How to Deal with a Break-up? – Better to Breakup if Betrayed!

breakup dealing - deal with a breakup

A relationship breakup is painful and brutal to deal with, and unfortunately, now we hear it more often within our social circle. However, as breakups are invincible and not under your control, it is must to know how to deal with a breakup. Carrying the pain of the breakup is better than keeping the relationship with a cheating partner. Undoubtedly, the loss of any relationship only brings tears and sorrow to your life, but if there is suspicion or mistrust in the relationship, it is better to quit. It is not wise to carry a relationship with a burden; it is better to move on sooner, or it may be too late to cope. Also, it depends on person to person how they behave and react when dealing with a breakup. Again, the pain depends on how and to which extent one is hurt when cheated by their partners.

How to Deal with a Breakup?

This is the time when you deal with thousands of emotions: sometimes you feel sad, angry, neglected and emotionally drained, which is perfectly fine; in fact, it is natural, and many people feel the same when going through breakups. Feelings like sadness, anger or guilt may lead to feeling abandoned, confused, rejected or lonely.

Everyone feels differently while going through a breakup; the longer relationship is, so is the pain. Some people feel that their world has turned upside down and their life will never be back on track. Sometimes you find yourself restless, agitated, loss of appetite, and lack of motivation or energy to do anything. And sometimes, you might want to get over a breakup quickly by any means, but remember one thing that it will take some time. Take your time but not too much, your life is yours, and you must give priority to yourself, take care of yourself and seek ways to deal with the breakup. Today, in this article, I am trying to share some easy tips that can help you lessen breakup pain to some extent.

1. Stop Blaming Yourself

stop blaming

It is hard for anyone to recover from the pain caused due to the breakup. Sometimes you may find yourself guilty and start to blame yourself for whatever has happened between you two. Here the most important thing is to stop blaming yourself for the mishap, especially when you are not at fault or wrong. You have to accept that you are not responsible for whatever has happened, and it was your disloyal partner who initiated the end of the relationship. So, just trust yourself.

2. Talk and Express Your Feelings

discuss with friends - deals with breakup

Let your emotion and grief come out, talk to your closest friends. Express your feelings to the friends who can understand your situation. We all know that talking and sharing our problems with someone we trust can help us see things clearly. While dealing with the breakup, don’t sideline yourself; just let your emotions and grief come out. Talk to your trusted people, express your feelings to friends who relate to your emotions and give you comfort and emotional support. If you want to cry, do so, cry out loud, just don’t keep your grief tied.

3. Take Time

take time for healing

Time is a great and the best healer for any pain. When you are serious with someone, and due to any ‘X’ reasons, now when you are dealing with a breakup, firstly, all you need is to give time to yourself to heal. Allow yourself plenty of time for healing. Remember, different people heal at different rates, so do not worry if it takes a little longer in your case, be patient, motivate and appreciate yourself constantly.

4. Cut off All the Ties

cut off the contacts - deals with breakup

Cut off contacts completely. It will be tough for you to recover from the situation if you keep any kind of touch or relationship with your ex. Some people keep in touch even after the breakups. But if you find yourself uncomfortable, it is better to cut off contacts completely. It may be easy for the other person, but just let it go if it is tough for you. In most breakups, the person who initiates the breakup is mentally prepared to deal with it, whereas the other suffers more and take time to recover. So, in such a situation, if you keep any communication with your partner, it will hurt you more. Simply be strong and delete the contact info from your phone or social media, let it be once and for all. Try to live a life even after a failed relationship, life is short and we have to live it to the fullest.

5. Keep Yourself Busy

keep yourself busy

It isn’t easy to forget when you were sincere about someone in a relationship. When the relationship is deep, it becomes so hard to forget the memories as they keep popping up in your mind. As we know, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop, so it is better to be involved in some work that keeps you busy. Take up a part-time job or join some online courses; just keep yourself occupied. Ensure not to permit yourself anytime to think, daydream, or recall the painful times. Focus on anything where you find happiness and where you can enjoy. Read your favorite books, watch movies with your girlfriends, go clubbing or shopping, do whatever helps you divert your mind. Most importantly, do not think about that person or relationship. Keep yourself busy.

6. Meditation or Exercise

Exercise daily - deals with breakup

Besides keeping yourself busy in other activities, don’t miss adding an exercise routine to your lifestyle. If you are not fond of exercise, just go for meditation or yoga; these two are helpful to keep your mind off the stresses and relieve your inner chaos. If you are free during the morning hours, devote at least 15 minutes to relax through meditation. Believe it or not, it will surely help you ease your grief.

7. Activate Your Social Life

be social

Usually, after breakups, most people wrap themselves in a shell. Some people boycott going outside; they simply decline invitations and feel guilty or apologetic for having fun. Just come out of this feeling and make sincere efforts to meet new people. Join some new clubs or support groups where you will find new people or people going through the same grief. If not new people, spend time with your families and friends. As far as possible, try to surround yourself with people you love. Attend all social gatherings you are invited to. Whether you don’t like to go outside or be social, simply follow or trust this old adage—Fake it till you make it.

8. Take Time for a New Relationship

take time to start new relation - deals with breakup

Some people believe that getting involved with a new person may help overcome the grief of a breakup or make it easier to forget their past relationship. This is just not true; love doesn’t happen like this, and by doing this, you can’t justify the other person. And it is one of the worst things that anybody can do to themselves. Do not jump into some other relationships without giving proper time for healing. It will help if you give sufficient time to recover yourself from the situation. Allow some time to learn how to be happy on your own.

9. Professional Help

seek professional help to overcome

And after doing all the above things, still, you find yourself struggling to overcome the failed relationship, now is high time to take professional guidance. Some people hesitate to take professional help, but here you have to understand that if nothing is helping you to recover from your situation, you have to seek professional therapy.

Whether a relationship lasts four weeks or four years, breakups leave us emotionally broken, abandoned, and sometimes physically sick. There is no magic recipe for overcoming the pain in a blink; you need a healthy coping mechanism to move ahead from your breakup with inner peace and strength. Try the above mentioned quick ways of recovery to deal with the breakup. Yes, indeed, it will not take away the pain you have gone through, but it will surely relieve you to some extent.

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