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low calorie breakfast

A low-calorie breakfast is a kick-off start for your long day, keeping you energized throughout the day. Also, such breakfast recipes make your exercise sessions a lot more enjoyable. Men with wisdom claimed to grab a healthy breakfast like a king and dinner like a pauper — interpreting this saying wrongly, most people stuff their morning platter with loads of sugar and fats. This habit brings loads of calories, distressing your physical conditions later in life. In response, people start skipping breakfast. However, it would not help much until they start bringing up the idea of shredding calories.

Can We Cut Off These Extra Calories Fast?

Indeed, one can figure out various ways for cutting out extra calories. In fact, combating up to 400 calories a day is a good way to start your weight loss journey. In addition, getting yourself a low-calorie breakfast would help you restart your routine with health and taste. Furthermore, preparing a healthy breakfast doesn’t have to be time-consuming at all.

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Five Quick And Healthy Low-calorie Breakfast Recipes

Who has got the time to try out something special other than regular fried sausages and butter toasts? Also, it can be pretty tricky to understand which foods are healthy and which are not. Thankfully, I found some quick but low-calorie breakfast recipes to help you reach all your nutritional goals. Also, they are best suited for those who struggle with the ‘how to cook with ease’ question.

1. Kiwi Flavored Yoghurt Smoothie

Kiwi Flavored Yoghurt Smoothie - low calorie breakfast

Smoothies stand in line with healthy breakfast choices that everyone opts for without worrying about calories. You would need to spend only 95 calories for this nourishing glass with a tempting taste.

Traditionally eastern breakfast recipes include yogurt and buttermilk. Pairing them with some fruits helps reduce the number of calories you may end up eating with a traditional breakfast routine. So, if you want to go even easier on your waistline, try out the Kiwi yogurt smoothie. These low calories smoothies are a perfect addition to your breakfast on-the-go menu.  


  • 3-5 tsps. of Greek yogurt (Fat-free)
  • One peeled Kiwi fruit
  • 40 g blueberries
  • Nutmeg or cinnamon to sprinkle some taste
  • 2-3 mint leaves to garnish

How to Make?

Making a yogurt smoothie doesn’t take much of your effort. Combining the elements is the first step of your breakfast preparations. Use a grinder (Food processor) to blend them all. Next, pour this frothy smoothie into your favorite glass. Sprinkle some cinnamon or crushed nutmegs for the pinch of taste and garnish with mint leaves.

2. Oats Porridge With Almonds

Oats Porridge With Almonds

There are plenty of delicious, low-calorie breakfast recipes available today, but the porridge is still my personal favorite. This healthy eating breakfast recipe includes porridge (not refined flour) and eggs high in protein and fiber. To make a delicious and easy breakfast treat, substitute some sweet oatmeal in it. You can add fresh fruit or yogurt for a little bit of dessert touch if you wish.


  • Porridge oats 100g 
  • Almond milk 500ml 
  • Ground cinnamon ½ tsp. 
  • Honey-2 tbsp.
  • Frozen berries 100g 
  • Almond margarine 2 tbsp.
  • A modest bunch of sliced almonds, berries, and flax seeds to garnish

How to Make?

Along with almond milk, cinnamon, and honey, put porridge oats into a frying pan. Cautiously cook for 5 minutes. Keep stirring until the oats gain a velvety texture. Now turn off the burner after making sure that they are perfectly cooked. Pour almonds spread on the top and scoop them into bowls. Add a final touch with berries, flax seeds, and almonds before serving.

3. Low-Calorie Healthy Bowl With Coconut Drupe, Raspberry, And Quinoa

Low-Calorie Healthy Bowl With Coconut Drupe - low calorie breakfast

Fruits, especially berries and coconut, are always nutritious for us whether we eat them in the morning or any time of the day. Preparing them with quinoa is another 5 minutes low calories breakfast recipe that is easy to make. To prepare this low-calorie breakfast, you need to cut three or four portions of your favorite fruits and mix them well. This healthy yet low-calorie breakfast would be ready within five minutes as follows.


  • Quinoa 75g
  • Almond milk 250ml
  • Coconut water 100ml
  • Coconut sugar 2 tbsp.
  • Cocoa powder 1 tbsp.
  • Raspberries 100g
  • Cocoa dips 2 tbsp.
  • Coconut chips 2 tbsp., toasted 

How to Cook?

Put the quinoa, almond milk, coconut water, coconut sugar, and cocoa powder in a small container and cook over medium flame for 15-20 minutes. Mix constantly until the quinoa becomes delicate. Add berries with 1 tbsp. of coconut sugar and raisins ( optional ). Also, squeeze a small orange to extract maximum flavor. Heat up until the sugar melts and the berries are mollified, but not soft. Lightly whisk the quinoa with milk or water and plate it out. Top it with raspberries, cocoa nibs, and coconut chips lightly sprinkled on top.

4. Egg White Omelet With Spinach – A Keto Breakfast Recipe

Egg White Omelet

For a healthy breakfast, you can’t forget the goodness of eggs. Any recipe with eggs is hearty and satisfying. Here I bring my all-time love low-calorie breakfast recipe made using eggs, freshly beaten and unseasoned. It is a basic omelet, coupled with some fresh salad or yogurt dip. This breakfast revs up the breakfast ideas for teens. The calorie code of this fluffy omelet is just 91 calories.


  • Four egg whites
  • three two five spinach leaves
  • Cherry tomato, salt, and pepper for seasoning
  • One tsp. olive oil

How to Cook?

Whisk all egg whites in a bowl. Make sure the batter becomes smooth. Otherwise, you would never get a fluffy omelet; the one always excites you in the French recipe books. We would only use one tablespoon of olive oil as we cannot afford to exchange more than forty calories for cooking. Indeed, it is the healthiest oil to cook in. Take a pan, pour the omelet batter in it, place one or two spinach leaves, cook it from both ends, and now, using a wooden spatula, place the yummy cooked omelet into the dish. Sprinkle a little salt for taste and serve this healthy omelet with spinach, cherry tomato, and pepper seasoning on a white plate.

You can enjoy this low-calorie omelet with detoxifying water and some raw vegetable slices. This omelet is one of the authentic post-workout breakfasts.

5. English Butter Crumpets

English Butter Crumpets - low calorie breakfast

On cheat days, I usually go a little higher than my regular calorie count. Of Course, the crunchy texture and flavorful melting butter are worth the exchange of 183 calories. Dieticians claim to enjoy up to 300 calories in breakfast to support active weight loss. 

So, chewing a buttered crumpet once a week would not slow down your health journey. Instead, it would be a treat for your metabolism. This fast and healthy breakfast recipe is compatible when you are following healthy weight loss plans. The taste of smearing butter would give you ample motivation for the next week with low-calorie breakfasts. Also, butter would compensate for any excellent fat deficiency in your body.


  • 1 Tsp. of butter (13 calories)
  • One crumpet
  • Half tsp. honey or marmite

How to Make?

Take a pan, and toast the crumpets lightly. Next, splotch a thin layer of butter to complete your breakfast recipe. Finally, use honey or marmite for the crumpet’s dipping sauce.

Healthy living is a dream of everyone these days. Meals, especially breakfast with low-calorie and high-nutrition, would work in this regard. One can create one’s own Low-calorie breakfast recipes, snacking on high-fiber vegetables, cocktails, and tortilla wraps. 

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