18 Signs Your Sibling is Your Partner in Crime (Updated 2024)

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A Partner in Crime’ is one of the most used phrases to describe someone you can have all the fun with! But is that all to a partner in crime? What does being a partner in crime mean? Who makes a good partner in crime? Or how to be a good partner in crime?

What is a Partner in Crime?

what is partner in crime

In popular culture, a partner in crime is someone who you have fun with, someone you trust, and someone who sticks by your side through thick and thin. Initially used in the context of actual crimes, a partner in crime meant literally – an accomplice to a crime. However, due to its friendly nature and simple structure, the phrase quickly became one used by friends all over the world. 

So, Who or What Makes a Good Partner in Crime?

good partner in crime

In today’s context, a partner in crime does not mean someone who helps you do something harmful or dangerous. The phrase has derived a more subdued and informal meaning today. A partner in crime can be anyone; a partner, a friend, a sibling, a cousin, a parent, or any other family member too! A good partner in crime could be someone who allows you to be real, who lets you take calculated risks, who allows you to explore yourself, and who supports you in the best way possible. 

How Can You Be a Good Partner in Crime?

how can be a good partner in crime

Firstly, being called a partner in crime can be a different experience for everyone. Some people may like the phrase, and some may not. So, feel free to decide whether you want to define yourself as a partner in crime with somebody or do you prefer to call yourself something else.

Secondly, even though the phrase is overused and represented by popular culture in a particular way, know that only you can choose what it means to you. If you are a friend, a sibling, a parent, or anything else where you choose to call yourself a partner in crime, take the time to understand what that phrase means to you, and follow your intuition about it. After all, there is no right or wrong way to be a partner in crime!

A Sibling as a Partner in Crime

Sibling as a partner

Sibling relationships can be the closest relationships we could ever have. Growing up in the same family or with similar value systems makes it a relationship unlike any other. Siblings share joy, sorrow, grief, and success together. They go through all kinds of experiences together, so it is only fair that a sibling is called a partner in crime if one chooses to do so. A sibling might be your biological sibling, a cousin, or a friend who fills that position in your life. If you identify with the term, here are 15 signs that your sibling could be a partner in crime.

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18 Signs that Your Sibling is Your Partner in Crime

1. You Have Similar Thrill-Seeking Interests

Similar Thrill Seeking Interests

You both tend to enjoy thrill-seeking activities or enjoy having a shared interest in things like exploring old abandoned places. You may get involved in many urban discoveries, or other thrilling activities that might cross the bridge of sanity. This means you are each other’s partner in crime.

2. You Always Cover For Each Other

Always Cover For Each Other crime partners

Whenever you need someone to cover for you, you know that your sibling will be there for you. You find that your sibling is willing to cover for you or provide an alibi if needed, in situations where you might get into trouble. And you would do the same for them.

3. You Have A Long History of Troubles

Long History of Troubles

You and your sibling have a history of getting into trouble together. Whether it’s minor pranks, skipping school, or other rebellious behavior, you have each other’s back. You both get into trouble at the same time. But you enjoy each other’s company.

4. They are Your Safe Space

Healthy siblings relation

Possibly the most important thing about this relationship is that it feels like a safe space. A close sibling relationship creates an expanse where the two of you feel confident that you are heard, understood, and accepted. And thus, it becomes your safe space.

5. You can be Yourself with Them

Siblings Connection

As with any other close relationship, a good sibling relationship will allow you the time and space to be truly yourself with each other. This relationship will hold the space for you to lower your walls and have a meaningful connection.

6. You can Celebrate Your Successes with Them

Pure relationship partner in crime

When you are happy, there is nothing you’d want other than your closest ones by your side. A good sibling relationship takes the time to support each one of your successes, no matter how small or large.

7. You can Mourn over Your Failures with Them

siblings partner in failure

Having someone to share your failures is as important, if not more so, than having someone to celebrate your successes. A sibling relationship gives you the freedom to process your failures and move on from them in a healthy way.

8. They are Brutally Honest with You

Brutally honest with You

Support does not just come from the agreement. A supportive sibling is the one who gives you critical feedback when you need to hear it, even if you don’t like it at the moment.

9. They Push You to Overcome Your Limitations

Push you to overcome your limitations

Being partners in crime does not just mean having fun. It means making the other person aware of their weaknesses and challenging them to overcome their struggles.

10. They Understand You

They understand you crime partners

Growing up in similar environments and spaces generally helps siblings understand each other better. This is an important characteristic of a healthy bond that makes the other person feel understood.

11. They Respect Differences of Opinion

Respect differences of opinion

Even the best relationships go through periods of conflict. And it is no different for sibling relationships. In times of disagreement, it is the respect for the other person’s opinion that prevents the relationship from breaking down. A good sibling relationship has respect at its core.

12. They are Willing to Communicate

crime partners willing to communicate

Communication is key to every relationship. A willingness to talk through issues and sort them out is a significant factor in determining the strength of a sibling relationship.

13. They Make Space for Things that are Important to You

Partner in crime bonding

As siblings, maybe you share similar interests or different ones. However, taking the time to understand each other’s interests and making space for them goes a long way in strengthening the relationship. 

14. Nothing Can Separate You

Nothing can separate you

Whether it is a physical distance, a period of hectic schedules with no time to talk to each other or massive life changes – a sibling relationship survives through the rough patches only to come out stronger on the other end. 

15. You Make Time for Each Other

Partner in crime makes time for each other

When you truly enjoy someone’s company, you don’t have to struggle to make time for them. In a close sibling relationship, you actively make the time to see each other and do activities together, even if only for a short time.

16. They are Always there for You

True Siblings Love

Be it the good, bad, or ugly sides of life, a partner in crime is someone who never leaves your side. If your sibling is this person in your life, you might just have the perfect person to call your true pillar.

17. You Can Have Fun with Them

Have fun with them crime partners

The definitions of fun can be very different for different people. However, if you can have fun, whatever it means to you, most genuinely, then this sibling relationship is very precious.

18. You Reciprocate all the above Actions

Great Relationship

A good bond can never be one-sided. It always takes time and continuous effort from both people. If this describes your sibling relationship, then you might consider yourself lucky to have someone like this in your life.

These were 18 signs that your sibling is your partner in crime or any other phrase you use to describe someone so close to you. Remember, forming this kind of strong and deep relationship takes time, and it is a personal journey where only you can decide what feels right to you.

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