Fake It Till You Make It! 8 Ways For How To Pretend To Be Happy (Updated 2024)

How To Pretend To Be Happy

Sometimes people need to fake their happiness for their loved ones. You do things to reassure your loved ones, even if you have to go to extreme lengths. That’s when you want to know how to pretend to be happy when you are sad. Although it is never good to put on a façade for people, faking a happy face is sometimes better than creating confusion. Because when you don’t know your feelings, you can’t possibly express them to anyone. You may want to know when and how to pretend you are happy.

When And How To Fake Being Happy?

when and how to smile - How To Pretend To Be Happy

You might have heard the phrase “Fake it till you make it.” It is not only true in building self-confidence but also props up you in creating happiness, stress-relieving activities, and positive affirmations. There are times when faking happiness is necessary and sometimes when it is fatal. So knowing when and how to fake is what you have to know at your best. Sometimes there are moments or situations where you can encounter people who love talking behind your back or making fun of you when you are out of sight. Here, you need to be cautious if you are going through any ordeal; it’s better not to share your weakness or tough time with such people, so just fake it.

When Should You Never Fake Happiness?

If you aren’t happy living in the shadow of fake happiness, simply avoid it. Stop being those who make you unhappy and force you to live artificial life 24/7. Remember, if you are faking a happy face for others at the cost of your mental health, you should not fake happiness anymore. Your needs and health matter a lot. And if you fail to control it, it is time to seek professional help.

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When Is Faking A Happy Face Worth It?

At times, knowing how to pretend to be happy at work makes your life a bit easier. When it comes to family, if a family member hurts you, letting it go is much better. No doubt, sometimes it hurts your pride, but try to endure the temporary pain, forgive them, and pretend to be happy for some time.

8 Ways For How To Pretend To Be Happy When You Are Sad!

Take a situation: You are at a social gathering, at a friend’s house, or presenting a business proposal at work. What if you are feeling sad that day but don’t want to ruin others’ happiness! That is when you want to know how to pretend to be happy when you’re not. Here are some ways to deal with such situations.

1. Do The Things You Enjoy

Do The Things You Enjoy - How To Pretend To Be Happy

If you usually find yourself unhappy, find a hobby for your spare time so you can do something fun and be happy. This way, you will not only know how to pretend to be happy but also start treating yourself better. Doing such activities is even more effective with your partner and becomes one of the stepping stones of your loving relationship.

2. The Happy Feet – Try Dancing!

dancing pretend to be happy

Creating your silly dance and moving your body to an exciting beat can be an effective tool to help you pretend to be happy. You will engage in happy dances both physically and mentally, your whole self will be realigned with that of the music, and you will feel light. It is a trigger for your feel-good hormones. Sometimes ridiculous footwork can get you out of an uncomfortable situation easily.

3. Smile Even If You Don’t Want To

Smile Even If You Don't Want To

Nothing is more convincing than a big friendly smile. Make your smiles true by rewinding a kind thought in your head. Using your eyes while smiling makes it even more convincing. A smile unfurls positivity around you that you can’t spread with thousand words. It can also improve your mood, and you feel joyous after some time.

4. Change The Topic Of Conversation

Change The Topic Of Conversation

If you face an unpleasant conversation that you would want to avoid, immediately change the topic of discussion. It would be best to do it less noticeably, like asking questions about that person’s favorite subject of interest. They will forget about the previous conversation. You can avoid those unhappy conversations and seem happy.

5. Appear Open With Your Posture

Appear Open With Your Posture - How To Pretend To Be Happy

A smile is a promising gesture to appear happy. You can improve your posture by standing straight while talking to people. When you cross your arms or slouch, you automatically give the aura of a grumpy person. Remember to stand or sit with your shoulders back. It is better to make eye contact than to look at the ground. You will radiate more confidence while talking to people this way.

6. Talk Minimally About Things You Hate

Talk Minimally

If you want to know how to pretend to be happy, another way is to talk less about the things you hate. You can avoid the subject you hate by giving a minimal response. You can also de-escalate any intense situation by giving a light reaction. Talking less means fewer unpleasant memories.

7. Find Small Reasons To Laugh

Find Small Reasons To Laugh

Just as smiling positively impacts you, laughing will cheer you up more. Find small things to laugh about, like funny clips, instagram reels, videos, or movies, to eliminate discouraging moments or thoughts. You can also arrange and enjoy a family dinner on the weekend to welcome joyous moments in your life.

8. Go Out With Your Friends More

Go Out With Your Friends More

In pursuit of how to pretend to be happy, you must never neglect your needs and emotions. Try to be outgoing, and have fun with your friends more. Plan a movie night and watch teen movies to laugh and have fun. You will eventually feel happy and find peace in yourself. So go out with your group of friends and have a blast tonight!

Is It Okay To Pretend To Be Happy?

Just like this famous K drama name says, “It’s okay to Not Be okay”. Sometimes it is okay to pretend because you don’t want to create an unhappy atmosphere, but not always. Try to find your eternal happiness.

1. Listen To Feel Good Music

Listen To Feel Good Music

Good music can heal you from within. It would help if you did a self-therapy by listening to some feel-good music. This way, you can see the silver lining even in the darkest clouds. You may be able to find your happiness because happiness lies within all of us.

2. Vent Out Your Pent-Up Emotions

Vent Out Your Pent-Up Emotions - How To Pretend To Be Happy

Sometimes, you only need an outlet for your built-up emotions. And when you pour out your heart, you feel light and happy. You don’t need to know how to pretend to be happy. Just treat yourself better, don’t hoard all the negativity inside you, and let it out sometimes.

3. Talk To People You Trust About Yourself

Talk To People You Trust About Yourself

For a woman, having loyal female friendships is a blessing. This is because, in moments of despair, you need a trusted person when you want to let out your emotions. You should have such a person near you, either a friend or family, to whom you can talk about your feelings.

4. See A Therapist To Get Out Of Depression

See A Therapist

When no self-therapy works, seek professional support in getting rid of your depression. If you experience chronic sadness, it is as fatal to you as a slow poisoning. Your mental and physical health is at risk. Find professional help to get rid of depression and start feeling happy.

Every person has a right to be happy. Even if you want to be true to your feelings all the time, there may be times when you want to know how to pretend to be happy. And when you practice how to fake being happy, don’t neglect yourself. Try to find that true happiness inside you and seek some help if you have to.

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