10 Upbringing Tips To Raise Grateful Children In The Modern World

Raise Grateful Children

Materialism is the curse that has smudged the morals. The wave of selfishness that materialism brings can perish the genteel persona of children. However, the idea to raise grateful children to purge their soul and survive with humane qualities in this era.

Gratitude is a soul healing agent that incorporates sentiments and joy in the body, that is wrecked by the blisters of materialism

However, no book or school can teach children the value of gratitude. A child learns to be grateful at home as the lap of the mother is the first school.

Tips To Master The Art Of Raising Grateful Children

Following are some upbringing tips to raise children grateful.

1. The Act Of Thanks Forgiving

act of thanks giving

Thanksgiving is the alpha stone of ‘ how to raise grateful children perspective’. Until or unless, children have not become thankful for what they have,  cannot become grateful towards life. Certainly, telling them the importance of thanksgiving day is a great initiative.

25 November is the day to raise a toast for the counted blessings. Inculcating the value of thanksgiving in a materialistic life would be the final step. In fact, not to mourn upon what is not given is also a way of showing gratitude towards the sovereignty of the Lord and humans. Also, make kids learn thanksgiving quotes.

2. Discussion About Boons And Blessings


Wishing to raise children gratefully? It is important to let them know how cherishing fate is for them. In the materialistic world where people do not step back from pouncing on every bit of others, having something is a great boon. Also, one has to pay for the luxuries. If they have received something without effort, it is worth admiring.

So, if life is better than others a bit, it is a real blessing. Even the ability to use 5 senses is a bounty. Being humans, it is an obligation to put forward gratitude for everything. Arrange optimum sessions to recount boons with your children.

3. Talk About The Misfortunes

about misfortunes - Raise Grateful Children

Always keeping your children in the mirror of reality would help you raise grateful children in this materialistic world.

In the array of confusion and mysteries, Children resume their adolescence.  Their psyche is like a fragile plant that is watered with what they see; what they listen to. It is better to show them the tactic to digest social issues. Gratitude is an acting force that can fight back personality clash and calamities. So, making a light comparison of misfortunes would help them get the worth of fortunes and gratitude.

4. Relations With The Poor

relation with poor

The impoverished class represents the misfortunes of life. It teaches how one adjusts to miseries. Accompanying the misfortunes, this class makes a full effort to rejoice and excel. Instead of sowing a seed of hatred towards them, making your children understand their fateful time would make them more generous and grateful towards life.

It not only eradicates arrogance but also nurtures your child’s personality. Gratitude arrives when humanity lives in your child’s soul. Likewise, routine visits to an orphanage would let them realize that they are lucky enough to have parents.

5. Seek Happiness In Small Things

enjoy little things - Raise Grateful Children

The ultimate route to raising grateful children is to seek happiness in people not in stuff.

These days, people find happiness in things. However, happiness is not a slave of coins; contentment brings in when the heart blooms. Falling in love with nature and nature’s creations is the key element to seeking happiness in small things. Travelling, DIYs, and spending time with loved ones are priceless alternatives to make children grate full of life.

6. Make Yourself Grateful

ypurself grateful

Telling them about modesty would not help until parents themselves turn their self modest. Likewise, children have a natural scope toward reasoning and questioning. They question why there is a difference between the sayings and doings of society?

Taking advantage, of materialistic functioning can affect these future brains in an adverse manner. So, parents should start providing them their examples of being grateful. They should behave nicely towards the lower class, with regular thankful gestures towards others. Most importantly, how they value their actions and possessions when no one is watching. As a matter of fact, children mimic the ways of their parents.

7. Let Them Meet Their Grandparents

meeting with grandparents

The biggest menace of this materialism is, it tears the bond of siblings and overthrows the perks of being in a family. Grandparents are the most senior members of the family.  They are the building blocks of any family structure. However, they are on the verge of frailty where they need utmost care and time. Asking your children to spend time with them is a nice way of raising grateful children.  The miniature actions would soak love in them; hence their interests would shift from luxuries to family and affection. Indeed, love is a powerful potion that would raise your children grateful.

8. Bedtime Habits

bedtime habits -Raise Grateful Children

Parents cannot raise their children as grateful beings if they do not embed compassion in the blood of their children. This is possible by forming strong habits. One of them is the bedtime 3-minute thanks giving habit. Urging your children to be grateful for the bounties of the past day, would keep them close to this trait. Also, let them ponder about how their gratitude digs in their relations with others. Apart from this, exclude negatively overwhelming media reposts.

9. Reinforce On Every Smallest Gesture

small gesture

Telling your children about being grateful would not be enough for the strategy on how to raise grateful children in this materialistic world. As theory is incomplete without practice; gestures are of no use without reinforcement. So, follow the tradition of materialism to raise a grateful child.

Appreciate their small gestures. Whenever they cherish others, throw a smile at them. A small gesture of appraisal would boost their efforts. Even making their favorite snack or buying them their favorite toy would keep the marigold swaying. Remember, gifting is always better than bashing in the terms of Positive parenting.

Also, ask them to make a wish whenever they portray to be more grateful than before. This would let them believe that miracles happen when one is grateful for things.

10. Tell Them Multiple Ways To Be Grateful

multiple ways of grateful - Raise Grateful Children

Expressing gratefulness through tongues would be enough for adults but not for kids. It is better to create fun ways where children find the habit of thanksgiving exciting. There are several other gestures through which a child can represent his gratitude. Blend his creativity to strengthen this habit. If your kid is good at pencils and paints, upskill him to make an easy go lucky poster to show how grateful he is. If he is good at music and lyrics, teach him thanksgiving songs. Moreover, these activities would not only enhance grateful children but also fuse in them the element of creativity, surprises, and fun flux.

In The Last

It is often hard to keep children modest and generous in this hour of materialism. Seeing the episodes of blood turning white, can turn their natural liveliness into evil. A child’s brain takes up what it finds easy and overwhelming. Home is the only place where a child remains protected from the outside charms of materialism. Only, the family especially the parents can turn to raise them grateful just like a pottery maker creates the perfect potpourri from the lump of clay and water.

Do not go slow while raising your kids grateful. It would consume time but at least, you would be able to provide a productive human to society.

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