Nanny vs Babysitter Which One is the Best for your Child

nanny vs babysitter

Deciding for the right childcare option for your child is indeed the most important decision as a parent. Generally, when parents start their childcare research, nanny vs babysitter is what leaves them in a dilemma. Although it seems like nanny and babysitter are the same thing, but the truth is, they are not. 

Nanny vs Babysitter – A Brief Intro

It depends upon your need and what kind of child care you require. Both jobs have different responsibilities and duties. However, the one common thing between these two is that they should be trustworthy and qualified to take care of your child. The nanny and babysitter both upkeep the children when parents are at work or busy. However, being a babysitter is a short-term job, but a nanny plays a more prominent role in children’s upbringing. 

What is a Nanny?

what is nanny - nanny vs babysitter

A nanny’s job is a full-time childcare job. This job has more responsibilities and duties than babysitting. The commitment of a nanny includes creating a safe and learning environment for children, laundry, preparing meals, bathing, dressing, reading for children, helping them with homework, and setting daily schedules and activities for children. Moreover, a nanny works as a primary authority figure when parents are not around. She is emotionally, mentally, and physically involved with children. Additionally, a nanny plays a vital role in character and personality building. They are household employees and part of the family.

There are many differences between nannies and babysitters; one of them is professional nannies are well-educated and have an advanced degree in early childhood care. Additionally, a nanny is adequately qualified and has training working with children.

What is a Babysitter

what is babysitter

Babysitters are part-time caregivers. They are hired as per the need of the parent. Generally, when parents are away, they hire a babysitter to take care of the children. The primary duty of a babysitter is to watch children and keep them safe. A babysitter job is a regular job that doesn’t require any professional degree. Simply, they are on–call or need caretakers.

Difference Between Nanny and Babysitter

There are many childcare options available, like hiring a nanny or babysitter or sending your children to a daycare facility. However, the option you pick should be better for the child and family. Selecting childcare is not a simple task; let’s check out the nanny vs babysitter comparison that will help you determine the best for your child.

1. Education and Responsibility 

education - nanny vs babysitter

Babysitter and nanny have different duties and responsibilities. Generally, nannies specialize in childcare, and they have a particular degree. On the other hand, the babysitter job is an entry-level job, and no special qualification is required. 

Nanny’s job description includes all house and child-related chores. For example, creating daily activities schedule, picking up and dropping to school, preparing meals, doing laundry, homework, bathing, and dressing. A nanny provides children with emotional and physical support. However, the babysitter’s responsibility is to supervise children when parents are away or busy.

2. Experience


Generally, a nanny is experienced and trained in childcare. They have degrees and diplomas in their specialized field. On the other hand, the babysitter doesn’t have any training experience. Many teenagers and unemployed individuals opt for babysitting to earn extra bucks.

3. Flexibility


Although a nanny job has various benefits, it’s a full-time care provider job. If you are looking for flexibility, this option is not for you. On the other hand, babysitters have flexible timing, and they are available on the weekend, weekdays, and even for nights.

4. Cost

cost - nanny vs babysitter

Nannies provide your children with attention and support. The compensation of nannies is very high and more than a babysitter. They are paid as a full-time employee because of their administrative responsibilities. Generally, babysitters are employed for a shorter time and are paid on an hourly basis.

5. Working Hours

working hours

Normally, day or live-in nannies work around 10 to 12 hours per day. One of the responsibilities is to design day-to-day activities for children depending on their age. Babysitter is a part-time job; they work on an hourly basis.

Pros and Cons of Nannies and Babysitter 

advantages and disadvantages - nanny vs babysitter

Here we help you differentiate between nannies and babysitters. Now we will weigh the pros and cons of each option. These pros and cons will help you make the choice that is right for you.

Nanny Pros

  • Constant supervision and attention
  • Educated and skilled childcare
  • Parent-style childcare
  • Personality and character building of children
  • Safe and learning environments for children
  • Better care


  • Extensive hiring process
  • Expensive
  • Replacement of nanny causes disturbance to children
  • Household workers and taxes are included

 Babysitter Pros

  • Provide childcare as needed or on call
  • Flexible timing
  • Contract workers responsible for their taxes
  • Hourly paid salary
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not experienced and skilled
  • Doesn’t play any role in children’s development

When You Might Prefer a Nanny

prefer nanny

Nanny is a permanent job; they have special education and skills. Moreover, they are a full-time employee with adequate working hours. Also, they can spend long hours with your child and helps them with daily tasks. A good reference, educated nanny, and experienced nanny can be a blessing for your child.

Normally, if you are looking for consistent, skilled as well as regular when you are busy at work, then a nanny is your first choice; however, before deciding whether you want a nanny or babysitter. Consider thinking about how many hours of childcare you require and how often you need them. If you have an exhausting job and require full-time childcare, hire a nanny. Hiring a good nanny is a long process, but when you find the perfect one, you can ensure that your child is in good hands. 

When you Might Prefer a Babysitter

prefer a babysitter - nanny vs babysitter

Generally, when parents need occasional childcare for work and other commitments, then they require the services of a babysitter. You can easily find a babysitter from an online parenting forum, babysitting service, or asking a friend. When some parents find a good babysitter, they hire them on a regular and long-term basis. If you need occasional childcare, then baby sister is the best option they are budget-friendly and don’t invade your privacy.  


Nanny vs babysitter — I hope now you have concluded what is your requirement! Usually, it depends upon your need, whether you want occasional help or a full-time caretaker. If you have a hectic job and can’t give enough time to house or children, hiring a nanny is the best option. On the other hand, if you require hourly help, opt for a babysitter.

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