First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas!

gift ideas - wedding anniversary gift ideas

Marriage brings two people together, and the wedding anniversaries vouch for the love of two people growing ever stronger and more fulfilling as the years go by. Every occasion gets best when gifts come into the pitch, and seeing this, the first wedding anniversary gift ideas have to be exceptional. The first wedding anniversary is an unforgettable moment as the two of you have spent a whole year staying together. This is the time to cherish those wonderful and precious moments that the two of you have spent together. By now, you have understood each other’s needs; you have started caring for each other. 

Best Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

However, every couple wants to celebrate this special occasion on their own and in a much unique way. The first year is truly crucial, whether it is an arranged marriage or a love marriage. Wedding anniversary gifts are the perfect way to express your love. Now, when you have lived together for a year, you are well aware of each other’s likes and dislikes, finding the perfect gift for your first wedding anniversary is a tough job. For a perfect gift, both of you must understand each other well. Here are some fantastic gift ideas for your first wedding anniversary to make it a memorable one.

1. Love Note

love note - wedding anniversary gift ideas

Write a love note on a paper. “I Love You” is the most romantic word if written in your own handwriting. This can be followed by a wedding anniversary card or some romantic photographs of both of you.

2. Photo Frame

photo frame for you love - wedding anniversary gift ideas

It is not necessary that your gifts should be very costly. It can be anything like a photo frame with a special and memorable photograph in it. You can gift it to your spouse to keep it in his or her workplace.

3. Candlelight Dinner

arrange candlelight dinner

Book a table in your favourite restaurant for a candlelight dinner, or else if you are short on cash, make dinner at home for your beloved. Decorate the dinner table with his or her favourite flowers and candles. Prepare your spouse’s favorite dishes. If you don’t know cooking you can order food from your favourite restaurants; otherwise, get help from any online recipe website to learn how to cook.

4. Rekindle your Honeymoon Vacation

honeymoon - wedding anniversary gift ideas

Depending on your budget, you can also go for a vacation at the same place where you have gone for your honeymoon. What can be more romantic?

5. His Favorite Books

favorite books - wedding anniversary gift ideas

If your spouse loves reading books, you can gift books, novels, poetry or any other topics of his/her interest.

6. Bouquet

buy bouquet for your love one - wedding anniversary gift ideas

A flower bouquet is one of the most romantic gifts that you can think of. Choose your spouse’s favourite flowers or colours. Combined it with their favourite chocolates and a bottle of wine.

7. Designer Watches

give designer watch

Designer watches could be a good choice and a long-lasting token of love. There are many branded watches in the market nowadays, and you will find them in all ranges.

8. Romantic Movie

watch romantic movies - wedding anniversary gift ideas

You can book a romantic movie ticket and reserve a dinner table in her favourite restaurant, so to enjoy the evening together.

9. Handwritten Love letter or Poem

hand written love letter - wedding anniversary gift ideas

You can present paintings to your beloved on any romantic theme. Also, combine that with a handwritten love letter or poetry which comes directly from the heart in your own words.

10. Jewelry

give jewelry as a gift

Jewelries have always been a craze for women. Gift her with a beautiful diamond pendant for which she will always feel great.

11. Professional Camera for him/her

gift a professional camera - wedding anniversary gift ideas

For women, if the spouse is fond of photography, a gift of a professional-grade camera would be a nice choice in case your budget allows you to. If he/she already has it, some good accessories for a camera would be a good option you can opt for.

Apart from the gift ideas I have mentioned above, you can also imagine lots of other gift ideas too. You know your spouse better, their likes and dislikes. Remember, anything you give need not to be pricey, but it should convey the love you have for him or her.

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