10 Moral Values You Must Teach Your Kids

Moral Values

‘Moral values are the foundation of a good and meaningful life.’ Besides proper nutrition, physical and intellectual development, inculcating moral values in your kids is a significant aspect of parenting. So, what are moral values, and how can we teach our kids some of the most important moral values in life?

What Are the Moral Values?

Moral values can be said to be those behavior traits or personality factors that enhance the quality of life for the person practicing them, as well as the people around that person. We have been taught different moral values in different ways from our childhood. Be is stories, prayers, religious texts, or even a moral science class in school, our elders have always emphasized on teaching and inculcating moral values in us. But you may wonder, why moral values are mandatory or needed?

Why should you teach moral values to your kids?

As stated above, moral values enhance your child’s quality of life and those around them. But more importantly, these moral values are the ones that become the inner compass of your child when they are faced with tough choices in life. Moral values can serve as a guiding force during tough times, and as a humbling force during successful times. Therefore, it is vital to reinforce moral values in your child right from a young age.

While every parent and child is different and unique, there are some moral values that each child can make good use of. So here are ten moral values you can inculcate in your child.

1. Acceptance and Respect

Moral Values

We live in an increasingly globalizing world; therefore, children are exposed to a lot of diversity at a very young age, be it in terms of people, opinions, cultures, cuisines, literature, etc. As our kids move towards becoming future global citizens, it is important that we teach them to be accepting and respectful towards themselves and towards this diversity. Teach your kids that human experiences differ based on many factors and that each human experience is valid and deserves respect and acceptance. This will help them reach out and make everyone feel included.

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2. A Sense of Justice

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As your child grows up, they must be able to distinguish between right and wrong. Inculcating a sense of justice in your child allows them to stand up for themselves and others when any wrong is done. A sense of justice also enables your child to make decisions that are fair to all.

3. Gratitude 

Moral Values

We all grow up in different circumstances, and so do our kids. Therefore, it is a must to make them aware of their privileges and teach them to be grateful for them. Inculcating gratitude towards oneself, others, the resources we have, and the freedoms we enjoy shows your child the value of the life they have received. This, in turn, makes them more aware of their privilege and tends to extend help to others as well. Gratitude also helps them through difficult times and one of the proven techniques to boost optimism, happiness, and overall wellbeing.

4. Responsibility 

Teach Your Kids

We all want to raise confident and responsible children, and therefore, it becomes essential to teach kids to take responsibility from a young age. Teach your child that they are accountable for their actions, which will make them take responsibility for their lives.

5. Integrity

Moral Values in Kids

As parents, we want our children to be truthful and integrous. Teach your child integrity and you will have given them a strong moral compass to base their decisions on.

6. The Willingness to Work Hard

Moral Values

As they say, nothing works till you do. Tell your children that they need to work hard to achieve their goals. Teach them to keep trying until they succeed and show them that every failure is a stepping stone to success. Show them that they can persevere and achieve their goals with your guidance, no matter how big, through an optimistic outlook.

7. Curiosity and Learning

Curiosity and Learning

The only person who succeeds is the person who never stops learning. So, teach your kids to learn – be it from people, teachers, books, friends, movies, experiences, or failures. Show your child that curiosity has all the answers, and learning is a fuel like no other, and you will have made them a student for life.

8. Altruism 

Moral Values

Each one of us has a responsibility to give back to society in whatever way we can. Teach your child that giving back from a place of empathy and compassion makes the world a better place and builds a sense of community. Teach them to be comfortable with giving as well as receiving help because alone, we can do so little, but together, we can do so much. 

9. Faith and Mindfulness


Be it God, the Universe, a Higher power or whatever you choose to call it, teach your child to have faith in the good and to work with this faith in mind. Along with faith, also teach your child to be mindful – mindful of their surroundings, of their experiences, of the people around them, and of their own behavior. This will enable them to choose their actions and not do something they will later regret.

10. Self-Awareness

Self Awareness

And above all, teach your child to be aware of themselves, both physically and mentally. Teach them to introspect and get to know about their strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, and their most resonant belief systems. When your child is self-aware, they are more likely to know their course of action ahead. Self-awareness is the stepping stone for good leadership, professional success, and personal satisfaction. 

Teach your child to be aware of themselves and take the time to understand themselves to pave their path on their own, and make their own well thought choices.

While teaching all these values to your kids, it is necessary to remember that no one is perfect. Sometimes, our kids may not be able to live up to the values we teach them and, in such times, we must reinforce the values so that they become the strongest compass for our children. As parents, the values you choose to inculcate in your child may differ, but we want to ensure that whatever values we instill in our children are taught in the right way and through the proper guidance.

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Moral Values

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