Parenting Tips on How to Deal with Teenage Daughters

teenage daughters

Parenting a teenage daughters is like:

“A crash course on conflict, communication and connection with your teenage daughter.”

– Lucie Hemmen

Parenting could be really hectic and most of the time nerve-racking, even for the parents who have the patience of a saint. Teen girls are high-spirited, enthusiastic, strong, yet emotional. They have their own opinions and values of life, which makes your teenage daughters challenging to deal with.

Some Tips to Deal with Your Teenage Daughters and Get Along Well

If not all, most of the teenage girls aren’t really that much of a challenge. But you have to put some extra effort into looking for ways to stay in close connection with your daughters. Below listed are a few tips and suggestions to help you with this.

1. Be Understanding – Tolerate Their Enraged Emotional Behavior

Emotional Behavior - teenage daughters

There might be a lot of slammed doors, throwing tantrums, celebrated triumphs, depressions, resistance and other out-bursting emotions. But it would help if you were considerate about their emotions and feelings, as a teen is an ocean of raging hormones. They urge to be understood. Your young girls are growing up and going through adolescence. Both their minds and bodies are experiencing a roller coaster of changes, which also triggers extreme responses to some scenarios. One study showed that we cope better with other’s negative emotions by empowering our compassion. So, be understanding and compassionate in dealing with teen girls.

2. Put Up with Their Self -absorption and Self-Consciousness

The physical and mental development through adolescence triggers body-image and self-esteem issues. According to a survey by Common Sense Media, among the girls who are active on social media, 35 per cent of them worry about being tagged in unattractive photos. 27 per cent being stressed out about their outlook and 22 per cent feel bad when no one comments or likes the photos they post. Moreover, teens are egomaniacs. They usually care about their problems and their desires, and you cannot expect them to be considerate to think how hard your day has been. Remind yourself that these behaviors are inevitable and just temporary. Try to talk compassionately with them.

This brings us to the most important key in every relationship.

3. Develop Positive Communication – Try to Stand in Their Shoes

positive communication - teenage daughters

“Teenagers these days are out of control.”

– Aristotle

At times, you might as well think what Aristotle said is true, but you must know that you are the only people who can turn things around through the right type of communication with these adolescent young women. Constructive and healthy discussion requires people to overlook their differences, be it age, knowledge, wealth or rank. Try to visualize or put yourself in her shoes to understand what your daughter thinks and imagine yourself at her age. You’ll be able to communicate very effectively then. Be the role model for your girls, because;

Your children will become who you are; so be who you want them to be.

4. Be the Grown-Up – Set Some Rules and Punishments

set rules and regulations

Of course, it isn’t very wise to just be kind and compassionate. Teens need parents to be their moral guide and be in charge. You must set your rules and be authoritative. Sometimes you need to be strict but don’t be too harsh, as; negotiation and conversation are always better than scare tactics, hysteria and ultimatums

5. Don’t Overindulge

Don't Overindulge - teenage daughters

As parents of a teen girl, you might be worrying over her decisions and the social circle she has. My advice is, you should avoid such overindulgence. Facing the consequences and challenges is a part of becoming a resilient and strong adult. Let her take risks and be responsible for her own decisions.

So, in my opinion, parents should always look out for their teenage daughters but also develop a strong connection. It’s always better to cope with what comes to you instead of overthinking or being pressurized. Cherish the time you have so that whenever you look back and think, “I spent some beautiful moments and healthy time with my kids.” This feeling will give you immense pleasure.

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