5 Promising Reasons Why Self-Gifting is Important?

self gifting

We all get busy fetching gifts for others whenever there is a holiday season. However, how many times have we bought any gifts for ourselves? Self-love and self-care are a must for all of us, and that’s why sometimes giving yourself some gifts is necessary. Many studies suggest that self-gifting is a new trend that is constantly rising. The National Retail Federation also mentioned that the budget for self-gifting is also going up. Though ‘me time’ sounds luxurious to some people, the truth is it’s pretty significant to invest in yourself. One of the best ways to make ourselves happy is through self-gifting. 

What is Self Gifting?

Shopping for yourself - self gifting

Self-gifting often collides with shopping for yourself, especially when you literally live for shopping. When you buy something for yourself due to some valid reasons like holidays, some achievements, or your birthday, it is indeed an act of self-gifting.

Self-gifting has substantial reasons; it can help you feel better and self-confident, as it can be a way of rewarding yourself for the hard work. If you have had a tough time or good times or were so busy in life to compliment your achievements or celebrate your birthday, instead you worked so hard you haven’t had a chance to pamper yourself, then you have the right to treat yourself.

Self-Gifting vs Shopaholic

The act of self-gifting may allow others to tag us as rebels or shopaholics, but it is not when you buy something for yourself at that time of the year when we are constantly thinking of gift ideas for others. One must not drive the exercise of spending due to impulse or sudden need for some retail therapy or a sudden urge to spend money on something exquisite. Or to lose self-control while overlooking some tempting product displays that ignite a strong desire to get that thing at that very moment. If this happens, it clearly indicates that you are a shopaholic and not self-gifting yourself.  

What Does Research Indicate?

Initial research has found that we buy to celebrate, we purchase when we are sad, we shop when we are happy, we buy to improve our moods, maintain our mood, and motivate ourselves.

  • Research revealed that self-gifting plays an integral part in motivating ourselves and improving our mood too.
  • Self-gifting is a kind of a reward, as a way of patting our own back and saying ‘well done me’.
  • Purchasing something for yourself can distract you from any kind of unexpected outcome or result. 
  • When you had a long, difficult week, on the last day, on your way back, stop at your favorite shop and buy something for yourself or self-indulge in something relaxing or soothing. It will provide you with immense relief from the stressful week.
  • If you are planning to get in shape during the summer, just gift yourself some gym clothes or some exercise equipment. It will surely motivate you.
  • No matter what the occasion is, it could be Christmas or thanksgiving or even your birthday, always remember to buy something for yourself.

5 Convincing Reasons for Self-Gifting

Unfulfilled desires usually turn people grumpy, disrupting other good things in life as well. Everyone doesn’t need to be a shopaholic, some people wait long enough to buy something, and suddenly if they find it on sale, it feels like a victory, and they instantly purchase it. When something is affordable, and you genuinely want to buy it, why not? Getting something for your own requirement is a practical thing we need to do for your interest. Though some people use self-gifting to justify their shopping spree, and that is unfair. However, you can draw a clear demarcation when you know your friends, spouse, or partner closely. Anyways let’s look at some points to understand self-gifting more practically.

1. Self-Gifting is Healthy

Self-Gifting is Healthy

It is a common tendency to compare yourself with others, but sometimes this comparison gets so severe that it snatches your self-confidence, leaving you to self-hatred. My question is why to compare with others, and everyone has strong and weak points, so accept yourself as you are. Make yourself your own idol and work on your positive and negative traits; although there are many ways to tackle it, here self-gifting emerges as a distinctive way of self-acceptance. This is one of the ways to tell the world that you deserve happiness and pleasure, and you can do it on your own, and it doesn’t matter what others think.

2. Holiday Gift That Suits Your Taste

holiday gift - Self-Gifting

Even though your family and friends try hard to make you happy by giving you the best holiday ever, however, sometimes they fall a little short. This is because they don’t have a specific choice. Self-gifting allows you to get what you want or what you need as you are the person who knows yourself best. 

3. People Don’t Know What you Want

People do no know what you want

No matter how close your family or even friends are, they undoubtedly don’t have the power to give you what you really want. There are many things that we don’t usually talk about in front of others, so it’s hard for them to know about our actual longings. For example, if your friends find you quite self-conscious about your appearance, they will most likely avoid giving you something related to looks, worrying that it may hurt your feelings.

4. Act of Self Compassion and Self Dependent

Self compassion and self Dependent

When you can gift others, why not to yourself? Self-gifting makes you emotionally strong and self-dependent. It gives you the opportunity to look out for yourself instead of leaning on others to make you happy. It is also an act of self-compassion, which provides you with a chance to praise yourself, know yourself, and accept yourself. 

5. Self-Gifting is Thrilling

Self-Gifting is Thrilling

Self-gift gives you thrill and excitement. You get a chance to dig deep through your mind what gift makes you happy and gives you the chill. Regular or everyday shopping goes with a list you need to buy, but in self-gifting, you have to brainstorm what you need precisely to compliment yourself because a gift always comes with reasons, and the same goes with self-gifting.

Self-gifting is not just a requirement; it’s a kind of necessity. When it’s the time to show a bit of forgiveness and kindness to yourself, buy a present for yourself. Love makes the world bright and vivid, and self-gifting is a performance of love. 

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