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The first four dramas without a doubt are some of the finest K-dramas! I haven’t seen the last one, definitely will see this as I have a huge crush on Yoo Seung-ho after watching I'm Not a Robot! You have summarized well, especially in the first and last drama, your insights are detailed and helpful. Keep filling us with more k-dramas and must watch I'm Not a Robot, you are going to love it.

Thanks, Tara for your review and time, Remember is a crime drama but very captivating, you must try even if it isn't your fav niche. I have started watching I'm not a robot and it's interesting. It's good to see Chae Soo-bin, she is as innocent as she was in Where Star Lands. 🙂

Nicely written admin, usually people dont write in detail, reading the synopsis, all the 5 dramas seems to be an excellent watch. I'm not a drama fan, although, I have watched a couple of Korean movies, seems lockdown is the time to watch some new thingy 🙂 keep telling us more!

Thanks, Jenna, if your first fav. genre is a romance, you are going to love the first 4 dramas, the last one is totally different yet too good.
Personally, I feel like no one can beat the emotions they show in k-dramas. 🙂

Awesome choices, out of 5 I haven't seen Crash Landing on You and Remember, will watch. The way you EXPLAIN the reasons, they really drag the curiosity out in me. Keep writing about Korean Dramas.

Very smoothly explained all the 5 dramas, just a suggestion keep updating this article with more add on, the way you described all the dramas, I am really intrigued now to watch Remember… I'm a biigggggg fan of Park Min-Young, how come I missed this one!

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