Why Long Distance Relationships Don’t Work?

Why Long Distance Relationships Don't Work?

Every relationship has its beauty. It is a known fact that love reduces most of the sorrows, troubles, and hardships when it takes the shape of a relationship. Seeing commitment issues and work-life balance, especially in today’s life, sometimes long-distance seems like the best option to start a relationship as it gives an ideal possibility to judge and observe how much you are interested in each other. But the core issue in long-distance relationships is to maintain physical closeness. There are many different opinions and suggestions on long-distance relationships based on studies and experiences. Let’s take a sneak peek at why long distance relationships don’t work?

Actually, Why Do Long Distance Relationships Not Work?

It is right that long distance relationships are tough to maintain. Most of them do not work and eventually fail. Such relationships can surely be all love-dovey, passionate and romantic, but they have a short life due to facing life battles continuously, especially in conversation. Long-distant couples depend on the internet to remain in contact, be it Skype, Whatsapp, or Facebook; you can’t beat the physical presence. 

We all know that the foundation of any relationship has many other demands like communication, quality time, and commitment.

But what if your partner is distant apart, living on another continent with different time zones? This time difference makes life harder; most of the time, your partner will be absent. For a shorter time, absence can help you know how much your partner is into you but not at all times; as time passes, chances are higher of drifting apart. Trust me; long distances are tough to maintain; it usually gives you heartache most of the time; let’s read in depth.

Primary Reasons For Short Lifespan Of Long Distance Relationships

There can be several grounds on which the long-distance relationship fails, such as no physical closeness, lack of communication and trust, jealousy, various anticipations, separation issues, the outlay of staying in touch, and much more. Here in this article, we will discuss some common reasons Why long distance relationships don’t work?

1. No Physical Contact

no physical contact

Everybody has the requirements and needs that they want in a relationship. One of the greatest needs is physical closeness. But if we talk about long distance relationships, there is no physical contact or presence. Initially, it seems reasonable to chat and make video calls, but they both desire physical closeness and attention as time passes. Both partners want to come closer, hold hands, to kiss, but distances make it hard to fulfill their wishes. This way, their relationship cannot grow for more than a few months due to a lack of physical touch.

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2. Temptations All-Around


It is a tricky part of long distance relationship. A person cannot always resist temptation, especially when their partner is far away. For the sake of their love, they may resist. But when they go out on dates, meet new people, and enjoy their company, they become prey to temptations. 

By temptations, we do not mean only attractive guys or girls; it can be new friends, a new lifestyle, or anything else.

3. Jealousy And Doubts

jealousy and doubts - Why Long Distance Relationships Don't Work?

How will you feel if your partner suddenly texts that he/she is out with a girl or guy for dinner? Will you be secure or insecure? You may have a strong bond for many years, but jealousy will creep in automatically.

Jealousy often occurs when you do not know something about the people your partner is hanging out with. Jealousy can further lead to doubts, causing stress and annihilation of mental peace. Sometimes, some couple beats the envy, while others end with a break-up because they can no longer bear the pressure.

4. Communication Gap

communication gap

Communication is the primary concern in a long distance relationship. If you and your partner are native to continents with colossal time zone differences, then communication is an even bigger problem. Long distance makes all-time conversation impossible; you cannot give quality time to your partner. This communication gap leads to delusions and misunderstandings. And that’s where starts the arguments on the silliest things, and conflicts/disagreements grow in your relationship.

5. Boredom Chances Are High

boredom - Why Long Distance Relationships Don't Work?

No communication simply means lethargy. When you do not know what to talk about, you encounter boredom. You don’t feel enthusiastic about sharing pictures or daily routines anymore with your partner. You don’t want to wait for your significant other to share your feelings online. It is because you have to wait for a longer time till they are free. Additionally, when there is no hugging, kissing, or physical intimacy, you significantly suppress your feelings and emotions, and gradually, all becomes boring.

6. Trust Issues 

trust issues

You may surpass all the above considerable points, but what about your trust? How far can your trust go? It is a matter of time till your trust somehow lesser than you generally had. If your long distant partner has a lot of friends and socializes more, trust issues are going to occur relationship. You will be suspicious about your partner’s whereabouts, and this distrust will one day end whatever you had, weakening your connection and even your relationship.

7. Emotional Ups And Downs

emotional ups and downs - Why Long Distance Relationships Don't Work?

Life has many ups and downs. For any reason, when you are emotionally broken, you desperately want your significant other with you. When you are at your lowest point, the one person you want to be with is your partner, as sharing your pain and issues with them gives you inner satisfaction. Being separated can hurt. It becomes painful the longer you stay as a couple but not being together in person in a time of need. This can push a relationship harder, to emotional ups and downs, and cause a pause in a long distance relationship.

Now, you can easily relate to why long distance relationships don’t work and usually go through rough patches. It’s not that all long-distance relationships fail, but more often, most relationships fail. The points mentioned above are some of the common markers of long-distance relationships. We are not against or refusing long distance relationships completely; you just need to know how to tackle rising issues in your relationship. In this way, things will be better. If you plan to have a long distance relationship with someone, consider the above reasons carefully. 

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