Lockdown – What to do? Social Distancing – How to Cope?

Social Distancing
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Lockdown and Social distancing have changed everyone’s life completely; staying home has its own perk. You get enough time to think about yourself and the people around you. Family’s value in life matters most to almost everyone now. People have now ample time to rebound and revive their relationship, which was repressed due to busy, tiring life before coronavirus pandemic.

Take a Break – Enjoy Lockdown and Follow Social Distancing

Social distancing and Lockdown
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Although it is somehow getting boring to stay at home all the time, if you want to be safe and take precaution against coronavirus, then lockdown and maintaining social distancing are mandatory. It’s okay to take a break from the life you were living if it is for the safety of human genes. Try to make the best out of lockdown and social distancing.

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What to do During Lockdown and How to Cope with Social Distancing

Stay Home during COVID-19 Lockdown
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Pledge to make this lockdown worth for you instead of taking depression and boredom lead over you. Trust me, if you look around you, you will find ‘N’ numbers of things to do during the lockdown. At the moment, stay at home is bliss if you want to fight with COVID-19. There are millions of things you can do while staying home. Let’s delve a few manageable things which we all can do during the lockdown period.

Deep Cleaning – A Good Way to Maintain Cleanliness and Hygiene

Deep cleaning - Make the Lockdown Worth
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We didn’t get much time to deep clean our home, due to the busy schedule and work pressure, in our daily routine life. Take this lockdown as an opportunity when you can deep clean your home. In this way, you can keep your surrounding clean and safe for everyone around you, including you.

Gardening – Mind Changing Chore During Lockdown Period

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Gardening gives peace when you see your hard work giving you fruits, and it’s a moment to cherish. During this time of staying home, you can opt for gardening to spend your quality time. People who live in independent houses have a quality space for gardening. Still, people who live in apartments or flats can also enjoy gardening in their balcony in planters; it may be restricted but enjoyable.

Get in Touch with your Old Buddies

Get in touch with old buddies
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Now, when you have quality time, think about what you have missed, to whom you have never called for ages. Due to the busy schedule, we often miss calling many people. So, this is the time when you can rekindle all your old and forgotten relationships by calling them. It’s time to take advantage of lockdown and social distancing.

Stream a Movie with Friends – Make Your Life Entertaining!

Streaming movie
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If you are missing going to the movie theatre with your friends, don’t get emotional. You can experience a new thing entirely by streaming movies or web series or Korean dramas to watch together with your friends and being connected via FaceTime or Skype.

Explore Your Lost Hobby – Make the Lockdown Worth!

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Due to busy life, many of us have forgotten our interest, hobbies. You can grab social distancing as an opportunity to explore the hobbies which you have overlooked. So, take out time, think about you, only you!

Join Online Courses – Grow Your Knowledge!

Thanks to the internet, schools and colleges are running via online classes. If you missed to do any classes in past days and you had no time due to your busy life, avail this time of social distancing to join your desired courses or classes.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle – Don’t Disrupt your Mental Health

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Make this time as your free leisure time, get enough sleep, eat balanced and healthy food and do exercises and yoga. If you were doing nothing for your body and kept gaining weight, it’s the time to integrate workout in your lifestyle. Exercises are a must for everyone to live healthy and happy; make sure to live a balanced life. There are thousands of videos on YouTube offering free exercise/workout tutorials. Find something that fits your schedule and good for your body. There are also many online sites which are giving online exercise lessons and diet plans. Take your time, research thoroughly, understand your body, talk to your physician and start some healthy exercises.

Although, as I said, there are millions of things you can do, it totally depends on you how to cope with lockdown and social distancing. I know the readers of Women’s Podium are smart, and I would like our readers to share their views and ideas so that we can get something memorable from this lockdown.

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