Get Festive With Outdoor Color Changing LED Flood Lights – A Quick Lighting Solutions

LED flood lights

Outdoor color changing LED flood lights are the most widely used artificial lighting sources these days. People know that they can conserve electricity and maintenance costs with these lights. So, more and more people are buying these lights. White LEDs can even illuminate places like warehouses, signage, billboards, construction sites, wet locations, market places, etc. And with these color changing LEDs, one can transform the atmosphere of any place. Here you will find how you should buy flood light LEDs and which ones are the best.

5 Big Benefits Of Outdoor Color Changing LED Flood Lights

Color changing LED - Outdoor Color Changing LED Flood Lights

You often see these color changing flood lights on the prom and club parties. But you can still use them when you arrange a party or a family gathering in your home or just outside the house. Here are five benefits for you to consider.

Environment Friendly

LED color changing flood lights are free of many toxic materials which are present otherwise in traditional light sources. They are free of carbon, lead, mercury, or glass. And if you are using the solar-powered colored flood lights, you are making them safer to use for the environment.

Negligible Heat Loss

It seems untrue that flood lights are heat effective because they are the most potent lighting appliances. The LED flood lights are integrated with an efficient thermal management system to conserve electricity and reduce heat loss.

Long-Lasting LEDs

The average lifetime of an LED flood light is 50,000 hours, and it can last ten times longer than the regular gas-filled or other filament bulbs. This relieves you from getting into the hassle of changing bulbs every month. You will get the benefit of less maintenance cost as well as more time consumption.

Energy-Efficient Illumination

Even the less intense LED color changing lights can brighten up a large square area outside your house. A 100W RGB LED flood light is adequate for you to decorate your patio or front lawn. The outdoor color changing LED flood lights are very sustainable, and thus they save electric energy.

Highly Cost-Effective

The LED flood lights are very cost-effective as they consume less electricity and provide better illumination for a longer period. They are more durable than other halogen lamps or HID lamps. The maintenance cost is low, so that you will save money in the long run.

5 Ways You Can Use Outdoor Color Changing LED Flood Lights

Home decoration - Outdoor Color Changing LED Flood Lights

White LED flood lights have many commercial uses. But the color changing ones are more common for festivities, celebrations, or decorations.

Decorate Your House

You can paint the walls of your home with the color you want with these lights at night time. The outdoor color changing LED flood lights can make the outside of your house shine with beautiful colors and illuminate the path as well.

Bring Life To A Party

Whether it is a Birthday, Halloween, or celebrating your graduation, a bright, colorful party is a must. The color changing LED lights which change colors on the beat of music, set up the whole mood for the celebration and party. You will have more fun.

Illuminate Family Gatherings

For family gatherings, club lights, or dim lights are not suitable. You can use the proper bright color changing RGB lights to create a warm environment. Your family will love the whole setup. Moreover, you wouldn’t have to spend a lot on decorations.

Enjoy Festivals

Every time there is a festival, people go all out to do the celebrations and decorations. When we see people celebrate Diwali, Eid, Christmas, Easter, and Halloween, we see happiness and colors all around us. Use these lights for easy decoration.

Put Colors To Celebrations

You want to congratulate your brother or sister on their wedding or want to surprise mom on her birthday. It is best to put colors to your celebrations with the outdoor color changing LED flood lights on your lawn.

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How To Buy LED Flood Lights – 4 Key Points To Remember

Buying LED lights

Many of you may not know what to look for while buying LED flood lights. Here are some key points to see if you are buying the right one for you.

Body Of Flood Lights

The body of LED floodlights should be made of aluminium die-casting or aluminium alloy because it is a perfect material for eliminating heat and cooling LED. Flood lights should have an efficient heat sink for heat dissipation which should be according to the power of flood light.

The Wattage of Flood Lights

Flood lights come in different power ranging from 20W to 100W and 500W. Don’t buy them based solely on the wattage. First, check its rating for lumens per watt that should be 100-140 in an LED flood light. More lumens mean more bright light in less wattage and power.

Is It Water and Dust Proof?

IP rating gives you the detail of how waterproof your LED light would be outdoors. The three IP ratings are IP65, IP66, IP67. IP65 keeps light safe in dust and light-pressure water jets. IP66 protects the light from dust and high-pressure water as heavy rain. For IP67, dust and temporary submersion of up to 1.5 meters are safe.

Choose The Right Color

If you need LED flood lights to illuminate your backyard, you need to avoid extreme brightness that blinds your eyes. The labels show 3000K means warm color suitable for decorating your homes. 4000K is the natural color that suits work areas and meeting rooms. In contrast, 5000K is the cool white (daylight) which is for large outdoor spaces.

5 Best LED Flood Lights You Can Buy

We have seen what a good LED flood light means and how to tell which one is best for you. Here are only five of the best choices for you to buy.

Color Changing Flood Light With Remote

Outdoor Color Changing LED Flood Lights

The remote control is the unique feature of this flood light. It is waterproof and is durable to withstand storms. The IP66 rating means it is suitable for outdoor use. You can also adjust the speed of color changing with the remote.

Ustellar RGB Flood Light

Ustellar - Outdoor Color Changing LED Flood Lights

The aluminium housing and IP66 rating ensure that it can overcome harsh weather outdoors. This flood light has a memory function and will turn on according to the last setting. They are bright enough to be perfect for Christmas, Halloween, and other festivals.

Color Changing Landscape LEDs

color changing LED

The spike stand is perfect to fit in your patio yard or front lawn. The lights won’t take much time to get fixed. You will have an ideal color shower in your garden with these lights. Even though they are water-proof, avoid water getting on these lights for better function.

Novostella Wireless Smart LEDs

Smart LED - Outdoor Color Changing LED Flood Lights

It is a hassle for you to adjust and fix the wires all night long. This wireless light will solve your problems. You will only need an app to operate this 8-color changing light. These lights change according to the rhythm of the music you play.

Sunco LED Smart Bulb

Sunco LEd bulb

If you want bulbs instead of large plates, then you can buy this LED bulb. The bulb is Wi-Fi connected, and you can combine it with Alexa to operate easily. You only need a remote on your smartphone and nothing else. It also syncs with the music you play at the party.

With this information, now you might be clear what to look for when buying outdoor color changing LED flood lights. You have the five best choices to see which one suits you. You can install these lights in your home, porch, garden, terrace, or any outdoor location the way you want. The color changing flood lights create a mesmerizing environment for your celebrations. So, you should consider buying them.

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