Choosing The Right Guy For You – How Do You Know He is the One to Marry?

Right Guy

‘It’s Raining Men! Hallelujah! It’s Raining Men! Amen! 
It’s Raining Men! Every Specimen! 
Tall, blonde, dark and lean Rough and tough and strong and mean’

This is the famous song recorded by the Weather Girls in 1982 and created a kind of rage and became a classic female anthem. They had actually told something which goes on in every girl’s mind, and that’s exactly what I would like to discuss today. When it comes to choosing the right guy, for you all lovely single women, it must be a daunting yet most important in-depth search any woman would do cause its matters of the heart. It’s a lifetime decision as it changes your role from a carefree girl to a much more responsible, mature woman, lover, wife, etc.

Dream vs Reality – ‘The Right Guy’

dream vs reality - Right Guy

Being a female, dreaming and waiting for our Prince charming riding a horse to come and take us along is that romantic dream that most girls in their teen days have dreamt of. That utopian thought expands him being tall, dark, handsome, attractive, sexy, powerful and macho, always on his knees at our services. But hey, you young girls, with all these perceptions and qualities in mind, if you are going to look out for your Mr Right, you probably may never find one.

Know Who You are Looking For?

know who you are looking for

Are you clear about the kind of guy you are looking out for? Do you want a smart, handsome looking guy or a financially secured and stable guy who can care for all your needs and desires? While choosing the right guy, we actually need to evaluate who is the kind of person we would like to live with for the rest of our lives. To make things easier, there is a checklist mentioned below; try and figure out what qualities you are looking for in your man.

How Do You Pick a Guy Who is Right for You?

Every girl has distinct thoughts about her Mr. Right. Her perception about her right guy changes from blind dates to casual dating to marriage and gives a clearcut idea of what to look for in her man! Still, there are some common points that we all must look at when we are seeking to settle down with the right guy. Let’s look at it.

1. Is It Compatibility!

compatibility - Right Guy

A crucial aspect of beginning a relationship is the compatibility between each other, so is he compatible with you? For example, if you are a lazy, messy type of girl, then a perfect, active, and precise type of guy will be wrong. He would try to put everything right and seek precision from you as well all the time, but the lazy attitude in you will not let that happen, which means you both lack compatibility. If you are two totally different individuals, adjustment and compatibility will be a significant concern in your relationship. At times, any relationship fails when it lacks compatibility, so do seek this in your quest to choose the right guy.

2. Is It Physical Appearance!

physical appearance

If you are good looking, smart, sexy with an hourglass or perfect ten kinds of looks, a paunchy, roly-poly guy who loves gorging on the roadside stalls and a complete foodie for whom love can be won through the stomach may not be your choice. In fact, you definitely would like a stylish, handsome hunk, and if it’s the other way round and you are a simple average looking girl, you will lookout for a similar profile guy. So is it actually physical appearance that interests you. Do you feel this aspect is a crucial one in your selection of Mr Right?

3. Is it Financial Security!

financial security - Right Guy

Financial security is in your mind, so you need an affluent, stable, financially sound guy. This may not be the case for many, but here again, when it comes to living a comfortable lifestyle with all the necessities and luxuries to enjoy, we need that kind of person. For many of us, we feel life can be good if we have a secure financial back up and if that’s the kind of quality you are looking out for, then find such a groom.

4. Level Of Education


The first half of our lives have gone into studies. These days simple graduation is nothing at all, and all career-focused guys go ahead for further studies like a post-graduation or management degree. And in this rat race again, many of us want a well educated, intelligent, well informed and focused guy, and then don’t compromise; go on your hunt for your right guy.

5. The Crux of the Matter

deeply analyze - Right Guy

These are just a few, but frankly, when it comes to choosing your Mr Right, we all are so very sceptical and begin to imagine that we should have all the qualities in the man and in case even some points don’t match we won’t compromise. Still, the fact is that whatever we think and desire may not always come true. So try being too picky, do a deep dive and analyze yourself thoroughly, as it will help you clear your mind about what matters to you the most and what exactly you want in your man?

Life is not always how we read in the novels of Nicholas Sparks, Shakespeare and Mills and Boons types of unpredictable love stories. Or run of the mill romance, poor girl-rich guy, a young girl-old guy and every relation may not be ‘, and they lived happily ever after’. Life is much more than what we read in books and see in movies.

Seeking the right guy is not as complicated as you might think. All you need to know is yourself first; when you know what you want and how you want to live your life with your life partner, things become so clear that you can easily find your Mr Perfect. Finally, I want to end on Jumar’s words: “Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It’s not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end”.

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