How to Make Fluffy Cheese Omelette?


Be it omelette or scrambled eggs for breakfast or light dinner; I would never say ‘No’ to them. You can’t go out all the time when craving a restaurant like omelette, so try making it at home. Trust me; it is not that tough; after a few tries, you will be quite competitive enough to make them even if you are in a hustle. Omelette grants a versatile approach; you can play with many other ingredients to come up with a new variation of omelette and the quicker one that I pick most of the time is ‘Cheese Omelette’. 

Is it Omelette or Omelet?

Type it omelette or omelette; both are correct. The French call it omelette, and Americans spell omelette; both are cooked similarly with the same ingredients but with a slight change in technique. You need to flip the edges of the beaten eggs in the pan from the sides and fold it in half in an American omelette. In contrast, in a French omelette, you need to shake it constantly during cooking until it gets set and then roll it, and your rolled omelette is ready to serve!

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What is the Best Filling and Cheese for Omelette?

  1. While making a cheese omelette, you might have a few questions, such as:
  2. What is the best cheese to put in an omelette?
  3. Is a cheese omelette healthy?
  4. What is the best cheese for eggs?
  5. Can you put veggies in a cheese omelette?
  6. How to enhance the taste of an omelette?
Best Cheese Omelette

When I make an omelet, most of the time, it’s the cheese that strikes the most; it could be because it is always available in my fridge and tastes yummy. Not only cheese, but I prefer other fillings, too, to add to the omelette. My favourite omelette is when served with steamed vegetables on top of it, plus it is healthier too. Cooking is literally a science; you can do endless experiments to get some of the best recipes; while talking about eggs and omelettes, let’s check out some ideas for the stuffing while making an omelet.

1. Cheese

Cheddar, mozzarella, goat cheese, alpine cheeses, parmesan and feta cheese; all these cheeses melt perfectly. But if you want Indian flavour to the omelet, try adding paneer, although it won’t melt; hence you can slice or cut into tiny cubes to get the chewy texture.

2. Vegetables and Garden

Blending raw veggies in the omelet turns out to be the healthiest version. A variety of garden and vegetables are in line to add in a salutary and delicious omelette. You can add sliced mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, spinach, chopped bell pepper, diced onions, avocados, kale, tomatoes, leeks, sauteed asparagus, roasted potatoes, jalapenos and artichoke hearts.

3. Best Meats 

Those who are fond of meat in their omelette can stuff it with any cooked meat: crab, crispy cooked bacon, diced ham, salmon, shrimp, leftover fried chicken, finely chopped sausage, or thinly sliced steak. Adding meat means adding protein to your diet, so if you love to play with different flavours, try adding your favourite meat next time in your omelette but do remember to cut them into smaller and delicate pieces. Omelet’s easygoing versatility makes it easy to gel with veggies, meat, and herbs. 

4. Fresh Herbs 

Try adding chives, basil, thyme, cilantro, and parsley next time you make an omelette breakfast. Herbs are indeed a must; omelettes naturally blend with other stuffings but get inclined towards the heavier ingredients; adding fresh herbs help to create that perfect balance you need in your omelette.

5. Rich and Delicious Omelet Fillings

For most of us, omelets are quick and easy-to-make breakfast recipes; still, if you love to explore and take it to the next level, try adding rich flavours like sour cream, caviar, kimchi or cajun.

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How to Make an Omelette with Cheese?

Making Omelette With Cheese


  • Eggs: 4
  • Milk: 2 tbsp (optional)
  • Onion: ½ cup finely chopped
  • Spring onions: ¼ cup finely chopped
  • Green chilli: 1-2 finely minced
  • Red bell pepper: 1 tbsp chopped
  • Sliced mushrooms: ¼ cup
  • Salt to taste
  • Black pepper: ¼ tsp
  • Coriander leaves or cilantro: 1 tbsp finely chopped 
  • Shredded mozzarella cheese or freshly grated cheddar cheese: ½ cup
  • Oregano or mixed herbs: 1 tsp 
  • Sweet corn: 1 Tbsp (optional)
  • Butter, Olive oil or vegetable oil: 2 tbsp


  • Take a bowl and beat or whisk the eggs with a fork and combine well. You can add about two tbsp of milk to blend it perfectly, although this is optional.
  • One by one, add chopped onion, green chilli, mushroom, and bell pepper, and mix it. Now add salt, black pepper, coriander leaves or cilantro, and sweet corn. Whisk the mixture for 2 minutes and put it in the fridge for five minutes.
  • Put a nonstick pan over medium-low heat, melt the butter or pour oil.
  • Take out the egg mixture from the fridge, and with the help of a ladle, pour it into the pan, spread it evenly with the help of the spoon and cook without stirring until the edges begin to set.
  • With a flat silicone spatula, gently shift and press the edges toward the centre of the pan.
  • Sprinkle spring onions, herbs and cheese all over it; let it cook on a low flame for two-four minutes. 
  • If you want to microwave it, transfer the omelette to a flat microwave-safe flat dish and microwave it for 1-2 minutes.
  • Your omelette is ready to relish with fresh homemade whole-wheat bread. You can serve the cheese omelette with fresh-made veggie salad or simply enjoy the cheese omelette with herbs, cheese, honey cream, and cheese butter.
Making Omelette With Cheese

Important Tips

  • Always cook the omelette over medium-low heat; if you cook eggs over a high flame, it can burn quickly, other ingredients remain half-cooked, or your omelette gets overcooked.
  • Always keep your stuffing ready so that you don’t miss them to add at the right time. Also, never overstuff the filling, as it will ruin the omelette’s taste, enhancing other ingredients’ flavours. Furthermore, when omelettes are overstuffed, they break or rip easily and can’t be folded.
  • Do take the correct measurement and the best pan for making omelettes.

Eggs are an incredible, affordable source of protein; if not in a hurry. Other than cheese omelet try to make an omelet with mixed stuffing or vegetables and herbs. Serve cheese omelette with whole meal bread and a simple tomato-lettuce salad for a healthy balanced meal.

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