7 Ways to Move Away From the Painful Past || Practical Steps for Leaving Your Past Behind

move on - leaving your past behind

At some point, in our life, facing disappointment is not abnormal; in fact, hanging in the past is not a constructive approach instead of leaving your past behind is the only way to move on. Humans are meant to make mistakes and to learn from them. However, we don’t prefer to accept the truth. Nonetheless, to move on from such a state is really a tough job, and it needs some strong motivation. Losing your energy by thinking about your past will really leave an adverse impact on your health.

Gear up and Move Away from The Past!

Don’t waste your time and energy; because you can’t change what has happened. Let the let bygones be bygones and search constructive ways to keep the past behind and to move forward.

1. You Just Can’t Leave your Past In a Flash– Let it Go on its Own

let your past go - leaving your past behind

It’s not possible to live a life by placing your foot in the wrong way. This is human nature when we realize our mistakes in the past, and we try our level best to change it. At the end of the day, it is not at all possible, which we all know. So, try to take lessons from your previous experiences and deal with the present distinctly and precisely. Remember to put your best step forward while leaving your past behind. Take your time, in fact, give your present enough time so that your past can slide on its own without any nudge.

2. Stop Pointing Out Your Flaws – Mistakes are Quite a Natural Phenomenon

stop blaming yourself - leaving your past behind

One of the most common human characteristics is to point out flaws from the past, and unknowingly we begin to criticize ourselves repeatedly for the same thing we did in the past. Accept the mistakes, because it is quite natural for – we humans to make a mistake. Try to see it differently, like that was the best option you had at that moment. It could be wrong, but what happened once we can’t change it, we might take lessons from that and be more conscious from the next step.

Don’t react because of the mistakes you have made in the past. Instead of criticizing yourself profusely, you should consider it as your learning lesson. By using your positive mind, you can realize what went wrong and how it would be quite better the next time. Treat is as your learning experience, trust me, and you will never regret it.

3. Stop Giving Power to Others to Question You or Your Past

stop giving power to other to blame you

Stop allowing people to hurt you; it will help you to keep your past in the pastHowever, it entirely depends on you whether you want to give them the power or simply stop them. Getting hurt by your family, friends, people we love is quite common in life. But we need to decide whether we let these incidents happen or take a firm step to end that.

4. Need to Have the Guts of Acceptance

accept the past - leaving your past behind

Don’t nurture the wrong thing that has happened in the past. Instead of getting captivated about the crazy stuff, just allow it to go. You should accept the past as it was because we don’t have the power to change it. We can learn from it and use it to deal with the incident in some better manner.

5. Stop Staying in Your Past Just Leave It

move on - leaving your past behind

Spending your valuable time about thinking how people have treated you is not at all healthy. By thinking about them, you simply allow them to interfere in your present life and to make it miserable. These past incidents are nothing but some painful issues. So look forward and live a positive life leaving your past behind.

Holding those painful memories wouldn’t give you a healthy outcome. It will only provide you with more pain. Allow them to go. Try to learn from your past mistakes, so that you can deal with the situation more carefully in future. When you are thinking about those memories, it means you are allowing them to ruin your present too.

6. Focus on Your Future While Leaving Your Past Behind

focus on your future - leaving your past behind

To make your future beautiful, you need to concentrate there. So, shift your focus from past to future. When you are not able to change your past, then don’t waste any more time by thinking about them. Your aim should be to make your future healthy and strong. You should not permit your past to overpower your present. Don’t waste the chances of a charming future because of your memories. Move on and live a beautiful life with a healthy bone and a positive attitude.

7. Explore Your Hobbies – They Help in Moving Away From Your Past


If your wound is new, it is better to take a break from the current schedule and do whatever you like. If you are unable to focus on work,  pursue your hobby, in case you want to travel alone or with your besties, just make it happen. Plan your travel, explore your favorite destinations, do shopping, and make the present fun and enjoyable and let the past left behind.

So be strong and try to figure out some positive ways to keep it behind you. Nurturing the past all the time doesn’t give you a good result. Attempting these ways will help you to move on and start a new life again while leaving your past behind forever.

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