10 Effective Ways For How To Lose Face Fat In A Week

how to lose face fat

When you are at a healthy weight and want a sharp jawline, losing fat only on the face becomes difficult. Because losing fat from the thighs or stomach is easier. While face fat makes your cheeks look chubbier and look cute, some people want to know how to reduce face fat to get sharp and defined features. If you are worried about your face fat and want to know how to lose face fat in less time, here are some effective ways to do so. Try these tips for a month and you will see the difference.

Can You Naturally Lose Face Fat?

When people try losing their face fat, they think of what are some ways to lose face fat? Most importantly what is the most effective way to lose face fat? Yes! you can lose face fat naturally by doing some exercises, keeping a healthy diet, and hydrating your body. There are a lot of other natural ways as well, but they take significant time and effort. You have to invest your time and energy to get to a point where you start seeing any changes.

10 Effective Ways For How To Lose Face Fat Naturally?

A fuller face looks better than a slim face, but if you have rather more face fat, you would want to know how to get rid of face fat. But how to lose face fat naturally and rather easily. Here are some effective natural ways to lose face fat in a month.

1. Water Is The Key

water - how to lose face fat

Drinking water is crucial to overall health and can be important when you are trying to lose fat. As for how much water do you need to lose face fat? Keep your body hydrated all the time. Not only it is great for your weight loss, but it is also good for brighter skin and perfect health. When you drink water before a meal, you end up consuming fewer calories.

2. Get Rid Of Alcoholic Beverages

get rid of alcohol

Lose your habit of taking booze every other day. It is okay to occasionally have a glass of wine with dinner. Alcoholic drinks and beverages decrease your metabolism drastically and increase your calorie intake. Your weight loss plan fails miserably. If you reduce alcohol intake you can hope to lose face fat.

3. Be A Little Less Salty

use less salt - how to lose face fat

If you want to know how to lose face fat you should know how to maintain a healthy weight and reduce your overall fat. Salt intake means you are consuming more Sodium which can in turn increase water retention in your body and your face. Cutting out the convenience store foods and reducing salt in homecooked meals is your best choice.

4. Get Your Heart Rate Going

heart rate

Increasing cardio exercises can prove effective not only for reducing your body fat but also for face fat. As you go on the run every day, you will reduce those chubby cheeks for a better look. You can also do cardio exercises to burn 400 calories per day. Your face will eventually lose fat and become slim.

5. Rest Well And Get Enough Sleep

take enough sleep - how to lose face fat

A healthy mind and a well-rested body are the keys to a healthy lifestyle. Sleep deprivation leads to muscle loss and you will end up engaging in after-dinner snacking. Moreover, if you don’t sleep enough, your body will increase stress hormones, and decrease metabolism. So, sleep at least 7 to 8 hours.

6. Lose Your Weight Overall

lose weight

There is no evidence of spot reduction or targeted weight loss without losing overall body weight. If you are at a healthy weight and still have some chubby cheeks then do the facial exercise. Consult the experts and if you have high body fat, work out to get rid of that extra fat in your whole body.

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7. Get Rid Of Sugar

get rid of sugar

Sugar is poison to your health and the weight loss plan is incomplete without cutting back on sugar. Foods like packaged snacks, cookies, and sugary drinks pack more sugar and less nutritional value. Your blood sugar spikes, and your body stores this extra sugar as fat. Get rid of extra sugar from your diet.

8. Well-Balanced Diet Is Must

balanced diet - how to lose face fat

For your answer to how to lose face fat, this is the best answer right now. Above all the preventions and tips, you need to keep a balanced diet plan. Your body is like a machine. It functions well when you give it the right conditions. A well-balanced diet is one of them.

9. Also! Cut Carbs From Your Diet


Carbs are your worst enemy when you try to lose fat. You should have a protein-rich low-calorie breakfast to keep you energized instead of bread and rice. These refined carbs will harm you in more ways than you think. A higher intake of items like bread, rice, pasta, cookies, and crackers increases the risk of obesity as well.

10. Do Some Facial Exercises

facial exercises

Besides doing cardio exercises, you can focus the fat loss on your cheeks by doing facial exercises. Certain face exercises target your face fat and make your jawline and cheekbones appear sharp. You will get an ideal face shape if you act on the above-mentioned tips and also do the facial exercises. Some exercises are mentioned below.

5 Beneficial Facial Exercises To Lose Face Fat

Spot reduction and targeted weight loss are not entirely possible, but only certain exercises can get you to your goal. Facial exercises help you amplify fat loss. Here are some beneficial exercises for you.

1. Chin Lift Exercise

Stand still, lean your head upward and backward such that your face is parallel to the ceiling. Then try to pull your lips into the shape of the alphabet “O” so that your jawline feels the strain. Hold this pose for 15 seconds and repeat 10 more times. This will define your jawline and chin.

2. Lip Pull Exercise

Keep your head still and try lifting your bottom lip to reach your upper lip by stretching and extending your jawbone. Your bottom lip should reach upwards towards the upper lip. Repeat it 16-20 times and each time hold it for 15-20 seconds. You will see a defined jawline and facelift after some time.

3. Fish Lip Exercise

Keep your head at one point and suck in your lips and cheeks inside your mouth. This will make your mouth look like a fish’s mouth. The effect of this exercise is that you will get a slimmer look because it stretches and tones your cheek muscles. Do this exercise for 20 seconds and repeat it 20 times.

4. Jaw Release Exercise

Sit in a relaxed pose and close your mouth. After that move your jaw trying to create the effect as if you are chewing gum. This is how to lose face fat and reduce double chin to get a nice jawline. Do this exercise for 20 seconds with 15 repetitions.

5. Locked Tongue Yoga Pose (Jivha Bandha)

Yoga for weight loss is good not only for your whole body but also for your face fat. Doing the facial yoga poses will help you prevent gaining face fat. Sit in a specific padmasana posture with your hands on your thighs. Move the tip of your tongue to the back of your throat and open your mouth wide. Stretch it for 15 seconds and repeat at least 5 times.


Everyone is beautiful the way they are. It is possible that your face fat is not much and it completes your cute personality. But if you want to get rid of fat on your cheeks and want to know how to lose face fat, then try the above methods. You will see some results after waiting patiently for a while. Nonetheless, eat a balanced diet and stay hydrated for a healthy metabolism and healthy body.

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