Mantra Meditation: A Great Way to Start Your Spiritual Journey

Mantra Meditation

What is a Mantra?

what is mantra - Mantra Meditation

Meditation gives peace to the inner mind, and when it combines with mantra meditation, it has a tremendous effect on your body and mind. Mantra is a combination of some words which is also known as divine syllables. It is being chanted mostly at the place of worship with great devotion and faith to receive the blessings from God and Goddess. Mantra has got its origin from the Vedas—there are four Vedas in the Hindu religion, and from the ancient times, the teachings of Vedas were provided by mantra chanting. 

Mantra Meditation

mantra meditation

Mantras are also proved to be a very effective way to achieve meditation. Each word in the mantra creates some vibration. It is not the words that effects; it is the vibration of words that has meanings and also affects our life spiritually. 

Mantra Must Be Pronounced Correctly

pronounced correctly - Mantra Meditation

Every word of the mantra must be pronounced correctly for its effect on our life. For the right outcomes of mantra in your life, it is also important that you give as much devotion and faith as you can. Mantra has a high power to heal your mental and even your psychological body spiritually. But one has to chant the mantra with full devotion. It is believed by many religious gurus that mantra chanting brings you closer to a Divine force. There are different mantras chanted for various deities. 

Choose Your Mantra

choose mantra

Traditionally mantra is chosen by the guru, but it can also be selected by an individual who wants to practice the mantra. But the thing to be taken care of is in choosing the right mantra for you because it is going to affect your mental and psychic awareness. 

Meditation Brings Happiness

brings happiness - Mantra Meditation

When we do mantra meditation, the vibration of the mantra joins together with our mental consciousness and influences our lives to a great extent. It is because of the power of the sound wave, which is known to us for ages. Meditation brings happiness in our life. The most common mantra which is widely used all over the world for meditation is the word “OM”. Almost all mantra’s started and ended with the word “OM”.

Takes Away All your Tension, Sadness, and Stress

take away stress

During meditation, a person’s mind will gradually disconnect from all worldly desires. During the time he or she is meditating, the mind becomes free from any tension, sadness, stress, and all. Every different sound vibrating at the time of meditation creates different forms and presentations in one’s mind. Well, the mantra has always been related to the religious thing, but in the true sense, it is not so, it is actually for inner peace.

Designate a Worship Place

designate a worship place

Those who practice mantra meditation need lots of patience also apart from faith and devotion. On being successfully practicing, a person will feel complete and most successful in everything. The place of doing mantra meditation also plays an important role. However, it is mostly chanted at the place of worship, other than that one should practice it in a very calm or silent place. The place must be clean and away from any clutters. One can do a mantra meditation in one corner of a room preferably sitting on a mat. The mat must be used by a single person only, and it should not be shared. Keep your mind calm, and start chatting with a good strong will, and faith. Gradually after practicing meditation for some time, you will feel that the surrounding place where you practice mantra meditation has energized. You will feel this energy in yourself. 

Know how to Chant the Mantra

how to chant the mantra - Mantra Meditation

The next important thing is the way you chant the mantra. The chanting can be done in three different ways, i.e. loud, whispering, and silent. These three different forms of chanting provide different effects on the individual because frequencies vary in all these three forms. Among these, the silent method of chanting is proved to be highly effective. It is believed to have the highest frequencies as compared to the other two forms. Silently chanting of mantra is also called “Japa” and the one which is loudly spoken is called “Stotra”.

Focus on one Object

focus on one object

Once you start meditating focus your mind to think or visualize any single object. The object can be anything, for example, it can be a rock, a rising sun, a flower, a statue or image of a God, a flame, etc. Then choose a mantra for meditation and try not to change it. Changing the mantra during any time of your spiritual journey will create an obstruction. It will be difficult for you to reach higher levels if you change mantras. One should take the advice of a guru for choosing the mantra and for its correct pronunciation and for creating the right vibration. Choose the one which you feel more comfortable with. 

Body Posture Matters

body posture matters - Mantra Meditation

The proper way of sitting for meditation is to sit straight. Padmasana and Siddhasana are proven to be the most suitable positions. It gives maximum support to your body, and you will not feel uncomfortable or tired for a much longer time. This posture also prevents you from bending. 

Deep Breath is Must in Mantra Meditation

take deep breath

One should start meditation by taking a deep breath. It is a great way to start because you will feel relaxed and peaceful. Breathing is something that you need to take care of. One must compare the flow of the air, which is exhaling from both nostrils before starting meditation. For meditation, the right nostril should not exhale more as compared with the left one. The main reason behind this is that the right nostril represents the physical force, whereas the left nostril represents mental forces. And for beginners, the silent form of mantra meditation is advisable because that will help to control the mind from any distractions. During meditation, the eyes should be completely closed because it is advisable that there should not be any eyeball movement during meditation.   

Focus on Beads to Avoid Distraction

avoid distraction

Most of you may have seen people meditating with beads or mala in their hands. Meditation with turning beads is best in case your mind takes time to stable or concentrate. Mala helps you not to get distracted from various barriers and to continue Japa with better stability. It is advisable to keep the mala covered in a piece of cloth and turn each bead by keeping it in between the thumb and the ring finger. The middle finger is used to rotate the beads. 

Follow the Routine Regularly

follow routine - Mantra Meditation

You should be very regular in mantra meditation to achieve higher levels in the spiritual journey. If you are not sure about the time, you can devote yourself to meditation apart from your everyday chores, and you should start practicing just for 5 to 10 minutes daily. Morning time is the best time for mantra meditation.

Gradually by practicing mantra meditation for some time with full faith and devotion, you will notice the difference in your mind and body, and you will feel more complete. Last but not least, I would like to say that practice the mantra meditation to believe in its magical effects. 

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