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( Founder of Women's Podium )

Shilpa M is an internet entrepreneur, blogger, writer, and educator, she loves to pen down her views when she has free time while managing and her other websites. Stay with us to read her write-ups here at WP :) She always believes in happiness😍 and when it comes to home, she is a blessed wife and mom!

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Hey Shilpa, very well written, the way you categorised the relationships and balanced the equation is cool, I have read many article on this topic, but your is matured one, it is practical and anyone can follow it without much effort, only thing we need is right mindset and pov 🙂 keep writing and can we share our views on this blog, as I see you are founder of this blog, so I guess best person to ask out!

oh! we loved your appreciation, yes you can write and share your views, contact us via the contact form, we will get back to you.

Woo! something new 🙂 HEY Admin! You have a different point of view on this matter and that's good. My mil is good to me, ALSO, I am kinda possessive for my hubby but your article is an eye opener for me. I will ask my hubby n MIL to read this interesting point of you 🙂

Interesting read, writer has tried her best to balance the trio relationship💏 🙂. Family is important for everyone and this article has shed bright side of relationships and how to live and cope as leaving or bickering can't solve anything.

Positively & balanced writing but not possible, being independent financially has changed the outlook… It's like a fairytale..

Wow! What a balanced article, usually whenever I read articles on this topic, they are kinda biased one, but you have tried your best to point out the flaws in all these 3 people and tried your to pull out the best in these 3. At first, it felt that this is quite a long article to read, but when I started to read it when it ended, I didn’t realize even. Do write such unbiased articles on various topics, Shilpa ji.

Thanks, Nainaji, for your honest feedback and motivation. We all are human being with endless emotions, expectations and flaws. Working together in unity is the only solution within a family to get over any issues, as you can't remove your family from your life. Therefore, I believe to bridge the gap between family members is the best way to live life.

Interesting but nowadays, things are changing, the definition of Mother-in-law as depressing women in home has changed, I can see many homes around me including mine where daughter-in-law as broke everything, they just don't care about anything, no lihaaj, no nothing, now they are dominating and sons of these days change immediately after marriage. My daughter-in-law treats me life a maid, all the time I have to take care of her two kids, cook food and she doesn't value it, what will you say about this?

I know one thing, everything depends upon the individual, there are no such things mil or sil, it's just the respect and care and how much peace you want in your life, girls are trying to break the taboo but they are themselves going cruel with their inlaws

Time has changed or we can say consistently changing. Now Mother in laws are tensed and scared of daughter-in-laws. These two relationships can never be better because it’s the women who torment women more than anyone. Perspective has to change, live and let others live.

Family is something you can't fight with, and in-laws are those whom you can't change, family drama is everywhere and mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws equation you will around the globe, it's just not Asian countries only. I like the way you have tried to come up with the best versions on in-laws but tell you Girl, women are women, they dig pit for each other! This cat fight never gonna end this sooner. Living in a distance is the only solution,

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