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Oh My God!!!! This is soooo true!! I mean why can't the writers break the glass ceiling and let Han ji-pyeong and Dal-mi be in a relationship! If they don't have the guts to drift away from the mainstream, at least they can give us, the viewers some mature and solid enough reasons as to why Dal-mi is inclined towards Nam do San. ( and I demand a mature enough reason because size of the palm can't determine one's love!?!?!?!)
P.S.- The article is amazing!! It is so on-point. Like I and many other k-drama fans feel the same and can relate to the writer. 👏👏👏👏👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻To the writer, keep up this amazing work and Han ji-pyeong Joppa, 파이팅 (fighting)!!!

Thanks, Kanishka for your detailed review, we love to get views from our readers 🙂

Thank you so much, Kanishka 🙂 Your feedback really meant a lot.

How come I missed this drama on its run time, after reading this article, I am forced to watch it…Some points Shilpa which you have mentioned are so intriguing that I am forced to watch it. By the way, I came to your site while I was searching some of most watch Korean drama, and landed up here.

Wow, it's nice you are inspired and loved my post, I am a huge fan of k-drama, I am sure you are going to like this one!

So true. I can't get over Han ji peyong after watching this series. The pain is still there in my heart, the pain that he went through and the injustice made to his character at the end. I love him so much.
He is the reason I watched the series. Everytime he appeared it brought life to the scenes.
I desperately wanted to see him and Dalmi together.


Thanks, Anubha for your feedback! Although it's been quite a month it ended still the end of the Start-up gives heartache.

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