How to Feel Beautiful? Some Handy Tips to Enhance Natural Beauty!


Today, beauty is an extensive subject in our lives. Be it makeup, clothes, fitness or anything else, we tend to go to great lengths to achieve the ideal ‘beauty standard‘ that the media puts before us. These days, being ‘naturally beautiful’ has garnered great importance. However, it is imperative; we must dig into what really is beautiful and how to feel beautiful? 

What is Beauty?


For years together, beauty was considered in the context of physical appearances, and we had a significantly narrowed down idea of what constitutes ‘beautiful.’ However, as we begin to broaden our outlook and focus on creating an inclusive society that celebrates every individual, we need to redefine beauty as well. It is necessary that we look at beauty beyond appearance, that we look at personality and all the pleasant narratives that make a person who they are. It is requisite that we look at physical appearances as manifestations of the uniqueness of every individual and that we make our society a safe space for every individual to feel inherently beautiful.

They say, ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.’ And while that’s true, it is also time we take ownership of our own beauty, whatever that means to us, and focus on feeling beautiful for our own selves, only if we want to. Anything we do to feel beautiful should be in accordance with our core self, it should be a celebration of ourselves, and it should feel elegant to us. That is all that matters. So here are ten simple tips to enhance your natural beauty!

1. Accept and Honor


Perhaps the first most crucial aspect of increasing our natural beauty is to feel beautiful within ourselves. And that is only possible if we honour and embrace all those aspects of ourselves that make us unique. Maybe you have a crooked nose, but perhaps that is the only way you resemble your dad 😊 Or maybe you have a scar, but possibly that reminds you how you learned to bike. So whatever those features might be that makes you, ‘You’. Be it the colour of your skin or the features of your face, accept them, embrace them, and honour them. Once we accept these fascinating features of ourselves, we can move on to working on our other characteristics in a celebratory way.

2. Confidence is Key


You’ve maybe heard this before, but ‘The greatest thing you can truly wear is your confidence.’ When we show up for ourselves, upskill at every chance, and own our story, whatever that might be, we become more and more confident. And confidence breeds beauty like nothing else. A person who is confident in their own skin always comes across as beautiful to themselves, and confidence always leaves an inspiring mark on others as well.

3. Nourish Your Body


This might be a hard truth, but no product can compete with the beauty that comes when you feel internally healthy! When your body feels agile, and your mind feels empowered, that is when you truly bring out the most beautiful aspects of yourself. Nourishing ourselves includes eating healthy, staying hydrated but also allowing ourselves to occasionally indulge in foods that we like without feeling guilty about it. The key is balance. Building a healthy relationship with food and genuinely taking the time to have fulfilling meals will surely make us feel healthy inside and beautiful outside.

4. Nourish Your Soul


Nourishing ourselves is not limited only to eating right; it also includes fostering our inner world. Reading good books, consuming quality content, taking the time to rest, spending quality time with friends and family, enjoying a hearty laugh, or cherishing a hobby – all these things bring such a smile on our face that automatically makes us look and feel beautiful. 

5. Move!


Exercise is an integral part of looking beautiful and feeling fit. But here’s a quick attitude check. Exercise should be a celebration of what our bodies can do, not a punishment for everything we have eaten. Before you get into any diet or exercise, take the time to be mindful and notice how it makes you feel. We want to adapt a plan that allows us to feel connected to ourselves and will also enable us to unwind and feel empowered. Not everyone likes to work out at a gym, and that’s okay. Maybe it’s yoga, or Zumba, or dancing or anything else. As long as it is something that works for you, it is sure to make you feel naturally beautiful!

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6. De-Stress

Perhaps the most crucial factor that causes deterioration of our well-being and our health leading towards stress. Take the time to recognize your stressors and set appropriate boundaries to counter them. The socio-political scenarios might make that a bit difficult in current times, but be sure to take at least some time of your day to bring back your attention towards yourself and breathe deeply.

7. Disconnect

With our entire world getting more virtual by the day, it is pretty easy to get caught in the trap of social media comparison and bequeath ourselves feeling worthless, less than, or demotivated. Remind yourself that all you see on social media is a side of someone’s life that they choose to show. Know that everyone has their own journey, and whatever point of your course you might be in, that is your own path to progress and not anyone else’s. It is amazing how much inspiration we can draw from social media, but spend too much time on it, and you can end up feeling dehumanized. So take the time to disconnect from your gadgets, and connect back to yourself.

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8. Respect your Choice


Be it your skin care routine, or the products you use for your hair, keeping it true to yourself is key. Use products that you like or ditch them altogether! Know that it is your call to make. You might want to express yourself through elaborate fashion, or you might like it simple. What is important is what makes you feel beautiful.

9. Have Good Manners


‘Kindness and Empathy truly are the most beautiful facets of a person.’ Take the time to cultivate politeness, courtesy and genuine respect for everyone you meet. Put in the effort of breaking down your inherent biases and ensure that you truly care for the people around you. Nothing is more beautiful than a person who makes others aware of their own beauty. So take every chance you get to make yourself a better human being.

10. Embrace your Bad Days

Embrace Your Bad Days and feel beautiful

There are some days when you just don’t feel beautiful, and that’s okay. Beauty is not the rent we pay to live on this beautiful planet. So embrace your bad days and know that there is incredible beauty in the courage to face the tide and fight your highs and lows.

Those were ten simple tips to enhance natural beauty. Know that beauty is a unique journey for everyone, and not all changes happen in a day. Ensure that you keep yourself accountable, build on a healthy state of mind, and feel beautiful on your own terms!

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