Are You in a Damaged Relationship Or Struggling Relationship? How to Save a Dying Relationship?

How to Save a Dying Relationship

Being in a happy and healthy partnership doesn’t always mean that people can’t have a few conflicts and a few days of misunderstandings. In fact, a healthy relationship is built after going through all this struggle. But there’s more to the story of a struggling or dying relationship. Your efforts to save a dying relationship means you still love your partner a lot. So, get up and make an effort on your behalf to light up that spark of love in your partner’s heart that died over the years. Here are a few steps you can take to revive a dying relationship.

How Can You Save A Dying Relationship?

How does one save a dying relationship? It is usually a messy situation, and the slightest of miscalculations can worsen things. You might do something expecting a positive outcome, but it’ll end up backfiring on you. After all, things between you and your partner are already bad at this point. You wouldn’t want it to get any worse.

So, you have to do it right if you want to fix things. Of course, saving a dying relationship is easier said than done. However, it’s not impossible to do that. Taking the right approach will help you save your relationship. And here are a few ways you can do so.

1. Communicate

Communicate - How to Save a Dying Relationship

Lack of communication is often the leading reason behind the end of many relationships. Couples tend to avoid talking about many things, of which financial matters are the most common topic they avoid as per research. 

Miscommunication leads to escalated conflicts, feelings of loneliness, lack of connection, negative perspectives of each other, and much more. Hence, to revive a dying relationship, you must learn to communicate. Share your thoughts and even your deepest secrets. The more you talk it out, the easier it will be to reach a definitive solution. 

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2. Let Go of External Influences

Let Go of External Influences

External influences in a relationship can be anyone who can influence or manipulate your personal opinion regarding your partner or the relationship. These influences can be your friends, relatives, or close associates. And their words might affect your perception. 

So, let these influences go when you’re trying to figure out a way to fix the relationship. Reach out to professionals if you need help or consult with someone. Or simply pay no heed to what they say. 

3. Seek Professional Help

Seek Professional Help - How to Save a Dying Relationship

Couples therapy is a great way to identify the faults in your relationship. It is also an excellent way to start things afresh and better understand one another. 

Studies show that participants who attend at least 12 sessions have a 66% chance of improving their relationships. Most of these relationships saw improvement in under 12 sessions.

The only negative side of couples therapy is that it can be expensive. A one-hour session can cost from $50 to $200. Besides, both you and your partner need to be willing to participate in these sessions. And you need to do everything your counselor suggests you do. 

4. Seek Spiritual Guidance

Seek Spiritual Guidance

If couples therapy seems expensive, or you just don’t want to go for it, you can always try to seek spiritual guidance regarding the matter. Online psychic reading services will be the best option in that regard. Be it via online chat or over phone calls; psychic readers can provide valuable insights and relationship advice to you on a spiritual level.

Online psychic readings are best if you want more privacy. They’ll even email psychic readings if you prefer it that way, which is ideal when you’re seeking confidential advice. Make sure you open up about your problems clearly if you want them to provide you with quality advice. 

5. Consider Taking a Break

Taking a Break - How to Save a Dying Relationship

According to research and surveys, taking a break can impact your relationship positively, negatively, or both. On the one hand, the break might create more distance between the two of you. Instead of talking things out, if you end up going further away from each other, it will not help. In this situation, taking a break might worsen things for your relationship.

On the other hand, the break should work perfectly if there was nothing wrong with the relationship in the first place. That means when you take the break, you’ll realize what you’re missing out on and how much you miss your partner. The appeal and attraction towards them will grow again, helping you fix the relationship.

6. Do Something Together

Do Something Together

Engaging in a common activity with your partner might reignite the long-lost love between the two of you. It’ll help bring the two of you closer and allow you guys to give the relationship another chance. The activity needs to be something engaging. Both of you will have to participate in it. It can’t be anything competitive. Avoid things that either you or your partner are bad at. 

Also, avoid activities that induce stress. Going through a messy relationship is bad enough for the two of you. You wouldn’t want to make things more stressful by willingly doing something stressful. Try going on a quick trip or vacation. Head to a place where you guys can spend time together doing things you enjoy. Or see if you can think of something that both of you love doing. 

You must give each other some space even when doing something together. Remember, things are still shaky between you and your partner. Hence, it’s a good idea to leave some space for the other person so that they don’t think you’re trying to fix things forcefully. 

7. Set Boundaries

Set Boundaries - How to Save a Dying Relationship

When you can’t find a definitive solution to your problems, it is best to find a solution that benefits both. So, setting up boundaries is the best option you can opt for. 

For setting these boundaries, you’ll have to be very honest with each other. Open up about the things that bother you the most, things that you enjoy, and things where you prefer a bit of privacy. Once all this is out there in the open, it’ll be easier for you guys to set boundaries.

8. Look At The Positives Of Your Relationship

Look At The Positives Of Your Relationship

Relationships take effort, so you have to observe the upside of your relationship. When you feel like you have lost interest in your relationship, you tend to find every wrong thing about them. Experts say that you tend to find faults when you look for reasons to be mad at your partner. The reverse goes for finding the good in them. When you do that, you feel good in the relationship.

Similarly, besides silently observing your partner’s positive side try to appreciate them as well. Sometimes a single word of appreciation means much more than a thousand others.

The 3 Sure Signs Of A Dying Relationship

There may be a few conflicts and misunderstandings in every phase of a relationship. But what are some sure signs that indicate your relationship needs extra care? Or when should you be wary of these signs.

1. Non-Existent Communication

non existent communication - How to Save a Dying Relationship

Your communication is not healthy and positive. It is almost like two people living their individual lives without even realizing that there is someone else with them. This gets to a point where you behave like roommates and don’t indulge in each other.

2. The Usual Affection Isn’t There Anymore

Usual Affection isn't there anymore

When you start losing emotional connection, the physical one isn’t far along. Watching a movie on a couch meant snuggles, but you are avoiding your partner at all costs. This means your relationship has gotten to a serious path. So, you better make an effort to save a dying relationship.

3. You Fantasize About Other People

Fantasize About Other People - How to Save a Dying Relationship

Do you start thinking, what if I hadn’t gotten into a relationship with this guy? Or what if that other guy was my partner. That is when your relationship needs CPR to revive. It is a vicious cycle of not communicating, then not wanting to look at each other, then finding faults. Other men seem better to you even if they are not.

So, you have done all you can to save a dying relationship, but it’s still not working. The situation between you two is either unchanged or worse off than when you initially started to work on it. These are signs that it’ll either take more time to fix things or that you should break. Make whatever you can of these signs, but if you’re willing to stay put, patient, and fix that relationship, you might as well keep trying as best you can. Eventually, you’ll realize the best course of action and then act accordingly. 

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