Shilpa M

( Founder of Women's Podium )

Shilpa M is an internet entrepreneur, blogger, writer, and educator, she loves to pen down her views when she has free time while managing and her other websites. Stay with us to read her write-ups here at WP :) She always believes in happiness😍 and when it comes to home, she is a blessed wife and mom!

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Hey Shilpa, very well written, the way you categorised the relationships and balanced the equation is cool, I have read many article on this topic, but your is matured one, it is practical and anyone can follow it without much effort, only thing we need is right mindset and pov 🙂 keep writing and can we share our views on this blog, as I see you are founder of this blog, so I guess best person to ask out!

oh! we loved your appreciation, yes you can write and share your views, contact us via the contact form, we will get back to you.

Woo! something new 🙂 HEY Admin! You have a different point of view on this matter and that's good. My mil is good to me, ALSO, I am kinda possessive for my hubby but your article is an eye opener for me. I will ask my hubby n MIL to read this interesting point of you 🙂

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