one wants to talk about them. And this is because we don’t like to confront our insecurities. On top of that, if people see signs someone is insecure, they only remind them in a bad way and make them feel more insecure. Sometimes our insecurities and shortcomings take the best of us, and we feel down trying to compare ourselves with others. This article discusses 20 signs someone is insecure and how to fix low self-esteem.

20 Signs Someone Is Insecure And Lacks Confidence

When a person feels low, it is the worst feeling they experience. Believe it or not, it is mostly in your mind that makes you seem more or less insecure in other people’s eyes. Here are 20 signs someone is insecure. These signs may be subtle, but you are your best judge to know if these signs are there. Here you go.

1. Never Come Out Of Your Shell

stay within your shell

If you are never comfortable in your skin, chances are you will never approach bigger opportunities. You might be occupied with the thoughts that people around you always judge you. Gradually you will begin to dislike people around you and find it quite difficult to leave your comfort zone.

2. Always Start Apologizing

Always Start Apologizing - Signs Someone Is Insecure!

When you are at fault, apologizing is always a good gesture. But if someone apologizes for things that are not their fault, it reflects the signs that someone is insecure. If that someone is you, start grooming yourself because the way you speak or say sorry makes you look timid and not confident enough.

3. Feel Undesirable

Feel Undesirable

Our lives seek what our mind desires and processes all day. When you think or feel undesirable, you do not seek any positivity. This feeling makes you less confident in yourself and makes you overthink your existence. You might think your life has no importance in other people’s lives. Well, that’s unfair, so come out of your negative thoughts and begin to practice self-love.

4. Criticize And Compare Yourself

Criticize And Compare Yourself - Signs Someone Is Insecure!

Judging yourself in a positive criticism is always good as there is always room for improvement in us. But if you are negatively or unnecessarily criticizing yourself constantly, it doesn’t do you any good. You will never be able to feel beautiful if you compare negatively.

5. Uncomfortable Around Anyone

uncomfortable around people

Being an introvert is one thing, but running away from people is another. Introverts are only comfortable around a few people. But if you are uncomfortable around everyone and lack the confidence to start any conversation with them or simply saying ‘Hello’ seems awkward to you, it clearly indicates that you are insecure.

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6. Constantly Want Reassurance

Constantly Want Reassurance - Signs Someone Is Insecure!

Confident people don’t need reassurances quite often. Reassurance in a relationship is another thing, but if you want your every decision to be reassured and validated by others, you are at a loss. This is because these things make up the signs someone is insecure.

7. Always Try To Overturn Your Flaws

Always Try To Overturn Your Flaws

People know when they are at fault, but insecure people don’t submit. If you are a person who will go to any length to prove yourself right and not accept flaws, you are unsure about something. Most insecure people will have the inability to accept their faults.

8. Can’t Make Eye Contact

Can't Make Eye Contact - Signs Someone Is Insecure!

It indicates low self-esteem and self-confidence if you can’t talk to people while making eye contact occasionally. This makes you seem insecure in front of people while holding a conversation. Improve this poor habit if you want to be seen as confident.

9. Slouch And Tense Up Easily

Slouch And Tense Up Easily

Failing to control your emotions and getting tensed, easily visible to everyone, are signs of insecurity. If you see an insecure person, they will shrink down in a social gathering. Under stress, insecure people tend to freeze and want to escape as they get the chance. Some insecure people keep their feet and legs closer together to loosen up.

10. Highly Indecisive

Highly Indecisive - Signs Someone Is Insecure!

Just as you need reassurance in every part of your life, you want others to make decisions in your place. You wonder if you can make the right decision. But you also don’t want to show it to others. You are insecure if you are always conscious about your decision-making ability.

11. Rude To People

rude with other people

People can be friendly or salty at times. But if you try to prove yourself right without any reason by being rude to others, it means you are not so sure of yourself. People who raise their voices at illogical things are the people with the most insecurities.

12. Make Yourself Seem Busy

Make Yourself Seem Busy - Signs Someone Is Insecure!

You don’t want to interact with people because you are insecure about what others say about you. Thus you avoid gatherings so that people shouldn’t observe you, whether you are confident or insecure or just pretending to be busy and occupied with work or personal business.

13. Talk All About Yourself

Talk All About Yourself

You act a bit snobbish, and your conversations are all about yourself. Sometimes, insecure personalities come out differently, and such people appear as narcissists. This side of them confuses people as they try to appear cool in front of them.

14. Assume Negativity From People

Assume Negativity From People

Expecting negativity from others is also one of the signs someone is insecure. You assume that if someone disagrees with you, they are attacking you personally. You assume that those people are finding faults in you when you have done nothing wrong, even if you did.

15. Escape From Attention

Escape From Attention

You escape from places where more people can see you because you think they will criticize your appearance or find flaws. This is another one of the signs someone is insecure and finds shelter in their imaginative world.

16. Make People Insecure

Make People Insecure - Signs Someone Is Insecure!

Insecure people can’t accept others’ judgments about themselves. So, they try to turn the tables and want to make people feel insecure. If you try to hide your shortcomings by making people feel low about themselves so they can’t do the same to you, clear-cut shows that you’re insecure.

17. Want To Please People

want to please others

If you always want to let people have their way and be happy, you probably put yourself last. This also shows that you have low self-esteem. Being kind and empathetic is one thing, and not standing up for yourself is another. If you are like that, you may have some insecurities to deal with.

18. Use Things To Shield Your Body

Use Things To Shield Your Body - Signs Someone Is Insecure!

Have you ever clutched a pillow in front of you while sitting or held books in front? You might have done it yourself discreetly or saw some people do it. This is a form of defensive shield for your insecurities. You tend to close off all the windows to your soul.

19. Defensive Side Comes In A Lot

Defensive Side Comes In A Lot

Just as you put up a shield to hide your insecurities, you might tend to become defensive to conceal your personality. You can’t stand losing because you don’t want your beliefs to shatter. People do that to avoid feeling like a failure.

20. Clingy And Talkative

Clingy And Talkative - Signs Someone Is Insecure!

As insecure people seek constant reassurance, they tend to become clingy to a few. You might feel it in your core sometimes. You can’t stop talking about yourself. You may also get jealous of people’s positive connections because you don’t have them.

Final Words

Well, there sure are some people more confident and blessed than others. It doesn’t mean you have to feel any less. Everyone can improve a little more. The above list of signs someone is insecure guides you to see if you align with any of these signs. If you feel insecure, you may not see your worth. You feel as if neither people will like you nor can you get to greater success. If you believe nothing good is coming your way, you should change your perspectives soon.

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