Careers for women – Compatible with their Natural Skills

Best Careers for women

Thinking about the best job! What comes to your mind first? A lucrative pay check for sure! But talking about the best careers for women that’s not the only criteria. There’s always a mix of factors that makes a job more desirable like feasible working-hours to maintain work-life balance, stress free & safe working environment, growth opportunities in future, job security, social benefits, low unemployment rate, and low wage disparity.

According to a survey more than 50% workforce is dissatisfied with their jobs in a country called the land of opportunities. It is alarming and indicates you must choose a job/career or a specific career-path that is compatible with your interests, skills and talents.

Why Is Career Important in Women’s Life?

Importance of Career in Life

Career choice is one of the major life decisions in any individual’s life. Women constitute almost half of the world population and more than 40 % of the workforce. Therefore, no nation with a desire to lead and progress can afford to ignore women’s participation in economy.

Selection of an occupation directly influences the financial wellness of a person and is related with other dimensions of wellness – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, environmental and social. Thus, it affects overall quality of one’s life. Families and relationships suffer a lot due to work related stress which makes this decision even more critical for a woman.

Quest for the Best Careers for Women

Best Careers for Women

You might be seeking study options or seeking a job in a specific field or want a shift in your career. In any case, you can make a better choice by looking into economic factors and answering following three questions:

1. What is the location of the job?

Developed countries/cities require highly skilled workforce so pursuing high salaried career implies high investment in education.

2. What is the major sector in economy where you seek job?

The options available usually depend on the trending needs and work culture of a country. For example in china manufacturing sector absorbs most of the workforce while in USA/EUROPE the services sectors generates most of the jobs.

3. What is Future Growth Potential of your desired career/job?

The job market is changing drastically by wiping out some of the old jobs and creating new jobs that were non-existent just a decade ago. So think about the potential labor market and its ability to absorb the entrants i.e. are there enough jobs in relation to job-seekers?

Best Career Choices for Women

Women are multi-tasking, natural givers, nurturers, socially sensitive and linguistically intelligent. These natural qualities make females best for healthcare, education, law, social sciences, hospitality and management sectors. Whereas, IT, finance and STEM sectors have less female representation which attract individualist kind of women. Let’s see some of the best career for women and have a look on projections for median salary and job growth-rate from 2018-2028 by US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

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Doctorate for Women

Healthcare has always been female-dominant industry having lowest pay-gap (nearly 80% of what males earn). Interestingly all the top ten high paying jobs (according to USNews) are from this ever growing sector of economy where women represent 65% of the workforce in USA and more than 75% in many other countries. There can’t be over-supply of professionals in it due to intensive education and skill-set required. Every country seeks new doctors on consistent basis. Advanced countries are diversified having hundreds of specialty and subspecialty giving various job/career options. Usually, specialists earn more than general doctors.

Skill-set: – Empathy, stress and time management, decision-making, team-work, adaptability, communication skills

Job-growth: – 14 % for overall healthcare occupations.

Career options and Salary:-

1. Dentistry

Being in the top ten jobs lists, it is indeed a job that pays very well. Advanced nations with aging population having a great sense of oral health have high potential growth. The number of females in dentistry is constantly growing (currently more than 30%). (General Dentist: $175,000; Specialist like orthodontist, oral and maxillofacial surgeons: usually above $200k.)

2. Physicians

They examine patients, diagnose their medical conditions, prescribe them medications, and plan treatments. Women can choose from a wide range of specialties including family physician, pediatrician, OB/GYN, and dermatology. (General physicians: $194,500; Specialist like Obstetrician/gynecologist – $208,000)

3. Nursing

It is a highly respected, most sought-after and the largest group of healthcare workforce (more than 85% are female) in western countries. This group includes:

  • Registered nurses– RNs have highest projected jobs (371500 jobs in USA) with a decent median salary of $71,730. Education requirement is relevant bachelor’s degree.
  • Nurse anesthetists– Having highest median salary ($167,950) in nursing, they compete with anesthesia specialists in performing similar duties but with a different career path. They are advanced practice RN with masters’ education.
  • Nurse practitioner– Their duties are somewhat related to physicians but with master’s degree and comparatively less training and less median salary of $107,030. This job is ranked fifth in 100 best jobs by US News.

According to BLS overall 26% growth is projected for this group including RNs and nurse midwives.

4. Psychologist

Having master’s degree, they take care of patient’s mental health by providing psychotherapy. They’re not medical doctors like psychiatrist so they don’t prescribe medicines. Number of females in psychology discipline is growing day by day. (Median-salary: $100,770)

5. Psychiatrist

They are physicians with specialization in psychiatry so they can prescribe medicines unlike psychologists. They’re high in demand in countries that value mental health and high quality lifestyle. (Median-Salary range: $205470 – $256500)


Law and Social Sciences

Women can be great as lawyers especially those who love taking challenges and breaking stereotypes. 60% of attorneys in USA are females and 48% of new lawyers in UK are female. Owing to rigorous training and high education fee there’s a shortage of lawyers in Canada, Australia and Denmark. Most of the developed countries offer immigration through economic streams. Which makes these countries desirable destination for highly skilled workforce of less developed countries.

Qualification: – Doctorate degree

Skill-set:- Logical and analytical skills for assessment and evaluations of the situations to be resolved, great interpersonal skills, debate and convincing power, good judgement to make informed decisions, reasonable skepticism to verify the explicit and implicit facts, research and excellent writing skills to formulate legal documents, and perseverance to cope with difficult people and situations

Job-growth: 6%, close to overall growth for all occupations 

Career options and Salary:-

According to PayScale, following lawyers  group earns six figure salary ranging $115,000-$180,000:

  • Patent attorney (highest median); Intellectual property (IP) attorney; Trial lawyer; Tax attorney; Corporate lawyer

The lawyers earning on an average from $63,000-$87,000:

  • Employment lawyer; Real Estate attorney; Divorce attorney; Immigration attorney; Estate attorney; Public Defender (low median)

(Lawyer’s Median Salary: $120,910)


Business and Management

The sector that creates job opportunities in the economy by producing and selling products & services in all kinds of businesses.

Salary and Career options:-

1. Statistician

1st in the best business jobs rankings and 6th in the best STEM jobs, it offers a wide range of sectors – Education, Psychology, Marketing, Sports, Business industries and Healthcare-  to work with. Recent pandemic has made biostatisticians one of the best career for women in 2020. They’re high in demand in many other healthcare sectors e.g. public health agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals. (Median salary: $87,780)

Qualification: – Doctorate after master’s degree in math/statistics/survey methodology.

Skill-set:- Data collection skills for designing surveys, questionnaires, opinion polls etc.; analytical skills for identifying trends and relationships between data; precision and attention to details; mathematical, statistical skills and computer literacy to apply relevant tools and techniques on data under consideration; problem-solving and decision-making skill to reach conclusions; presentation skills and ability to communication results effectively; ability to work in isolation and within teams.

Growth-rate:  An excellent 30.7%, a good news for females seeking career in STEM.

2. CEO

Women CEOs are changing the general viewpoint of having only a man at the top of executive team. They are making their companies more profitable than before. Career path for women who aspire to become CEOs is to earn at least bachelor’s degree and to build on-the-job experiences by job rotations. It is necessary to comprehend overall operations of a company for taking strategic decisions to achieve corporate goals successfully. Salaries of CEOs vary depending on nature and size of business but usually they make six figure median salary.

Qualification: – Bachelor’s in business/finance/management except for those who start their own companies.

Skill-Set: – Strong management, leadership, communication skills to persuade others, decision-making and problem-solving skills, knowledge of business related IT tools

Job-growth: around 8%

3. Financial Managers

Ranking 5th in best business jobs, it is yet another promising career for ambitious females leading them to CEOs position. They can either choose to work in banking and financial institutions or in finance department of any organization. (Salary: $127,990)

Qualification: – Bachelor’s degree in business/marketing/communication or another related field.

Skill set:- Management, leadership, problem solving skills, ability to use business related IT tools to generate various financial reports and to interpret & communicate those with others, knowledge of all the relevant business laws & financial policies to ensure compliance.

Job-growth: 16% quite faster than overall 6%.

4. Marketing and Sales Managers

It is one of the best paying jobs where women are welcomed to give their insight into developing strategies for influencing customers, clients and society in a better way. Main responsibilities are to develop and implement marketing plans for an entire business or its brands; so as to widen market by attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. It makes stress levels of the job above average but with higher pay-offs. (Salary: $134,290)

Skill-set:- Creativity, negotiation, stress management, adaptability, teamwork, organizational and planning skills, commercial awareness, IT literacy due to increasing trend of digital marketing.

Qualification: – At least Bachelor’s degree in business/accounting/finance/economics

Job-growth: 8.1%


Teaching Career for Women

It’s most empowering and female-dominated sector especially at elementary and secondary level. However, at higher education levels ratio is rather in favor of male-workforce. Salaries vary widely based on many factors like education and additional qualification, work experience, employer (whether private/government school/college/university), location. One exciting aspect of this sector is experts like lawyers, doctors and from all other areas of economy can work as teachers/lecturers/trainers with and for educational institutions. This field is perfect for those who seek to make a difference by transferring their knowledge, skills and experiences to next generation.

In conclusion, women are so diverse in their skills, talents, interests, priorities, life goals and opportunities available and so are their choices as to jobs/career. It’s not an exhaustive list at all, women are doing great with job titles like software developers, IT managers, pharmacists, management consultants, pilots, engineers, scientists etc. Many ambitious women inspire others by paving their way for non-traditional careers. It is up to you how passionate are you for a specific career, and how you pursue that career enhancing your skill-set and keeping in mind relevant economic factors. If you work due to passion, studies show you’ll perform better and feel more fulfilled.

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