11 Fashion Mistakes — Must Avoid these Style Mistakes and Fashion Mishaps

11 Fashion Mistakes - Must Avoid these Style Mistakes and Fashion Mishaps

Sense of fashion resides in every woman’s mind all the time, but sometimes a slight mistake turns into a disastrous wardrobe malfunction. Of course, everyone loves to follow the ongoing prevalent fashion trends. But, according to some fashion standards, a little overflow or under-flow of fashion in your personality can make you look awkward. It is not just some fashion mistakes; in fact, some style mistakes can also put you in a compromised situation. 

Fashion Mistakes One Must Avoid

The terms ‘fashionable’ and ‘unfashionable’ play a notable role in defining your personality; a slight style mistake can turn you unfashionable from fashionable in a fraction of time. In this article, I’ll discuss some of the common style and fashion mistakes that most women make while carrying a specific style that can put them at stake.

1. Don’t Run after Fashion Trends

fashion mistakes - Don't Run after Fashion Trends

Most women forget their figure while following current fashion trends, which results in an awkward appearance. So always try to wear those clothes that fit perfectly to your body. Even if the trend is of baggy clothes, and you are a bit overweight, just dodge wearing loose clothes as they will make you look fat. Slim women can carry loose-fitting clothes comfortably. Even if it’s a fashion of that time, always look for the dress trends that suit your figure. Fashion trends appear for every new season, and most of the time, these trends feature dresses for a particular body type. Following every trend is a big mistake. So try to follow fashion but don’t oversee your body and figure. 

2. Poorly Ironed Clothes

Poorly Ironed Clothes

Whatever you are wearing, make sure it must be neat and properly ironed. Poorly ironed clothes give a terrible impression. A perfect suit or dress should always be wrinkle-free. It would be wise while shopping, always look for those clothes that are easy to care for and don’t wrinkle easily.

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3. Wearing too Many Accessories

fashion mistakes - Wearing too Many Accessories

Accessories complete your look, so knowing what goes with your dress is necessary. Accessories give more style to your clothing, but just like anything, excessiveness is also not good. However, flaunting too many accessories is never advisable; unless you are attending some Indian marriage, Indian wedding attire is always heavy with overmuch jewelry and accessories. But when it comes to day-to-day look or a dinner party, even though you are going as per the fashion trends, make sure you don’t look fully loaded with fashion products. So try to wear cute and stylish accessories with your dress but in a decent volume that looks well for you. 

4. Too Long Sleeves Can Put You in a Situation

Too Long Sleeves Can Put you in a Situation

Many of you can relate to this frustrating issue—where you find this one perfect dress that fits you well, except the sleeves are too long. Still, you think you can manage and can carry the clothing easily. But some wardrobe stylists disagree with your thoughts, as per them it does influence your look. It is better to alter the sleeves if they are too long; long sleeves must end just past the wrist bone. This is a most common alteration that doesn’t cost much and can make your outfit go from good-looking to custom-made.

5. Tag or Product Labels are Still There… 

fashion mistakes - Tag or Product Labels are Still there

Although this rarely happens with anyone and you can’t say it can never happen. For example, sometimes, in a rush, you forget to remove the tags—this really is a style crisis or can say a big fashion mistake. So be thorough while wearing new clothes, make sure tags and labels are removed. Product labels are little tags usually found on the wrists of coats and are designed in a way that they can be removed easily and are not part of the coat’s design—leaving them on, rubbles the charm of your outerwear. In a nutshell, leaving the product labels on clothing is almost similar to leaving the tags on.

6. Know the Shades of your Lipstick and Lip Liner

Know the Shades of your Lipstick and Lip Liner

The poor collaboration of lipstick and lip liner is another notable style mistake. Wearing a lip liner that poorly synchronizes with the shade of your lipstick gives an awful impression, and the best way to overcome this mistake is that always try to wear a liner that is one shade darker than that of lipstick.

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7. Say ‘No’ to Heavy Jewelry 

fashion mistakes - Say'No' to Heavy Jewelry 

Wearing very heavy jewelry without any occasion is another fashion blunder; some women do this to show off their social status or to look ethnic. But one must avoid this because small and decent jewelry can suit best for a formal look; wearing large-sized necklaces and earrings without any occasion is a fashion disaster.

8. Avoid Mix and Match Exorbitant Patterns

Avoid Mix and Match Exorbitant Patterns

Stocking too many patterns on a single dress looks very odd. To carry too many patterns or design altogether is not a cup of tea for everyone; it rarely suits every woman—and even if patterned cloth suits you, don’t try to mix and match the pattern as it will really not look great. Go for the patterned clothes but in a sensible way!

9. Avoid Overabundance of Colors

fashion mistakes - Avoid Overabundance of Colors

The use of color schemes counts a lot to your fashion sense—wearing too many colors looks pretty unusual, and you are certainly at a mistake if you are doing so. Colors and fashion go hand-in-hand, so try to select colors for your dress in a decent way, as wearing too many colors on a single dress can kill your style and attire and certainly tagged as fashion mistakes.

10. Leave the Heavy Makeup for Big Occasions

Leave the Heavy Makeup for Big Occasions

Wearing too much heavy makeup with your dress is another blunder so try to avoid this. Heavy makeup only suits occasionally, and in a regular routine, carrying heavy makeup doesn’t look sober. For everyday makeup—light eye shadows, eyeliner, and lip gloss or light shade lipstick are just enough to look decent and beautiful.

11. Comprising your Comfort Zone

fashion mistakes - Comprising your Comfort Zone

Fashion is necessary to you; to look stylish is your inner desire; that’s all fine but not at the stake of your comfort. If you dwell and believe in compromising comfort to style, then it is high time to rethink that. Wearing something that doesn’t actually fit just makes you seem awkward. I personally think both comfort and style are essential, so be watchful while shopping so that you can be both stylish and comfy at the same time. Dressing for comfort is crucial— For example, if you are wearing super lewd high heels with a cocktail dress and can’t walk freely, your look eventually fails as anyone can notice your discomfort.

These are some of the prevalent fashion mistakes made by most women, but a little more consideration can let you overcome these faults and look good. Fashion is a necessity of nowadays life but carrying fashion is an art that is not so tricky but demands some time which one can easily give to look fashionable and stylish. Be yourself, be natural; your compassion towards yourself is that style that never fades. Just try to follow fashion trends, knowing what suits you the best, don’t compromise your style sense in order to be a part of the fashion community. Be attentive to avoid fashion mishaps.

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